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2012 Buick Regal GS

Buick added two variants to the Buick Regal for the 2012 model year, including the eAssist and GS trims. The eAssist powertrain, which is GM’s second-generation mild-hybrid system, offers similar power but up to 36 mpg highway compared with the Regal's current standard four-cylinder. The top-of-the-line GS trim offers better power than other Regals, but it’s still not quite a performance machine, Industry Analyst Kelsey Mays says.

2012 Buick Regal Review

By Colin Bird | February 15, 2012 | Comments (12)



When did get into the reliability reporting business or are you just regurgitating the awesomely accurate Consumer Reports data. Exactly what made it unreliable?

Amuro Ray


The EXPERT has spoken. He's the one with all the credibility in the auto industry.

Trust no CR; trust only WTF!


One of the worst reviews Ive seen on here in a while. The bar is set low when reviews American cars, but this is bad even by their standards. First of all, regal's handling has been praised in nearly every review Ive seen. In fact, even in the initial drive of the car on THIS site the ride and handling balance was praised. Now we hear the eAssist model has a sloppy ride and mediocre handling and is hardly a drivers car. As for the GS, it may help if staff takes a few minutes to consult magazines that actually do tests. Unfortunately, the only source they trust is CR who has shoddy methodology. The GS is considerably faster than the Regal turbo (0-60 in 6.2 secs) and handles considerably better as well. The car has consistently recorded .9g+ of grip on the skidpad and Insideline had a slalom speed of 68mph which is in the realm of cars like the 3 series or G37. To suggest that the car has only modest performance gains over other regals is ridiculous. The original concept car had a 255hp turbo with AWD- of course AWD will give you a better 0-60 time, but "under 6 secs" isnt much different from 6.2 secs. As for fit and finish, not only have I not read of poor build quality on this car before- I have one and the build quality is fine. The original cars were built in Germany by Germanas right alongside the Insignia. I don't believe for a second that the regal is poorly assembled.


i have to agree with sheth. i've read other reviews of the eassist tech that praise it. in fact,'s review of the buick lacrosse eassist achieved mileage higher than the epa combined rating during their 359 mile mixed test. they experienced no shudders and actually commented on how seamless the system appeared. it was a thoroughly positive review.

the picture that 'proves' bad fit and finish is absurd. you zoomed in so close on a gap that the dust particles looked seems that gm products are the only ones that get this level of scrutiny. and you can clearly see that there are no fit and finish issues in the photos before and after that show the whole dash and the steering wheel.

this is another shoddy review/write up by kelsey mays...shouldn't expect anything better from him. in fact, i'm surprised there are no references to door panels coming from an impala or radio controls from a sonic....


as for the regal being unreliable, the link below includes jd power and associates reliability index for the regal...a 9 out of a possible 10. the regal earned an overall rating of 'excellent' in all categories.

i'm sorry, but when it comes to reviewing gm cars, kelsey mays should just stay home and let one of the other staffers do it. i mean seriously, isn't there an editor that is supposed to be reviewing his work prior to publication?



They dont consider reliability data from any source but CR and they never explain why CR is the only source they trust. I have a regal CXL- 17k+ miles and only issues have been burned on turn signals in the rear. Not one single mechanical/electrical problem. I would love to know CR's sample size for the regal. Then again, CR rates every Buick as unreliable even though JD Power data says otherwise.

It would've been nice if MILEAGE was referenced for the eAssist model. I looked at the pics of the poor fit and finish- those gaps appear to be about a quarter to a half a centimeter- I was really expecting much worse after the way Kelsey blasted the car for unacceptable build quality. BTW- is that all he could find in the entire car?


PS: I drove the lacrosse eassist and the hybrid system was smooth and barely noticeable. Every review of the lacrosse system (including one just published today in my local paper) has said the system was nearly seamless. It was NOTHING like what Kelsey described- so much so that its hard to believe he even drove the regal eassist. Ive driven Altima hybrid, Prius and Insight before- none were as seamless when it came to engine stop/start.

Also, IDC is standard on the GS, not optional as indicated in the picture caption.


I haven't test-driven a Regal, or even seen one up-close for that matter. However, as an individual who does a lot of writing for various publications, I find it unacceptable that there is no source given ANYWHERE in the review for the reliability ratings. Unless is conducting its own reliability tests, the source should be readily available to the reader.

Editor - please note. It takes away from the credibility of the author and the site as a whole when proper credit/citations are not used.

I'm also assuming that the source is Consumer Reports because of how the reliability issue is presented (below-average, average, etc.) - that's how CR generally rates vehicles.

Kelsey is entitled to his opinions - that's part of a review, but if he's citing reliability data from an outside source, that source needs to be named.


CR is the only source they ever reference for reliability. Since they have no formal connection with CR Im not sure why they are so quick to adopt their data as gospel. CRs data does NOT line up with JD Power data in many cases. How can you choose one without referencing the other?


the problem with kelsey is while half the time he's not citing the sources he does use, the other half he's stating 'facts' that are blatantly wrong. it's like the only website he knows how to navigate is the CR site. google can be your friend too kelsey.


One thing I dont get is that towards the end he basically said the Regal isnt perfect but they can make the car acceptable with a major mid-cycle redesign. That implies that the competition has no room to improve and the regal is the only car in this price range that can get better. The eassist has better mileage than anything in the competitive set and the GS has more performance hardware than any TSX, CC or Maxima. None of that was really referenced, all we heard is that the competition is reliable and the Regal is not.

If Kelsey's driving is on the same pitifully low level of this totally unprofessional review - I'd never get in a car with him behind the wheel! This guy has no credibility at all and therefore should not be in the business of writing automotive reviews, as he's clearly demonstrated in this instance that he hasn't got a CLUE as to what he is talking about!

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