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Harmonica Blues

What can we say? had a surprise hit with its Super Bowl XLVI commercial. Sure, some folks might not have been fans at first, but the little ditty has crept into the public's consciousness. At least that’s what everyone on Twitter keeps saying including a few famous folks like Jenna Fischer from NBC's "The Office" and Terrell Thomas of the New York Giants.

Now is rolling out two more spots with musically inclined car shoppers in them.

Check out both ads on our Facebook page.



As much as I like these commercial are just downright weird and so uhm lame. Guys you can do much much better.


I agree. These commercials are downright creepy!


These commercials are terrible and irritating.


I thought so too at first but they grew on me and now I think they are hilarious. Especially the revised one that sings "I took a personal day..." It's kind of a cult thing now.


Terrible ads. Even the concept, who would ever need the confidence to convince a dealer what car they want?

It's trying way too hard.

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