Would You Buy It? Chevrolet Cruze Station Wagon

Chevrolet cruze station wagon
In advance of the Geneva International Auto Show next month, Chevrolet announced plans to sell a wagon version of its Cruze compact in Europe. This news was followed quickly by a statement that Chevy won’t sell it in the United States. But why not?

In America's ongoing love affair with the automobile, hatchbacks and wagons have often taken the role of jilted paramour. For whatever reason, wagons are not part of the "in crowd" in the U.S., and Americans continually choose coupes and sedans over their trunk-less counterparts. Although many automakers have tried to shift the tide of public opinion, wagons don't usually last long in a vehicle's lineup, especially if that automaker isn't European.

For example, Hyundai recently announced that its Elantra Touring wagon won't live past model-year 2012; a hatchback replaces it for 2013. The Touring trim joined the Elantra family in 2009 and was a perennial slow seller. Through August 2011, Hyundai sold just 10,318 units of the wagon, compared with 123,218 Elantra sedans sold during the same time.

Would the Cruze wagon fare any better here? The car seems popular enough: Chevrolet says it has already sold more than 1 million Cruzes globally since the vehicle debuted in 2009. The U.S. version hit the market as a 2011 model, and 231,732 Cruzes were sold here last year.

To Chevrolet of Europe, offering a Cruze station wagon seems like a no-brainer. "In Europe, the most popular body styles in the compact segment are hatchbacks with around 60 percent, followed by station wagons with around 20 percent of the segment," Chevrolet Product Communication Manager Cornelia Harodt told us.

Set to hit the stage next month at the Geneva auto show, the Cruze wagon will join sedan and hatchback models in Europe. At 184.1 inches long, the station wagon is slightly longer than the sedan, which is 181 inches long. Cargo room ranges from 17.6 cubic feet with the seats up to 52.9 cubic feet with the rear seats folded. In comparison, the Cruze sedan offers 15.4 cubic feet of trunk space.

"The Cruze station wagon caters to an important market segment. It ticks all the right boxes for European drivers in terms of distinctive design, dynamic driving, space and economy," Chevrolet Europe President and Managing Director Susan Docherty said in a statement.

Aren't Americans interested in ticking the same boxes when it comes to what we need in a vehicle? Not really, says Chevrolet Communications Manager Annalisa Esposito Bluhm. She explained to Cars.com that there isn't enough market interest in the U.S. to sustain both a Chevy wagon and a compact crossover, like the Equinox. It's a non-issue in Europe because the Equinox isn't sold there.

A Cruze wagon would likely cannibalize sales of Chevy's popular compact SUV, and the Equinox is a strong seller. According to Automotive News, the bow-tie brand sold 193,274 Equinoxes in the U.S. last year, a 29% increase over the previous year. To Chevrolet, she explained, the Equinox makes more sense in the U.S. because crossovers are much more popular than wagons. The brand simply can't make room for two similar vehicles that meet practically the same consumer need.

Bluhm did say, though, that if gas prices spike, consumer need and market realities will shift in the U.S., prompting a re- evaluation of the Cruze wagon's stateside future.

To us, this means a U.S. Cruze wagon is a long shot. Tell us, would you buy it?



it's a shame that crossovers are so popular. they're just station wagons/minivans for people that want to pretend they're driving suvs...and getting worse mileage and handling in the process.

personally, i'd love to see the cruze wagon here. it would definitely return better mileage than the equinox.


Had this car been available, I would have definitely considered it when I was in the market for a small wagon last year. I ultimately would up buying a Prius v which has turned out to be just perfect for my needs.


If it had an outsourced diesel - Yes.


Seriously, if it had a diesel and wasn't outrageously priced, it could give the Jetta TDI Wagon a serious run for its money. I spoke to a VW dealer in California who said practically all of the wagon business is diesel. But Jetta TDI Wagons are typically $26-31,000. If Chevy comes in with a Cruze Diesel Wagon in the $23-$30,000 range, I think they could give VW some serious competition. Last I saw, the Jetta wagon was doing at least 2,000 units/mo, and probably restricted by inventory.


Hatchbacks and sport wagons are so short that they don't really give you any more cargo space than a sedan. I would be very interested in a cruze wagon if the mileage was better than crossovers.


