2012 Toyota Prius C off to Fast Start


Toyota announced today that its all-new Prius c hybrid sold 1,201 units in its first three days on sale to the public. That's a blistering pace, and if you multiply that number by 10 (for a month's worth of sales), it would be 12,010 units. That would make the Prius c not only the best-selling subcompact on the market (at a much higher starting price) but the second-best-selling hybrid on the market behind only the original Prius liftback when looking at last month's sales figures.

2012 Toyota Prius C Review
How Affordable is the Prius c?



there is going to be some cannibalization going on here. Id expect regular Prius sales will see significant impact from this model.


If the gas price continue to go up I think they will sell all the Priuses they can make and this new addition will not effect the other Priuses.


Sheth you really are full of crap, aren`t you. I`m sure toyo is kicking themselves for not checking with you first.

Derrick G

Well one thing that will hold it back is that Toyota's already kicked every other model out of the plant that builds it, such as the Belta/Yaris, and still has a backlog of about 120K cars just for the Japanese Aqua version of the car. So supplies in the US will be tight for a good while yet.


This reminds me of a Honda Fit

DeBinder Dundett

Got my first look at a Prius c today when I took my grand daughter shopping for her new car.

The Prius c is a cute car with lots of appeal to just about any age group, even old dudes like myself.

And what a difference in price when compared to a Volt. No wonder so many people just starting out can't afford to buy a Volt.

The Prius c will sell well. It may even take some sales away from the original Prius and the Prius V. But it will sell well. It's got curb appeal.

Max Reid

Sweet News. At 19K price and 52 MPG Combined and a nice design, it sells best.

With gas prices at 3.83 / gallon, no wonder it sells well. Probably its eating into the sales of Corolla, Yaris and many other small cars.

Time for GM & Ford to bring in Hybrid versions of Sonic, Fiesta.


It's 53 MPG City / 46 MPG Highway / 50 MPG Combined - not 52 MPG Combined.


i need one of these. 50 MPG combined is awesome in my opinion.guess i would get 53 cause all i do is city driving 99 percent of the time.

DeBinder Dundett

Slinky, my grand daughter test drove one today (Sat) with grandma in the passenger seat and they both loved it!

It really is a nifty car for 18-25 year olds.

Since the dealerships in our area are sold out of the lower priced models, we're on a waiting list and hope to get one of the lower priced ones for our grand daughter when the next shipment arrives. Maybe next month.

There are several people ahead of us on the waiting list but we've been assured there will be no scalping. Toyota dealers do not need another bad rap.

Problem is distribution. They don't have enough for places where they sell real well, like in California, and too many in places where they don't sell as well. And it costs too much money to cross ship the unsold ones.


I bought one. Acceleration is anemic. But it will get me to and from work for years and sip gas. Swell. And I did buy it with a teenager in mind, I am promising it to my 6-year old.

Impressive options on the base model. My first CVT and hybrid for that matter. It is cool from an engineering standpoint. If you can live with 0-60 in 11s. Still have sportbike for jollies... car gets more MPG

Max Reid

Prius (28,711 units ) outsold Corolla's (28,289 units) to become #2 in Toyota's lineup.

It should have been helped by high sales of Prius C


Here is a good 0-80MPH speed test for the Prius C, on Youtube.


Show me a 7 passenger Prius derivative and I'll look at it. In the meantime, Toyota, let's add a foot of length to the Highlander Hybrid so I can have some cargo space behind the third row? Would make it a nice alternative to chucking money into a 22mpg minivan...


My five year old Prius averaged 61 mpg on the last tank, a tad over the 60 mpg city mileage rating that was on the sticker. I have no doubt that this new Prius will do much better than the EPA rating too.

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