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“NewHondaGuy” from Erie County, N.Y., has a somewhat deceptive username. As a member of a household that's had four CR-Vs over the past few years, all owned by his wife, this reader is no stranger to the Honda brand. When it came round for NewHondaGuy to get his own ride, he chose the 2012 Honda CR-V for its looks, reliability and resale value, among other reasons. Continue reading the full review to find out more. Once you're done, write a review about your own car here.

2012 Honda CR-V
"Just took delivery of our Honda dealer's first 2012 Honda CR-V EX-L (with navigation and entertainment package), and it looks sharp! My wife has had a total of four CR-Vs over the years and not a single problem with vehicles or the dealer. She recently moved into a 2011 Acura product — a lavish all-wheel-drive RDX about the size of the 2012 CR-V. Acura is the luxury division of Honda, and my wife moved into one for additional features and luxury touches. Yet the CR-V cannot be beat as a highly reasonably priced all-wheel-drive car/truck alternative.

"I typically drive large all-wheel-drive pickup trucks. Being a farmer in the dairy business and running a country store, I need the towing and hauling ability of my 2008 and 2011 Dodge Ram pickups in our fleet of company vehicles. For all other transportation needs, including family vacations and business trips, I decided to purchase a fuel-efficient all-wheel-drive vehicle with Honda durability, reliability, quality and resale; thus, taking delivery of the roomier CR-V for model-year '12.

"There is no better vehicle for the price, in my opinion and that of my wife's via thousands of miles of experience with Honda and Acura products over the years.

We have never had even a single issue with any of our Honda/Acura cars, SUVs/crossovers and a midsize Honda Ridgeline pickup that my son and daughter-in-law drive. Not certain how to classify the CR-V (car, truck, SUV, crossover or wagon?). It does not matter, as I could make a case for each classification after experiencing my 2012 vehicle.

"Loves include: Volvo XC60-like styling, interior room and comfort, ease of operation, size, ride and handling, exceptional quality inside and out, stellar ride, fit and finish, and acceleration. Actually, there are no complaints, except that it would be cool to see some flashier exterior color options, but no issues with the brand's choice of upscale rich colors.

I urge anyone looking for superior traction coupled with excellent fuel efficiency to check out the handsome, even brutish-looking CR-V for 2012.

"The '12 VW Tiguan is another outstanding SUV/crossover-type vehicle, but adding all options and packages to equal that of the priciest CR-V, the Tiguan SEL I test-drove (and liked) totaled just under $39,000. You could image my reaction to the sticker shock of the VW, even factoring in its content when the all-optioned-out CR-V I purchased came in roughly $8,000 cheaper.

"For 2012, the CR-V, especially in EX trim, is what I think is the best deal around, and I have been driving a very long time."

By Colin Bird | January 12, 2012 | Comments (6)


Dave P

I also just got my 2012 CRV EX-L and they did an amazing job with this vehicle. My MPG is up a full 3 MPG from the 2009 I traded in. The vehicle looks a lot more modern then the older style, but it nicely done. The back-up camera is amazing as it gives you three different viewing options and guidelines to help assist you! My favorite feature is the USB port. I connected a 16GB flash drive to it and it plays the music right from it. With the new viewing screen it makes it extremely easy to play any song. Its like my own personal jukebox. Honda did a great job on this vehicle and I cannot see anyone being disappointed with it!


I have a classification for it: Chic car.


NewHondaGuy sounds like he works for Honda. This review was blatantly written like an advertisement.


hate my 2012 CRV - Front drivers side seat is SOOO uncomfortable - have a cervical spine fusion and since I got it - have had back spasms, headaches and havae had to take meds I haven't taken in years


If I wrote a review about my 2012 CR-V it would sound very much like this one. I finally let go of my 2001 Xterra that had been such a great car as I wanted something less expensive (MPG) to drive. I test drove the Rav4 and the Forester but my heart was not into them as once the 2012 CR-V hit the street I knew I had my car. I had looked at the European models from BMW and Volvo and found things I liked but the sticker prices knocked me off my feet. The CR-V EX-L AWD was just such a better value when you looked at the total picture. If you MUST have a 300HP Supercharged engine and can afford it, look else where. If you have to have all the bells and whistles and don't mind spending $10k more, then go for the Volvo. But, for what this car cost it does 95% of what the European models do and for thousands less. Plus, the resale % of return is better and upkeep much more affordable. What do I know, I just spent the last 45 years as a technical professional in the auto industry and I do know what I like in a car. That's why there is a new CR-V in my garage and I don't work for Honda!

beth hawkins

I hate my 2012 CRV. It does get very good gas mileage but has plenty of issues. Mine has been in the shop several times. There was a recall on the door locks. My battery had to be replaced when I reached 37000 miles. Even after being fully charged it would die at a gas station if you left the key in the ignition. My back up camera constantly shorts out. The last issue I have that still needs to be taken care of is a grinding sound when I start my car.
I took it in but they could not re create the problem. It usually occurs when I start my car in the morning. My CRV has been nothing but problems. I have loved every other Honda I have had, but if I could go back I would never purchase this car again.

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