I'd definitely consider a Cruze wagon. When the Matrix dies, I don't know what I'll get but it won't be a CUV.

Harold Moritz

This must be a new development as Subaru Legacy/Outback wagons are everywhere. I drove 3 Legacies into the ground, with over 260K on my latest. Then they stopped making the Legacy wagon, just the overpriced "upgraded" Outback, and now they've turned that car into a crossover, so I'm done with them. I'd consider this car as the niche is underserved. In the USA small cars just get bigger with newer models.


In '08 when we were shopping for a new car we wanted a wagon and were surprised by the lack of selection. It pretty much came down to Subaru or VW in the affordable range, and Audi/BMW/Mercedes in the high end (out of our budget). Somewhere in the middle was the Magnum with lots of blind spots. We ended up in the VW Passat Wagon and to this day love it. If GM offered a wagon we would probably own it today. Minivans are bloat. Wagons will rule. Less frontal area = lower wind drag = better fuel economy than a minivan no matter which way you slice it. The Passat regularly gets us 25 cty 33 hwy, much better than the 'rated' MPG.


Oh, so it would cannabalize sales of a less efficient vehicle? Doesn't GM need to raise their standards to meet the new CAFE requirements anyway?


I can't understand why Americans seem to dislike hatchbacks so much. I've owned two hatchbacks, including my current Pontiac Vibe, and they offer the best of both worlds. Seats up, it is a comfortable ride for the back seat passengers with plenty of cargo space. Seats down, and I have more than enough room to haul unbelievable quantities of stuff. I easily average well over 30mpg. I'd buy another one in a heartbeat. The only reason I can see a preference for CUVs is that they sit higher off the ground, usually. That can have its advantages if you live somewhere with deep snow, but otherwise...what advantage do they offer?


My family doesn't need two SVUs but I'd love to have a wagon as the second car. It would be great for road trips. My fingers crossed for a Malibu wagoon though.

Ron Rodriguez

Easier access to stuff in a crossover. Too much stooping with a wagon; backache.


personally, i just don't understand the aversion to hatchback/wagon designs in the us market. with that said i think there some anecdotal evidence that the purchase decision-making influences may play a large role, i think.

when i was looking for a new car a couple of years ago, i was very interested in wagons (jetta tdi, volvo v50, audi a4 avant, bmw 3-series touring, etc.) because of the very benefits they offer (fuel economy over a crossover/suv, utility, driving characteristics, etc.) but my wife was vehemently against them. in her view, they were far too "mom-ish" - a stigma that's been attached to them for decades now. not that a suv or minivan is any better (they're not, and my wife conceded as much - but, we weren't considering either of those categories either).

if that view is widespread, then it stands to reason that the crossover/suv will play better for a variety of other factors, most notably with women. in that context, hatchbacks and wagons will continue to have a very difficult time gaining market share. couple that with manufacturer resistance/indifference and we will continue to offered the equinox over any variety of a cruze wagon.


Very nice wagon! 4-door hatchbacks have less room and look funny, crossovers are too big and bulky. A good wagon like this is perfect. Would also be nice to see a Cruze coupe.


I would be much more likely to buy the wagon than the Sedan -- and there's a trend there for me, I never look at Subaru or Volvo sedans, only wagons & hatchbacks.

Why settle for less utility + space on a given wheelbase? The only bummer is the death of real wagons. I was next to an 88 Taurus wagon yesterday and the deliberate expansiveness of the wagon area was amazing vs. today's "sport wagon" hatchback shape.

Great post, A Wagon would be great for road trips


Cannibalize sales of the Equinox? Of course it would. Welcome to the party. Could it be that SUVs are just higher-margin products and GM enjoys ripping off its customers? No, not really, but I still want the damn wagon in the US market.

Anyway, of course I would consider a Cruze wagon. The Sonic is too small.

But why the sad face about the Elantra wagon replaced by the new hatch?

Fix it again

It's a shame that they're trying to make station wagons so popular. They're just a low rider version of a crossover for people who want to pretend they're cool...with worse visibility, safety and utility. Personally I would rather see the equinox here and leave the cruze wagon to Europe where it belongs.


