2013 Hyundai Elantra Sedan: What's Changed

Hyundai Elantra

The Hyundai Elantra coupe and Hyundai Elantra GT are the big news for the 2013 lineup, but the Elantra sedan gets some updates, too.

The 2013 Hyundai Elantra sedan is already on sale with a base MSRP of $16,695, excluding a $775 destination fee. That's a big jump from the $15,345 starting price of the 2012 Elantra, but for good reason: The base Elantra now comes standard with air conditioning, cruise control, telescoping steering wheel and UV windshield glass, as well as 16-inch wheels (instead of 15-inchers). If you take into account all those added features — which make the base 2013 Elantra the equivalent of the 2012 Elantra GLS with the Comfort Package — the price is $100 more than last year's Elantra with the same equipment.

The 2012 Elantra GLS with a manual transmission and no air conditioning was hard to find, according to Hyundai, which removed the trim from its consumer website late last year.

The increase gives the Elantra a higher asking price than the 2012 Chevrolet Cruze, Honda Civic, Kia Forte and Toyota Corolla, though, again, the Elantra is better equipped than most of those entries.

The 2013 Elantra GLS with an automatic transmission costs $17,695, or $100 more than last year, and has no new features. The Preferred Package, a $750 option ($150 more than last year), now includes heated front seats, which were previously unavailable on the GLS trim.

The Limited trim now gets a power driver's seat with lumbar support standard, and it starts at $20,945. That's $350 more than the 2012 Elantra Limited. The Limited Technology Package adds a dual zone automatic climate control system with a clean-air ionizer and auto defog system to the option package and costs $2,350 ($200 more than last year).



I've owned a 2011 Elantra for a year, as the saying goes "if it ain't broke don't fix it". The changes noted IMO are positive reflecting current demand. This vehicle has to be one of the best bargains around as its performance, features and sharp price make it a stand out in the compact arena. I've been pleased with mine, thought I'd pass it on. The only negative I've found is no spare tire?


I would love to see the SE trim become available with the bigger 2.0gdi engine or even better.. the 1.6 turbo to keep the economy at the same level. With an upgraded suspension and keeping the manual tranny available,it would give a Mazda 3 and VW Jetta GLI a run for the money.


JJJR, our granddaughter also loves her 2011 Elantra.

Of all the cars she looked at, we all agreed that the Elantra was the best and gave the most bang for the buck.

With her 150 mile round trip to college four days a week, she's piling on the miles. (34K and counting)

It's a credit to Hyundai's quality that she has had no warranty issues at all since the day we bought the car for her.

When she reaches the magic 100,000-mile limit to her warranty, we'll buy her another one.


I've had my 2013 Elantra Limited for 5 days now. I've owned several BMW's, a few nice VW's, an Audi, etc... That being said, this is no BMW nor is it an Audi. However, the interior quality is impressive along with the fun to drive factor. I bought the car for the warranty and low cost to operate. If all goes well, this won't be my last Hyundai. A few years ago I would have scoffed at the idea of a Hyundai. A good testament to how far the brand has come...


They should add electrical energy recuperation and automatic (and disableable) start/stop to boost up the MPG ever so slightly.


Wow, the limited now has everything I wanted in the 2012, powerseat being the biggest thing. Auto climate control is bonus for me.

Now the only ONLY thing that I can see that the Elantra does't have is HD radio.

Terry Barr

For those of you considering a Hyundai car, I bought my first Sonata in 2006, body style change, and 225,000 miles later with just oil, tires, brakes and regular maint., it is still running strong, although I am looking at the new Elantra cause I have new car fever.

Wow. Hyundai must be proud of releasing this car. And i'll be happy to have one of these.


I just bought the 2013 Elantra, with the heated front seats and so far I LOVE it! Smooth ride, very well equipped for the price. It has everything I need. Only thing I wish it had was the lumbar support in the seat, which doesn't come standard. Otherwise, I love it!


I'm the proud owner of my second Elantra (2009 and 2012). Former Honda owner, Hyundai has replaced Honda with it's attention to detail and reliable product manufacture. Economically a better purchase all the way around, including at the pump.


I have my 2013 Elantra for over a month now and I LOVE it. the gas mileage is great and all the features also. I had a pontiac G6, but before the G6, I had an 2000 elantra. Loved it then. Bought the same one, only newer and different body style. Well worth the wait.! I have recieved positive comments on it.

The only thing I miss from my pontiac is not having to turn my headlights on. LOL! I keep forgetting to either turn them on or off. But the Elantra is worth the sacrifice.


I'm going to buy Elantra 2013 soon but I'm not so good at negotiation.. I would LOVE to know how much you guys paid for it .. ( 33 mph in city and 40 mph highway ), if you don't mind I asking .. Thanks a lot


Srintra, go to Edmunds or any other reputable site you trust and get their true-market value for your area.

And while you're at it see what discounts and promotions are in effect for your area.

