Car Safety Tips for Snooki and Other Potentially Expecting Moms


There are reports circulating that MTV reality star Snooki (nee Nicole Polizzi) may be pregnant. Given what we've seen of "Jersey Shore," we can only offer motoring tips to her if indeed she's expecting:

  • Rule No. 1: Don't drink and drive. While your fans may get a laugh out of you being falling-down-drunk in Italy, there’s nothing funny about it behind the steering wheel.
  • Shut up and drive: Put down the smartphone. Don't let your passengers distract you from driving, no matter how hot that guy walking down the street is.
  • Be prepared: Understand which child-safety seats you’re going to need as your child gets bigger, and understand you’re going to be lugging and installing these car seats for more than a decade to come. Have certified car-seat technician show you how to install each car seat along the way.
  • Mom-mobile: While we can’t picture you embracing a minivan just yet (though rear sliding doors are highly underrated), you'll need a car that can easily fit a rear-facing child-safety seat in the backseat.’s Car Seat Checks can help you find the right car for you and your family. If you’re having triplets, you’ll want to check out our story on which cars fit three car seats. It’s a short list.
  • Enjoy the ride: If you are pregnant, we wish you the best. Being a parent tops being a reality star any day. If you choose to combine the two, may we suggest "Snooki & Son" as a reality show name?

Jennifer Newman contributed to this post

By Patrick Olsen | March 1, 2012 | Comments (3)



sorry but this seems like an all-time low as far as quality blog posts. i mean, really? And then to top it off, Rule #1 says don't drink and drive. Expectant mothers shouldn't be drinking anyway...duhhhhhhh. ok, let's get back to the actually useful and interesting blog posts.


Don't you have anything better to report on than someone who is famous (and proud of it) for being an idiot!

Well, the things said were kind of common knowledge to everyone. They’re more of reminders just in case we forget. I won't argue about the "depth," but to add a little substance, there have been a lot of developments lately in the car industry related to passenger safety. A few of them are (1) The Blind-Spot Detection, (2) Collision Warning, (3) Enhanced Heads-Up Display, (4) Inflatable Seat Belts, (5) Rear Traffic Crossing, (6) Self-driving cars, and many more. But then, these great technological improvements won't bring any good, of course, without keeping Ms. Snooki's friendly reminders in mind!

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