Why are the taillights on the wagon different? The white bar doesn't stretch across to the trunklid piece on the left...


I would be interested in a Cruze wagon, but not at all in an Equinox. Jonathan is not far off with his suspicion that GM would rather sell you the higher margin Equinox. Also, CAFE rules come into play, which paradoxically favor the less efficient CUVs over wagons because they fall in different CAFE categories even though they are functionally the same thing in a slightly different form factor. Say thank you for this nonsense next time you see a lobbyist. I suspect we'll see more people willing to choose wagons over CUVs as gas price rise.


To D: the rear lights are different because this is a European spec car, the red light on the left side is a rear fog lamp, which is a Euro requirement. Not sure why they didn't just make the two lamps appear the same, with a functioning fog lamp only on the left, other than maybe to save a few dollars by not making a Euro-specific right taillamp assembly (with GM, I could believe that).


YES! BRING CRUZE WAGON! Especially if it's as efficient as the sedan. And who says Americans don't like wagons? Seems to me every block I see at least one Subaru Outback, Passat Wagon, or Jetta Wagon. This could be the vehicle for the wagon faithful when their old cars burn out.


if its less than 20k id buy it! it will sell at least 10k units


Why are the folks at GM so dumb? Don't they remember the Pontiac Vibe? That's what I have and that's what I'd like when I buy a new car. The Cruz station wagon would appeal to all the Vibe owners, whose Vibes are "getting on." I would never own a cross over--to bulky and big.

Wake up, GM!

Max Reid

It will sell, but 1 condition.

Raise the height by 2 - 3 inches and call it CUV (Crossover), Prius V is a hot seller. Wagon is just a old term, call it CUV. CUVs have captured 22% of market share in USA and this will increase.


Yes I would buy one I love the look and it's a chevy must I say more.


I would love to own one of these station wagons! I'm actually considering buying a classic GM wagon just because I want a wagon!

Rich H

I love my Cruze and would like it even more if it were a Wagon! Come on Chevy!!!


LCome on Chevy bring it to the US


I have two Chevy Astro vans that 300,000 miles on them waiting to by another Chevy but there is nothing that I like , may I also add I own 7 chevrolets I have a 66 nova wagon , I'll buy the Cruze wagon if it comes to the USA , I don't want to be forced to by a foreign car but GMs not making it easy

Why GM, oh Why?? Force me to buy another VW because I need an economical and efficient wagon to carry grandchildren and loads between home and cottage. Born and raised in Detroit and eagerly awaiting a hometown vehicle, I remain...
Frustrated in Ann Arbor.

Andrew Kubik

I would buy a Cruze Wagon in heartbeat. That goes for a Ford Focus Wagon as well. I really want to buy a true 'Made in the USA' car, but if our own people aren't going to offer it, I'm not spending over 20K on a 'compromise vehicle'. Maybe it's VW or some other brand again ...

Max Reid

Earlier CUVs like Escape & CR-V were the trade off vehicles between Sedans & SUVs. Now with higher gas prices, we need a trade off vehicle between Sedan and CUV and thats the Wagon.

Slowly many foreign wagons like Prius V, Fiat 500L is coming and its high time, GM & Ford also launch the wagons. Also launch the Diesel version.


I like the idea, but I'd have to see it in the flesh. The aggresively sloped rear glass looks great and implies some sportiness, but it really eats into interior volume. If the overall length of the wagon is the same as the sedan, then paying a (likely) premium for a modest increase in interior space is a head scratcher. Wagons are about fuel efficiency WITH extra space, right?

Bill Rymer

I bought a Elabtra Touring because I like station wagons. Now they will not be available. The Chevy cruze really looks good to me. So why not here in the USA


I would look at it to replace my Pontiac Vibe. Equal or better fuel economy and cargo room and it would be a serious consideration.

Volume Van

Yes, wagon has lot of interior volume. Especially if you fold the rear seat, you get a room like space to carry much bigger items which cannot be done in sedan.


What is WRONG with car makers? There is nothing over there that isn't a small hatch or a large SUV, I need space for a large dog and carrying things like bales of straw and mulch, but SUV/CUV are too big, crap on gas, and too expensive. Why do automakers insist that what we want wont sell here? Diesels? Check. Wagons? Check. Larger hatches/people carriers? Check. I'm very disappointed with the lack of choice, and seemingly nothing to replace my aging Kia Rondo, hands down the most functional car I have ever had. And of course, it's gone too....

