No Plans for Cadillac XTS-V

2013 cadillac xts
Wards Auto is reporting there will be no V performance version for Cadillac's new-for-2013 XTS sedan lineup.

Slated to replace the DTS as the largest Cadillac in the lineup, the XTS is based on the Buick LaCrosse's architecture but is several inches longer. It'll feature a V-6 powertrain when it goes on sale this spring. The sole engine will be a 300-horsepower, 3.6-liter V-6 in front- or all-wheel drive.

With the CTS having a performance version and a plan already in the works for the forthcoming ATS's entry to the V club, Cadillac doesn't see the need to offer a more potent XTS. In fact, Cadillac told Wards that unlike its stable mates, the XTS isn't intended to be a performance vehicle.

Wards is also reporting that Cadillac hasn't ruled out a larger sedan that would slot above XTS in size and price and offer a performance-oriented powertrain.

No XTS Performance Model Planned, But Bigger Cadillac Being Eyed (Wards Auto)



Hmm grandpa doesn't think the Florida ragtop will look right on this bodystyle...


Good move. Everything doesn't need to be a sports car. People make it seem as if all "old people cars" are bad, but they still make money for the company to use towards more exciting vehicles.

Indeed. There is no need for an XTS-V. There was no DTS-V either. And this is also NOT considered Cadillac's "flagship". The real flagship might not have a "V" either - but there will certainly be a high performance model to compete with the 760i, AMGs, etcetera...


I'm glad that Cadillac will be adding a larger car. Quite frankly, the XTS cannot compete with the likes of the A8, S-class, and 7-series as it is now. ES350? yep. Hyundai Equus? definitely. Cadillac needs something that is truly full sized with rear wheel drive and a DOHC V8 putting out something like 400 hp if it wants to be competitive in the full-size luxury segment.



This car will probably start around $50k, it has nothing to do with the S class or 7 series. It will compete with MKS, RL, Infiniti M, E350, etc. Anything large with decent backseat space and a lot of features in the $50k range will be a potential competitor for this car. Not $90k cars like the S class.

Having a full sized, RWD luxury flagship is a nice idea, but those cars do not sell in volume and Cadillac had to fill out its lineup before doing that.

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