Coming Soon: Kia's K9 Flagship

Two weeks ago, Kia announced plans to bring a rear-wheel-drive flagship to market, marking the South Korean automaker's first foray into the large luxury sedan segment. Previously codenamed KH, we now know the sedan will be called K9 when it goes on sale in its home country during the first half of the year.

But that's not what we'll call it in the States -- if and when it comes here. According to Kia's statement, "the Korean market name will be 'K9' -- while the name for export markets, as well as overseas launch timings, will be revealed later this year.”

The released photo shows an aggressive-looking wide-mouth grille, sweeping angular headlights and a sloping rear roofline. It also sports LED headlamps and lots of chrome trim.

As far as powertrain and platform, Hyundai, Kia's corporate cousin, has been in the near-luxury rear-wheel-drive market for a few years with its Genesis and Equus sedans, so it makes sense for Kia to borrow some componentry. K9 side

K9 rear



Looks like the 5 Series, had a baby...


Yeah, had a 5 series then put it up for adoption.

Derrick G

Overall it's a nice looking car, but not especially distinctive; certainly not distinctively Kia.


I'm a little confused. I thought that Hyundai was moving upscale while Kia stayed toward the hip and sensible crowd. The Genesis and Equus are fancy fancy cars and I see many Genesis on the road, so they're getting some decent traction.

Does HyunKia really want to dilute the mojo they have going with the sporty-looking (and quite sexy, IIMA) Optima and cool Soul?


Is KIA allowed to do this? I would think BMW would cry trademark infringement on this one. This is the car equivalent of carrying a fake designer purse. I'm sorry. Cheap knockoff!


Angry KIa.


Still hoping for the Kia GT. I just reread the review and specs of the Genesis, and I realize this is not exactly a sport sedan. 2+ tons, 195 inches long, and a "smooth" suspension. Kia, I'll be waiting for the GT concept, which I believe can compete and possibly outdo the compact sport/luxury sedan crowd from Germany.


'borrow some componentry'? really jennifer? this will be a rebodied genesis, just like everything else that comes out of hyundai/kia. there might be slightly different suspension tuning, but the powertrain and every other dimension will be the same.

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