The tired old comments about Americans not liking hatches and wagons are exactly that... tired and untrue.

On Long Island there are tons of new hatches and wagons... Matrix, Versa, Impreza, Jetta, Mazda 3... I don't know why Mazda stopped selling the 6 hatch here... they were getting popular just as they changed the body style. Car companies are just looking for a reason to keep selling their SUV's because they make a better profit than hatches and wagons.
While it is true that many people consider wagons uncool it is no way as bad as the industry wants you to believe.


GM is fixing to lose a customer. My last three vehicles were GM. I did like them but I want a Cruze Hatchback Diesel. Now looking at VW Sportwagen TDI, Ford C Max (if it ever gets here) and Prius V.


I have a jetta TDI sportwagen and will only buy diesels. Way better mileage and torque. The wagon is very practical, as you can fit way more into the trunk. The Europeans have it figured out. I would buy the chevy cruze wagon diesel if they sold it in the US. Until then I'm sticking with VW and Audi.

Efficiency wheels usually use out quicker,
while wheels that give a more relaxed trip may
be less nimble in the sides.This is the reason why
we must be cautious of the quality of the wheels before purchasing.


I want to tell that agree completely with most previous posts. It seems to me that: - first - American brands do not want to produce wagons (they have better margin with SUVs) and keep saying that people don't like them; - second - lots o fpeople so dull that it is enough to say in the ad that SUV is something very special and they even don't think themeselves. The SUV is, actualli, the same hated Hatchback & Station Wagon breded in one car. Just the SUV owners can not put long enough subjects, which Station Wagon can accomodate; SUV consumes much more gas; SUV is considerabely less stable on the road due to its hight. To American car producers: think why the VW, Audi, BMW and Subaru Station Wagons are still popular. Really - no big brainers needed....


YES, station wagons are great road cars. A,B,C,and D pillars for strength and rigidity. Please offer it with a 6 cyl.and beef up the suspension,folks with wagons go places and haul stuff. Great looking vehicle, too bad you can only see them in Europe. Hang in there people, it will arrive soon.


another vibe owner here.looked at the cruze just a little bit to small.but would really like a cruze wagon.i guess its a kia soul then for me.
all the cool gms are overseas


Had this been available I would not have purchased a Dodge Caliber for my wife.


We are looking for a small-ish vehicle for daughter who needs to carry guitars and other music accoutrements as well as materials used in home remodeling. A Chevy Cruze wagon would be perfect. On our next trip to Europe can we purchase one there and bring it back?


I'll take 1 if it is an AWD 6MT diesel

Ralph Daehn

I want an American Wagon with a diesel engine, but it seems like it is not going to happen. My next car probably will be a VW Sport Wagen/TDI. My favorite car was the Buick Estate Wagon. I had two of them. The 1st was driven 270,000 miles. I can't understand why we have no more U.S. Wagons.


GM has a way to drive people nuts. The Cruze wagon is a no brainer. It is not going to cannibalize Equinox sales, because those who buy crossovers don't buy wagons. What it will do is add a new set of buyers who hate SUV and crossovers, like me who like the driving dynamics of a car but with versatility. I now have Passat wagon that I love but needs replacing and lo and behold no more Passat wagons. My previous wagon was a Saab. By the way GM, I also have 09 Silverado, it's my fourth and their great trucks. Use it for work only.


I drive a tdi, and would love to drive a diesel Cruze wagon as my next car. GM makes horrible marketing decisions, and if you recall, just a year or two ago claimed there was no interest in a diesel. They will change their minds, but probably too late for me. My jetta is going to need replacing in another couple years, and another VW looks like it will be the only option. The comment about SUV drivers looking "cooler" made me lol. Try not paying more than 60 bucks to fill up and go for 600 miles like I do regularly in my uncool car. Cool is as cool does, throw your money away, cool cat.


I wouldblove a Chevy cruse wagon!

Aunt Bee

I want a wagon, but I don't want a VW or a Ford. I would love to see the Chevy Cruze Wagon in the United States. Come on Chevrolet...you have a market here!!!


