Top 10 Ugly Cars

Nissan murano cross cabriolet
We know styling is subjective, but after driving and reviewing hundreds of cars each year, our editors earned the right to call some out as just plain ugly. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 ugliest cars from the last 30 years. And because we’re tired of seeing Aztek on lists like this, Pontiac’s homeliest vehicle isn’t on ours.

Check out what made the list.

By Jennifer Geiger | February 3, 2012 | Comments (30)
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What about the Acura TL? Even with the revised front/rear it still looks like a terrible design. Also, add Nissan Juke(box)...


The Subaru Tribeca wasn't a bad design. The car as a whole was fine except for the grille just wasn't "mainstream" for the class. If you had to put a Subaru on here, use the Baja...


How could you possibly forget the Pontiac Aztek and the AMC Pacer. The AMC Gremlin wasn't all that good looking either. It's impossible to have a top ten list when there is really a top 50 and everyone's opinion will shuffle the rank order. Sometimes cars are so ugly they are cute....VW Thing anyone?

At least they pardoned the Z3 Coupe for once...


I am surprised the '93 Buick Skylark GS didn't make the list. With its ugly triangle beak. @ Jay the entire Acura line should make this list. Aswell as all current Lincoln's- those grills are hideous!


the probe looked cool. Doesn't belong on this list.



(Acura and Buick) Point taken...LOL


My list of currently available vehicles:
Honda Ridgeline
Lexus LX 570
Nissan Murano
Acura ZDX
Nissan Quest
Infiniti QX
Nissan Juke
Nissan Leaf
Honda Crosstour

How does the Lumina APV make the list, when the Ford Aerostar does not. Granted they are both equally hideous, and a list such of this could easily be filled with mini-vans. Guess I answered my own question, huh?


I agree with Andy M.

And the revised 1994-96 dustbuster vans were far worse than the 1990-93 models.

Check out this image of the original TransSport concept:

It's really cool. They almost had a Previa competitor there.


List fails without latest Honda Odyssey.


'75 Mustang. Ford should have called it the donkey.


You may have left the Aztek off the list, but I'm putting it back on. Every time I see one, I'm reminded of a horse about to take a dump.
I think it was made by two teams of engineers who started from opposite ends and weren't allowed to talk to each other.


These 10 cars are not that ugly. SAAB and BMW: Now those cars are UGLY!


Any list of ugly cars that omits the Rendezvous and Aztec is less than credible.

carol vincelett

What about those UGLY cube cars. Someone was inspired by what came out of their home fridge ice cube tray???

Charlie D.

The Nissan Juke looks like a bug
Toyota FJ Cruiser
Porsche Panamera


The Lincoln MKT doesn't belong! I love it, especially in black...

Indy Driver

They left off the horribly designed Cadillac CTS with the bizarre angular head and tail lights and the boxy Scion Xb that looked as though it was designed for use in a Keystone Kops movie. I still cringe every time I see one of these monstrosities on the road.

Tom McD

THOSE are the ten ugliest cars you can think of? I'm with Lance -- AMC Pacer and Gremlin. Where are the early Subarus?

michael miller

It seems you have forgotten the entire 1961 line of Chrysler products and the 1958 Buick.


How about a Top 50 Ugly Cars list?


How can you put a Taurus on the list and overlook Sable? Any Taurus you think is ugly is handily trumped in ugliness by its Mercury Sable counterpart!


How can you put a Taurus on the list and overlook Sable? Any Taurus you think is ugly is handily trumped in ugliness by its Mercury Sable counterpart!

How about a Top 50 Ugly Cars list?


Honorable Mentions:
Nissan Axxess
Pontiac LeMans
Honda Ridgeline
Merkur XR4Ti
Chevy Spectrum
Nissan Versa
Volvo 240
Toyota VAN
AMC Concord
BMW 5 Series 2004-2010

Matt C.

The Probe doesn't belong on the list and you were a generation late with the Mustang. I agree with everyone above about the Aztec and AMC cars not on there. Plus the Prius and Leaf should be on there.


The list is $^!t, the editors who put it on a full of it.


Did many of you forget how to read? This list only includes cars from the last 30 years.

I will agree that the Rendezvous and Aztek should DEFINITELY be on the list.


Whoever made this list overlooked a lot of uglier cars.

Nissan should be crown the most ugly styling award:
Versa sedan
NV vans (big and small) Infiniti QX,

Other Ugly cars include:
2002-2006 Camry
2000-2006 Monte Carlo
Ford Aeorostar
Dodge Omni/Plymouth Horizon
Volkswagen Fox
2000-2005 Hyundai Sonata


What about a porche caryena

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