Audi S7 Slays Vampires in Super Bowl Ad

2013 audi s7
Just when you thought the vampire trend was waning, Audi jumps on the bandwagon with its 2012 Super Bowl ad.

On top of being gorgeous and a blast to drive, Audi’s A7 is apparently really good at repelling vampires. Well, its LED headlights, to be specific.

In Audi’s Super Bowl spot, the A7’s new-for-2013 performance-oriented S7 sibling rolls up to a BYOB (bring your own blood) vampire bonfire. The hapless driver inadvertently turns his fang-bearing buddies into dust when the S7’s LED headlights illuminate the party.

Sure, S7’s LED lights are cool, but we can think of more exciting things to promote about the car: its 420-horsepower, twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 comes to mind.


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