Look at the Juke & the Rouge....?????????????Do I need to say more?

Murat Tanyel

If Chevy does not offer a hatchback or SW Cruze or a hatchback sonic with automatic climate control, I'll opt for a Focus or a Subaru.


If they offered a Cruze Wagon with a diesel with 45+ mpg I would buy it.

Volume Van

Raise the height of Cruze Wagon and brand it as CUV with some other name, how about Cruzer.

Rogue is selling @ 10,000 units / month, although Juke sells at much lower level since that is a new segment.


I am about to buy a Chevy Spark. If chevy comes out in2014 with a diesel wagon I will give the spark to my son and go get a wagon . I have really wanted to replace my 2006 suzuki forenza wagon but could find nothing. The forenza was sold in canada as the chevy optra. and in europe as the chevy lacetia (sp?) It would have been a Daewoo Nubira replacement had that comapny survived.


I agree with all of the positive comments here in favor of a Cruze wagon. Marketing people are often very wrong and are influenced by accountants that run the car companies. GM has always tried to tell the public what they want by clever advertising, and keep-up-with-the-Joneses mentality, and the SUV segment is clear indication of consumer stupidity. Sure, 2 percent of people that buy an SUV really need a behemoth vehicle, but the other 99 per cent have never needed such huge vehicles. Station wagons were very popular until the accountants discovered how much profit they could get from turning trucks into passenger vehicles. GM, Ford and the Japanese-Korean companies should be ashamed of themselves for not offering compact and mid-size wagon versions of their sedans in North America. For many years the Eurpoeans and others have had a much greater and more sensible selection of vehicles. The SUVs make no more sense than having an elephant as a pet.
A Cruze wagon would sell quite well in North America, but GM prefers the greater profit margins of SUVs and whatever you want to call those other overweight and inefficient vehicles.


I presently drive a 2009 HHR and this configuration fits us just fine. But--the HHR is now gone. I am a retired GM employ and if the Cruze station wagon comes out I definitely would consider one. About a 2.0 diesel or 2.0 turbo diesel, would be the icing on the cake !! I have looked at Subaru Outback for some time and they are talking about a diesel in the US, as they already have one in Europe, but EPA standards in the US are much stricter. Also the Subaru CVT transmission is a tried and true design and has held up well. GM is worried that a Cruze wagon will hurt Equinox sales.


I would buy a Chevy Cruze Station Wagon, I have been looking for an American Station wagon for some time now. I currently drive a Dodge Magnum and have been driving station wagons for over 20 years.


I now have an Eco Cruze with a manual transmission. I'm have great luck with it and have always liked the look of a sport wagon. I'd get a Cruze wagon. If the price was reasonable I'd get it with a turbo diesel. A little more room and the ease of putting in a stroller or boxes into a wagon would make life so much easier for a small family.

Tom Gerhart

Yes, I would buy it in a minute! My son bought a Cruze sedan earlier this year, and I said I would really like the Cruze if it was available as a sport wagon, and here it is only in Europe, Why?


I would definitely buy this


GM = A$$Clowns!


GM LISTEN! People want WAGONS! not a soccer mom mobile = Equinox!


BOYCOTT GM, Buy other USA automobiles! - Ford and that other one.


It's truly sad. I want to buy a Cruze wagon, but if they don't offer it here,then I will go to another manufacturer for a wagon, enough said. GM is still losing sales because of this.


GM = Worst managed corp in US and globally, but we will still bail them out after each of their failures. Tragic! Give the consumer what they want! DesignerY is correct, BOYCOTT them.


How you spend your dollar speaks volumes to manufacturers. That is the true power of the consumer.


If manufacturer's catered to the right market, they would be pleasantly surprised. Sport wagons look cool, handle great, get good gas mileage, and can haul almost anything. Audi knows, Subaru is going the wrong direction. Just bought a used Saab A-3 and love it.


It's all about profit margin. GM is currently at 6% and want to get to 10% for 2013. I will go buy a wagon from a different automaker. They will not get there with my next purchase.

Of course people hate station wagons. They're the perfect vehicle.

All they need to be is a little higher so old guys like me don't have to get on our hands and knees to crawl in anymore.