Then listen attentively to what the salesman and salesmanager want you to pay them for what they have.

If it is not what you want to pay them get a firm quote through Edmunds or any other national chain and go there to buy the car.

Maybe your local dealer will prefer to meet your offer and make a sale instead of losing it to another dealer.

We shopped around for our grand daughter's 2011 Elantra and found the best deal about 100 miles away in another city. We bought there.



I've had an 2003 elantra and a 2008 tucson, both headlights went off after the key came out and the doors opened. Is this not true for the new Elantra?

I'm ready for a new Elantra!


excellent car. value adequate .only point it does not bring a spare tire.new design in 2011 strated a new era in terms of good looks.


Ugly car. Looks like an insect on wheels.


Srintra: negotiating is tough... Just remember that dealers should want your business more than you need their car. Don't be afraid to say no, ask questions, and try to get a better deal. The worst they can do is say no, and until you've signed the deal, you can walk away.
When dealers present their first offer, don't be afraid to say no. On my 2013 Elantra (just bought yesterday), the first offer was $22,500 dollars, 2.9% interest, 3-4000 dollars down, and biweekly payments of $350 dollars, or about $700 a month. After some chatter with the salesman (who was great, friendly, open and not pushy), I ended up at $22,500 still, but 1.9% interest, 1000 down, and biweekly payments of $189 ($390/ month). And they threw in some oil changes and a free car starter to boot.
Dealers will always try to highball you with the first offer. They know most people won't accept it, and expect it to be negotiated.

The first thing I tell a dealer is, in a friendly manner, that I'm not a nervous buyer, but a nervous walker. If it feels like they're pushing and not looking out for me as much as themselves, then there is always another dealership.


PS. If you're nervous about crumblIng, don't be afraid to bring a confident/competent friend with you to the negotiating table. That's how I learned.

olatude olawolu

i want to buy the Limited variant. Is it available in Nigeria?


I hope it comes with auto start/stop so the engine would automatically stop when at stop lights and stop and go traffic, that would help bring the city MPG up some more.

Also electrical energy recuperation, which is basically just a trick with the alternator, where the alternator goes full tilt when the driver wants the car to slow down. So, instead of the using the physical brakes exclusively (along with a bit of engine braking), the alternator helps to slow the vehicle down as well and this charges the battery without using gasoline.

Perhaps at some point in the future they will make a slightly smaller engine for the Elantra and turbocharge it for even more fuel efficiency. HCCI engines may eventually come out as well.

A. Journey

Hey if it starts off at 16,000+ how does it get to 22,000?? Is that with tax and all the other fees like registration, title and such?? First time NEW car buyer.. I've bought used cars for the straight up the amount, but never taken car loans out.. But the new 2013 Elantra has blown my mind with the sleek body and awesome mpg especially the hwy mpg with 40.. Any pointers on how to negotiate as well?? I really appreciate this!!

Dan Meadows

I just bought the 2013 Elantra GLS in Indigo Night..the color is beautiful..and the car itself is awesome. I love everything about it. Hyundai still gives you more features than most cars do..and the redesign makes it look like the baby of the Sonata. I get compliments on the car everyday. GO GET ONE YOU'LL LOVE IT!!


Just bought the 2013 elantra gls yesterday for 17,990 out the door in California. Negotiating was simple. Went to carmax to get a reasonable trade in value on my old car. Hit the dealers web site for an internet price and compared that to kbb.com for same car in my area. Get your price first and do not be afraid to walk away, especially if the saleman says the car may be sold if you leave now, etc. Just a ploy. Be prepared for "deferring" to higher authority, like the sales manager/owner. Just part of the salesman training. Once you have a price you are comfortable with, mention a trade in. Let them value their first. If lower than carmax, tell them if they cannot match it, you will be right back. Do not be worried. They will match the price. Someone in the office is a sale. Once you leave, they do not know what will happen. I even had them throw in the spare tire! All in all, easy. Standard negotiating tactics. Go car shopping mid-week, mid day. They will be hurting for sales. Avoid weekends/holidays. Everyone is out and about and the pressure will get you. Mostly remember: have fun purchasing a car. It really is just a huge textbook process.

Bklyn K

I bought a 2012 Elantra and love it! I only pay between $35-$45 on gas depending on the price at the pump--I live in NY. I gas up every two weeks, and that's with everyday driving, 20-30miles on average. Car is great on gas, does give 40+mpg highway (if you don't have a heavy load) and is realiable. I've hit potholes, driven like a madman and this car handles the rough driving with no problem. The only issue I encountered was with the onboard CPU-- these new models (2011-2012) have a computer that controls the transmission, radio, digital dashboard readouts, and I guess any and everything technical in the car. The CPU started malfunctioning after 9 months or so. Luckily, thanks to Hyundai Assurance, it was replaced without any cost to me and only took the dealer a couple of hours. Aside from that, car runs smooth, and responsive. I LOVE IT!!!


