Fiat Goes Big-ish With 500L

Fiat 500 l-1
Chrysler released two images of a new compact car from its Fiat brand, and while it's not quite big, it is a little larger than you'd expect.

The 500L — the L stands for large — is a five-passenger hatchback, and though specs haven't been released, it will be larger than Fiat's current 500. Based on the photos, it looks like the 500L is taller and a bit longer than the 500 subcompact. 

The 500L will be made in Kragujevac, Serbia, and is expected to arrive in the U.S. in 2013. It will officially meet the public at the Geneva International Motor Show on March 6.

Fiat 500 l-2

By Jennifer Geiger | February 2, 2012 | Comments (9)


Even though it is Big-ish I really doubt I could fit in there. I think something that small will go over like a lead balloon with the obesity epidemic in this country.


Didn't they used to build Yugos there?


I guess they're trying to take down each Mini model by offering similar cuteness for less money (and sportiness)


Chances are they won't price it right for it to be a hot seller. There will likely be several other 5 door hatchbacks that will be a lot cheaper, ie kia, hyundai,...

Ste (The Original S.G.)

Oh, FIAT... What high hopes I had for you in this country. Don't name it 500L and as much as it's cool you're taking on MINI, They have been in the US market for over 10 years. They made sure to well establish themselves before introducing more models of similarity. Name it something else, or bring the Panda. Better yet whats wrong with the Punto?


This is just a MINI Cooper Countryman. If you look at the headlights, taillights, roofline, front, rear, and side profiles, it's practically identical.

Martin from Reading, England.

If you're in Britain or Europe, this will look like a Panda replacement to you, which I think is what it is, they're just using the 500L name to cash in on the 500s success. Maybe some 500 customers won't buy a Panda, but they'll buy a 500L!
The Austrian-built MINI Countryman is infact bigger than the Austin MAXI!


"The 500L — the L stands for large — is a five-passenger hatchback, and though specs haven't been released, it will be larger than Fiat's current 500."

For some reason, I was thinking the L stood for "long".

I was hoping the ordinary 500 would do well in the US, but I have to admit, I did have my doubts. I might be wrong but I do have the impression that smaller car models aren't as practical for the US market as they are for the European market. I'll be interested to see how this is received.

It does remind of the the Panda though.


PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE FIAT... Call it something else! 600, 600L, Multipla or anything but a 500. The current 500 is a purist's car that stays true to the original 2 door small car. This would be the American equivalent to putting 4 doors on a Camaro and calling it the Camaro L.

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