We bought a diesel Passat wagon as we had no use for a cross over with its much higher fuel use and excess size.

I find it insane that neither Chevy or Ford will offer a wagon in the Cruz or Ford Fusion, Both are a natural fit.


I will add in that I did not want to buy a VW but they were the only ones that offered that kind of fuel economy and performance (not hot rod but very good). 32 mpg in town and a solid 42 to 44 on the highway. The Passat replaced a SUV for 95% or better of our use. You can't do that with a Sedan and no cross over has the economy in gas, and not diesels offered.

Elda Zoorain

This is why Ford is kicking the pants off Chevy, Chrysler and VW. Ford is the only company to think globally, and offer great vehicles world wide. The Transit Connect and the new T-series are only the latest examples. I was a Chevy buyer for decades, and always disparaged Ford. But the tide has turned and now it's just the opposite. And what happened to VW? Their mismanagement is now legendary (think Routan instead of Eurovan).

Tommy Fryar

My wife wanted a Chevrolet Station Wagon in 2011. We were told that no one made a wagon to be sold in America. We did find wagons at Volkswagen (but not the Passat Wagon), BMW did not have any in stock, the Subaru was no longer a wagon, And Volvo was the only true wagon to be found. We bought the V50 and were told that was the last wagon that the Austin, TX dealer would be able to sell. We love the wagon, but really wanted to buy a Chevy!


News for Chevrolet Communications Manager Annalisa Esposito Bluhm. I am in the market for a wagon and never will buy a crossover or SUV - so an Equinox is out of the question. So Chevy's refusal to sell Cruze wagons in the US will send me elsewhere to purchase.


I need a wagon like my 1987 Pontiac 600 LE,by G.M. immediately.
It is perfect for wheelchair access- 60-40 driver seat, lower height seat for tranferring in and out,gear shift on column,ample leg room,huge rear loading space for wheelchairs, great visibility, good mileage-love G.M. wagons!!!

We need this car here. It would make Chevy more competitive in the segment. As far as taking away sales of said Equinox: BS people seem to buy it because that's all they've got. It's bigger, gets worse mileage etc. Besides G.M. and the public need to realize the tougher gas mileage regulations that are coming. But all they have to do is offer it so it gets into the corporate average. How many get sold is another story. then it also has to be profitable as well. that part I'm not sure would go well.

Joseph Reed

I don't want a truck (SUV,CRV,CUV, et.al.). I want a Cruze Wagon! A General Motors Chevrolet Cruze Wagon.

Brian Woodburn

We had to replace our 2001 Saturn LW300 last year and settled for a sedan. We have had a hatchback or wagon since 1987 until 2012. The answer is YES!


Mr Brian

You could have gone for Prius which has plenty of trunk space.


I have been driving a 2001 Volvo V70 wagon since purchased new. My model is a 5 cylinder gasoline miser with highway numbers at or above 30 mpg many, many times. No joke. It is a comfortable and well designed vehicle. Interestingly, Volvo has dropped that series in favor of models that get LESS mpg than mine. Amazing how little progress has been made by that car maker. Anyway, IF Chevrolet introduced their Cruz wagon into the USA, I would purchase one to replace my LOW mileage Volvo - only 58xxx miles since new. GM is a prime example of what is WRONG with the marketing aspect of US vehicles. I'd consider a Ford ONLY because my tax dollars didn't get thrown at them, but am not interested in SUV/Crossover type cars. Oh well - keep on chugging in my "vintage" Volvo wagon.

Des Alba

I owned a couple of Volvos during the seventies, a 262 and later a 245.

They were great for their day and lasted a long time. My wife loved both. We used them both for more than twenty years.

But Volvo, in spite of their past innovations, is a dying brand that has lost most of its following.

Chinese ownership hasn't helped and the brand has fallen out of favor with all but the most ardent fans.

A young married couple I know own a Cruze but as their family is expanding almost yearly, they are considering buying a station wagon so they don't have to lift the kiddies so high into their car seats.

Although a Cruze wagon is a nice twist on the plot, it is still the size of a Cruze, without the trunk.

So for growing families who increasingly need more space as their family grows, something larger may be more appropriate.