As people are asking price paid: 2013 Hyundai Elantra purchased in Edmonton early November, $19,367 before taxes, ALL fees/charges included, winter package and winter tires on rims thrown in.


Hey, I was wondering...Is the upgrade from a Gls TO a Limited really worth it ?? 0.o
First Time Buyer


Got 2013 Elantra Preferred Package. Which came with heated seats and all the other stiff for $19,500 out the door.


I want yo purchase a 2013 elantra but I dont want leather seats this is the limited. I want the tech pack but the only way you can get it is if you purchase the limited thats not right. Any suggestions!


yarah, it is my understanding that Hyundai has limited the trim combination, but offered more Elantra body-styles.

That will be their marketing strategy for the future.

We bought a brand new 2011 Elantra for our grand daughter in May 2011 and the choices offered at that time are no longer available today.

Based on our experience with our grand daughter's Elantra, I recommend just going for the trim level you want that has all the options you are looking for.

We'll be trading our grand daughter's Elantra whenever she hits the magic 100,000-mile mark, at which time the warranty expires. So far, no problems with 58K on the clock.

More than likely, we will be buying another new Elantra for her, unless there is something better on the market by then.

She currently has a ~160 mile commute, roundtrip, to college, four days a week. so the miles add up quickly.

Pam Pennington

Just bought a new 2013 Elantra. Love everything about it. Drives and rides great. Gas mileage is great. Has all the extras a more expensive car would have. Great price. And warranty is unbelievable..


I just purchased my first 2013 Elantra GLS w/preferred package and red leather seats! I love it! I had my previous Civic for 9 years, 180,000 miles later I decided it was time for a new car. I went in stating that I didn't want my monthly payments to be more than $250 and that's exactly what I got. I had them build the cost of the leather into the price and negotiate down from there. Remember that most GLS trims will have the preferred package already installed so don't let them use this as selling point. Also, I put down $3k and I have a 0.9% interest rate, financed for 72 months. I plan on having the car a while so that wasn't an issue for me. ALWAYS watch the commercials, pause the tv if possible, and read the fine print because sometimes they have specials that they don't tell you about in the dealership. Right before closing on the deal I was going to accept a 3.9% interest rate in order to get a $1500 incentive but it turned out to equal the same amount in monthly payments so of course I took the lower interest rate. Because I wanted leather instead of the cloth, I was able to choose from their swatches and red was an option, I doubt anyone has a black exterior with black/tan interior and red leather seats! Hopefully I'll like it in the coming years.


I just went in for oil change on my 2010 Elantra GLS and came out with a 2013 Elantra Limited! Yes it's worth every dime! I love it! So much more than my GLS which I also loved very much! It's super slick with the new tech package! And then leather is Awsome! It's a truly great automobile! AAA+++ for Hyundai


I like change so I've never been much on repeat purchase of a car make. So much for customer loyalty...until Hyundai. I'm a walking commercial. Sonata, Santa Fe, Tucson, and now Elantra. I like the head turning style of much more expensive cars with features that aren't a la carte, and I can still change models with guaranteed quality.


I'd like to know why oil change companies want us to come in every 3000 - 5000 miles regardless of the new and improved oil, but Maintenance For Life with vehicle purchase only changes every 7500? Who is doing the scamming? Are dealerships wanting to service less on preventative maintenance so they can make big $? Or, are the oil change companies getting twice the service than is needed?

Jack trig well

I suggest you look elsewhere ,I have had nothing but problems with our 2012 Elantra.


I'm really impressed.with the salespeople and the deal I ended up with. Bought a 3013 Elantra. It was priced at over 21,ooo and dealt with the salesman and got it down to 17,500 with tinted tint thrown in and the perfered pakage and when they went to do the paper work I went outside and called another dealership(I have spoken to before). Told him what I was about to do and he said he would do it for 16,900. I came back in and told my salesman what I had just done and he asked me if it was a deal if he could match it. I agreed and he did it and the deal was better than I had ever hoped for.


I meant 2013

Zoilo Paragas Jr

Have an Elantra 2010.Drove it to Michigan had 555 kms and reloaded gas of 8.76 gallons. Nothing unusual in my driving sometimes 120kph more often 130 to 140.Phenomenal consumption.What to upgrade t0 2013. Anybody knows how to upgrade without higher biweekly than what I am presently paying? Please e mail at my address. Txs


My wife and I are planning to sign a lease for a 2013 Hyundai Elantra GLS automatic. Indigo night with tan/black interior with no package. They want 210 a month, no money down. Is this a good deal?


Is 17,900 too high for a 2013 Hyundai Elantra? It is the end of year and am wondering what is a good price


I got 18900 on the 2013 elantra preferred package. The reason it's higher is there taking my lease back early. 18900 also includes everything, out the door


All I know is I bought a 2013 hyundai elantra from Bowser Hyundai in Beaver falls and I think it sucks.
Lemmon law?

excellent,I was wondering for this car when my friend purchased its previous model.

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