2013 Scion FR-S Priced at $24,200

2013 scion fr-s
When Scion's new-for-2013 FR-S sports car goes on sale this spring, it will start just above $24,000. Six-speed manual versions will start at $24,200, and six-speed automatic models will start at $25,300, excluding a $730 destination charge.

FR-S stands for "front engine, rear-wheel drive, sport" and it's the fifth car in Scion's lineup. The aggressively styled compact coupe shares components with Subaru's BRZ thanks to a partnership between the two automakers. Powering FR-S is a 200-horsepower, horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine.

FR-S uses premium fuel, and according to recently released EPA figures, the FR-S with automatic transmission should see 25 mpg city/34 mpg highway, and the manual 22/30 mpg city/highway.

Full trim level and option pricing hasn't been made available, but the FR-S will come standard with 17-inch alloy wheels, a leather-trimmed tilt/telescoping steering wheel, an  eight-speaker Pioneer stereo with USB port, HD radio and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. It will also come with Scion Service Boost, a two-year/25,000-mile plan that covers factory-scheduled maintenance and offers roadside assistance.

By Jennifer Geiger | March 22, 2012 | Comments (25)



Price too high for such a tiny car.


actually i'm impressed that toyota stuck to their word and kept it under the $25k mark. for a purist sports coupe, i think it's a bargain.


Looks too much like the Hyundai Genesis sports car.


The price is in the same ballpark as the other RWD sports cars but this one has way less power. People dont buy cars based on weight so even though this car is light the 200hp looks anemic relative to the competition. And the Genesis coupe isnt even that heavy and offers 275hp standard. I also think purists will be turned off by the Scion badge- should've been a Toyota.


Decent looking. Good price. Probably handles great. But it should have been called the Toyota Supra.


I agree with Sheth it definitely should've been a Toyota and absolutely should've been offered with a higher output engine before release.


I think it's priced right. There aren't any really affordable decent coupes. This should have been the new Celica, however.


Still a Toyota design with a Subaru engine. Should have been the other way around.


i honestly dont find Suburu's designs to be any more interesting than Toyota's. The car is generic, but decent looking. The lack of engine options and the econo car interior are the bigger issues.

Max Reid

Scion's never sold well. Prius is selling like hot cake. I dont know why Toyota is wasting money on this Scion make.

They can replace all Scion vehicles with Prius. That's what is going to happen with this sky-high gas prices.


Such pessimists on here. I'm certain to get this car. Its sheer potential makes me happy. Race
drifter Kenshiro Gushi just showed how awesome this car is on the track. I've seen it. People will continue to it off like it's nothing. This car will raise the raise the standard for sports performance from what I've seen at the race track. Haters will prolly Say from the low end of the totem poll. I disregard the negativity. Sure the genesis coupe is awesome. But it's 3300 pound weight versus the 2700-2800 to the FRS tells you the other factor in performance. And people forget physics. Momentum will make a big difference. And potential turbo lag for the genesis coupe. I don't mind naturally aspirated engines like this one. Can't wait for this car!! :)


From the email that I received from Scion, the price is $24,930.


few buyers looking for affordable coupes make their decision based on how track ready the car may be. Im sure this car will do great on a track (as long as you dont need much acceleration) but in the sales race I expect it to be near the bottom of the class. If they are lucky they will be able to match Challenger sales. They are only planning to make 100k of these which isnt a lot for a worldwide allotment.


Even just from a practical standpoint, it offers enough for the money. I've seen the interior in person and there's nothing cheap about the materials. Simple execution, yet effective. Nothing screams econobox on this car and as a whole, the price isn't bad.


sheth, if potential buyers are basing their purchase on horsepower numbers, this is the wrong car for them. and if toyota wanted to build a sales hit, they could - remember they make the camry and corolla. that is not the goal for this car. i give toyota props for taking a risk on this car because cars in this segment have a really hard time making business sense and end up being shelved (think celica, prelude, etc.)

as to the comments that it should have been a toyota, yes, it is a toyota globally as the GT86. it may disappoint americans rebadged as a scion, but it makes business sense for toyota to do this because scion really needs a shot in the arm. plus, don't worry because without a doubt, tuners will be swapping out the scion badges with the global GT86 badges as soon as they bring it home.

it may seem like a bland coupe but tuners like a clean slate to customize and tweak as they see fit.

on paper, yes this car will have a hard time holding its own against class competitors. i think the only real measurement of this car is something more abstract, the size of the smile on your face when you take it around a track, corner, or to the grocery store.

more new affordable sports coupes? i say it's a gotta be a good thing.


i have no doubt the car will please a small number of enthusiasts and its apparent there is a strong fan club behind this car but I dont understand the point of a car that people admit needs aftermarket changes even though its brand new. Im sure FT86 badges will be available, but the fact that people even want such badges in order not to be seen in a Scion speaks volumes. Scion has been a disappointment for Toyota but I dont think they will ever admit that so as you said they are trying to inject the brand with life with a car that has nothing in common with the other Scions.


I'll have no problem keeping the Scion badge on mine.


I'd rather have the Subaru.


This looks nice. Prob will be good that it's a Scion cause they should offer factory mods.


The FR-S is already a grand slam. Rave reviews from the world automotive mags is worth more than a billion dollar ad chanpaign could buy. PopSci's present issue compares the FR-S to the Miata at the track and the FR-S gets the nod. So much for 20 yrs of Miata as king of the affordable sports cars!


FR-S/BRZ s5 higher than Toyota/Subarus marketing Depts. projected. The BRZ real world price is about $4500 over the FR-S's. Scion pricing doesn't permit the Subaru dealers $ 3K mark up. Get inthe LONG line with your deposit for a FR-S and watch your 24200+ shipping APPRECIATE ! This defies the business as usual sports car economics!


I drive a modded (midnight blue) 2008 350Z with ECU chip tweaked to make about 330HP. I like to drive fast and totally enjoy my car's super-quick starts, awesome cornering, tough sounding exhaust (upgraded Stillen exhaust, Stillen High-Flow Cats, & Dual Injen Intakes), and aggressive looks. Regarding this new Toyota FRS, it's pretty impressive looking to me. Yes, it could have used a little more power but this car is very stylish and would make a great 'starter' sports car for anyone who can't afford the higher priced ($30K plus) rear drive models out there. So if you've been looking for a super-cool looking sports car that drives like a dream, this car is definitely for you. And if you want more HP, there are alot of guys selling superchargers or turbos that would make this car fly (if that's your thing) or you can do what I did for much cheaper, change out your factory dual intakes, factory cats, factory exhaust to drastically improve air-flow and then tweak your ECU (to compensate for the extra AIR which will trip on your engine light) for another 35HP. Over the long haul, however, the FRS will allow alot more guys (and gals) to gain entry into the rear-wheel drive sports car segment and really enjoy the benefits of sport car driving....and did I mention you may have to buy yourself a Radar Detector because you'll be undoubtedly be going too fast for your own good...LOL!!!

Donald J MItchell

This car will be great with with the boxer engine and will corner great. Don't like you have to use premium gas.

Dan Baker

Much more car for the price of a base Miata! And I looks like a 300k Lexus LFA!

Dan Baker

It looks like a $300,000 LEXUS LFA!!!

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