There are plenty of other choices out there so in my estimation a Cruze wagon would be aimed at a very small, select group of buyers.


Chevy's bosses make more profit on SUVs and trucks. That's why they feed American public (which eats commercials for breakfast) with whatever they THINK is better for it. And that's why Toyota's Prius is 10 years ahead of Chevy that has been losing money on Volt all along...

Matt C.

Yes. Definitely. I am thinking of importing a Cruz wagon. I was floored when I was told they are not available in the US. I had gone to the dealer specifically to buy a Cruz wagon I saw on line. This is really a bummer. I have been looking for a small wagon, 36+ mpg, made in USA ever since my Nissan wagon died in the mid nineties. Who needs a hybrid when a simple car like this will do the job.


I would buy a Cruze wagon. Currently driving a 2001 Saturn LW300. There is nothing on the market that I would care to replace it with. When it finally quites, I will have to make a choice. Probably a Subaru Outback.
I have not interest in a crossover because a the visibillty issues and don't want an SUV


I would buy this in a second!


I just got back from Sweden.
I rented a Cruz Diesel Wagon with a 6 speed manual.
I would love to be able to buy this car in the US. I like the idea of a diesel but inb the Cruz I would much prefer to have a wagon than a sedan. Unless they bring the wagon to the US i will probably be buying a Jetta deisel.

I wouldn't buy it because it's not a stationwagon. I own a stationwagon. A stationwagon needs to be able to carry large items. My stationwagon can take a 4' x 8' sheet of plywood, flat. The tailgate must be able to open down and line up with the floor. Stationwagon means "room/space" to put lots of stuff and people.

Jonpaul thomasseau

Would buy a diesel wagon. It's nonsense to say Americans don't want wagons, manufacturers don't want to make them...

Kim Rapczak

One of the best cars I ever owned was the little Ford Escort wagon. (Go ahead---laugh----but the car was perfect for me.) I buy GM because I have a "classic" GM credit card which earns me 5 cents back on every dollar spent towards a new GM car. The only GM brand I can afford is the Chevrolet. I have a Cobalt now, with its maddening small, narrow trunk. Big deal--fold down seats. Still can't carry much. Wagons, GM! We want wagons! Don't be so damned greedy. I will NEVER buy an SUV. (In the past I've even considered teeny tiny pickups like the old S-10. But of course they don't make that anymore either.)


I would probably buy two over the next two years


Diesel Wagon would make great fleet car for a ton of small/medium/large businesses with highway driving requirements (total package beats out Prius V). Make also a stripped down version for this clientele and kick Toyota's butt. A well equipped "cool" version would do well with younger buyers - don't you want those? C'mon Chevy you are smarter than being afraid of your own models, be afraid of your competitors models.


The last small station wagon we had in the family was a 1984 Lynx, and it was junk. I have been buying Japanese and Korean hatchbacks for nearly 30 years because I couldn't get a small station wagon. I'd give up the hatch for a station wagon in a flash, and will certainly give the Cruze a look, as we were a Chevy family going back to the 1955 210 wagon I grew up with.


It's simple. You can't sell a car in Germany that is not a wagon. It's a German thing.

Billy Eager

I don't know what it's like to own a Volvo or a any other European wagon. I do how great it is to own many Classic (and sure to be) Chevys. If the good folks at General Motors want market share back, make something cool. That's reasonably priced, regular horsepower. Camaro's are great, Corvette's are great too, but my wife wants a wagon. Why wouldn't she, they're timeless utility are great. I guess we shouldn't have sold the Malibu Maxx SS, to buy a 2010 Camaro RS/SS2.

Mark N

I am currently looking for a domestic wagon to replace our current Malibu Maxx which has been great, but is now ten years old. I wish there was a Malibu or Fusion wagon to replace it with, but since there is not, I would get this Cruze wagon. My parents have one and like it. I don't want an SUV that simply uses more raw materials to manufacture, costs more to buy, costs more to insure, and then costs more to fill up, ...just to get the same carrying capacity as a wagon. Same thing for minivans. Tall vehicles are heavy, tippy, and inefficient. I want something that gives me OVER 30MPG average. The Fusion sedan I rented did that and had plenty of power. Now make a wagon version with 25% smaller engine and even better fuel economy.

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