2013 Chevrolet Camaro: What's Changed

2013 Camaro interior
For the 2013 model year, the Chevrolet Camaro gets a new performance package that makes it ready to hit the racetrack.

The LT, SS and ZL1 models are now available with a 7-inch touch-screen (shown above) and the MyLink multimedia system, which adds a better voice-recognition system as well as Pandora and Stitcher internet radio streaming functionality when paired with a smartphone.

2013 Camaro 1LE
The new 1LE performance package is offered on the SS trim with a manual transmission and will be the “most capable track-day” car priced beneath $40,000, according to the carmaker. Updates in the package include a variable-effort electric power-steering system, a dual-mode exhaust system, a manual transmission with a liquid cooling and a higher final-drive ratio, and monotube rear dampers. Twenty-inch aluminum wheels and ultra-high-performance Goodyear tires complete the package.

In addition to the 1LE package (shown below), the electric power-steering system, which was first developed for the ZL1 and found on the 1LE, is also standard on all 2013 SS models. The SS trim also gets an available dual-mode exhaust system for the model year.

The new Camaro lineup goes on sale this fall. Pricing will be released later this year, according to the carmaker.


Sheesh that thing is a beauty, just look at the interior, sheesh lol! I ould like to own one of those, just something about sports cars, "Camaro" in particular that just seems so fun and enjpyable to drive, especially drop tops or the ones with sun roofs, during the spring/summer time. Great post thanks for sharing!


No 8 speed automatic yet?


So will the new display show the back-up camera?

Will it have a true navigation option to compete with the Mustang? (Not that a car like this really needs one)

Will this 1LE package give any increase in HP?



Ask Delphi for that.
It seems like they make that system.


Nice design on the wheels.


It will have navigation and hp does NOT change. Im not sure why they didnt reference hp in this post.

The wheels are same as the Zl1


If GM is changing to electric power steering, it stands to reason that maximum power should improve by at least 5 hp. Also the dual mode exhaust may have less flow restriction.
So even if GM doesn't updated the quoted power figure, it has improved.

L.M.C. & Co.

The Camaro will never catch the Ford Mustang, the original. There is nothing that a Camaro has that a Mustang doesn't. Get the Original. And Chevy pulled the production of the Camaro out of Quebec ,its only redeaming feature.


The Camaro has an independent rear end, the Mustang doesn't. The Camaro also sells better than the Mustang. The Camaro has less confusing option packages. The Camaro was an Autobot, the Mustang was a Decepticon. C'mon now.


camaro is still built in Canada, just in Oshawa. Why would you not buy it if you prefer canadian production?

EPS doesnt have a notable affect on hp, it lowers end load and helps mpgs- slightly at least.


The no pump load is at least 1 ft-lb, so that means 6 extra hp for the LS3 engine.
It is also possible that improved belt routing can result is less accessory losses.
GM also says the variable exhaust system on the Corvette results in an extra 6 hp.
So if GM rated this application of the LS3 at 435hp, I'd believe it.

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