2013 Volkswagen CC Starts at $30,250

Volkswagen's redesigned-for-2013 CC sedan will start just above $30,000 when it goes on sale this spring. It costs almost $2,000 more than the 2012 model's $28,515 base price.

Updates for the new model year include revised styling that's more aligned with the redesigned Jetta and Passat siblings; a new bench seat that allows for three passengers in back; and LED taillights. The CC is available in front- or all-wheel drive, and its powertrains also carry over for 2013: both the 200-horsepower, turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder and 280-hp, 3.6-liter V-6 remain available.

Two new models join the CC's roster for 2013. The 2.0T Sport Plus will slot above the base 2.0T Sport model and feature LED daytime running lights, adaptive headlights, specific 18-inch wheels and the base navigation system. Navigation previously was available only on the Lux trim.

The new VR6 Lux trim slots below the 2.0T Lux and adds a headlight washer system with heated nozzles, backup camera, upgraded navigation system with 6.6-inch touch-screen, leather seats with memory function and specific 18-inch wheels.

2.0T Sport, 2.0T Sport Plus, 2.0T Lux, VR6 Lux, VR6 4Motion Executive models are available for 2013. The starting cost of each version is detailed below. Pricing for the sport-themed 2.0T R-Line model will be released closer to the vehicle’s launch in early 2013.

  • 2.0T Sport with manual transmission: $30,250
  • 2.0T Sport with automatic transmission: $31,350 
  • 2.0T Sport Plus: $32,850 
  • 2.0T Lux: $35,355 
  • VR6 Lux: $37,730 
  • VR6 4Motion Executive: $41,420



Loyal VW owner leaving the brand today. Sad to say but I am moving on. A little history of my VW cars: 1998 VW Beetle (lease of one of the first models off the line), 2000 VW Passat(owner) 2006 VW Passat(lease)and 2009 CC(lease).My reason for leaving VW is there horrible lease turn in process. VW makes the whole process long winded and cannot talk until the final invoice. VW has an independent inspection process that will look over your car with a fine tooth comb to find any and all excess wear and tear under their rules. Once the inspection is over, the rep says you must call VW to dispute any charges. Never was this process so detailed in the past. I knew this was going to be difficult from the beginning when you are mailed a booklet on what is considered excessive scratches or dings. A ruler was included to size up what an excessive scratch is on your car which was not done on my 2006 turn in. After getting hit with a potential bill for $1490.00, I was upset to find that VW customer service on the phone told me that they would do nothing to negotiate until I turned in my car to the dealership and a final invoice would be sent to me in 4-6 weeks. This was not in the past. My last lease was finalized in a couple of days when turned in. Wow, returning to the dealership and a chance to buy or lease another car, but VW let's me slip away. After explaining to the dealership what I was being billed, the dealership said they have had complaints and that you have to wait for the invoice from VW. No help from dealership. VW did keep to their promise. I got my invoice 5 weeks later today. $550.00 for scratches, $450.00 for mileage and $350.00 turn in fee. So we called to discuss and we only would receive $400.00 off unless we decided to buy or lease another car. If we did get another car we would get only the turn in fee waived also. Still would owe them close to $600.00. What makes me so upset is VW is using the turn in process to take advantage of me. I had to lease another car (Acura) for business reasons and could not wait for VW, but will be in the market for a new car in a year or two. Loyalty does not exist with VW on there side anymore. VW has gone corporate in my book now. You are only a number to them now. I caution all potential customers to beware of the lease process for VW.

Where is the diesel?

Great looking style for the CC, this would be a good car for real estate. Might have to test drive it soon.

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