New GMC Acadia Coming to 2012 Chicago Auto Show

GMC AcadiaWe don't know much about it, but expect a new GMC Acadia to arrive at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show in early February, according to GMC spokesman Joe LaMuraglia. When we pressed LaMuraglia to divulge more, all he said was that it "is more than a new trim level." Two years back, GMC unveiled a luxurious Denali trim of the Acadia at the Detroit auto show.

The announcement came from Twitter, presumably to remind people that GMC is still around; the General Motor's brand had nothing to show at this year's Detroit auto show.

The current incarnation of the Acadia has been on sale since late 2006 and was one of the first of GM's large crossovers to go on sale, followed by the Buick Enclave and the Chevrolet Traverse. It's definitely due for an update. Last year, GMC was GM's fastest growing brand and remains the carmaker's second-largest brand in America after Chevrolet.



yeah, more garbage


I'll take ANY Jeep Grand Cherokee over the Acadia, Enclave or Traverse. Any day!

We looked at GM's offerings in 2008 and bought a Japan-built 2008 Highlander Limited 4X4 instead. Better than GM all-around and across the board.

In Nov 2011 we bought a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4X4 and didn't bother looking at GM's offerings in that segment because nothing has changed. Nothing!

The Jeep Grand Cherokee 4X4 can be bought with a V6, a 5.7L V8 or in the super hot SRT8 incarnation. GM has none of the above.

And this is not an anti-UAW rant either because the UAW assembles all the Jeep Grand Cherokees.

There is no incentive for GM to offer anything better because we, the people, own them.

There is plenty of initiative for Jeep to excel because they are now an Italian company. And Fiatsler is succeeding where GM continues to fail.


Congratulations. I see you have become the typical anti-GM troll.

We bought the Acadia back in 2008 upgrading from a 2004 Envoy. It has been a terrific car. Great cruising, plenty of space, and even though it's about to be 4 years old it still feels like a new car.

To Highdesertcat, People like you are part of the reason why this country is in the shitter. I don't know what made you want to buy a Highlander, is GMC really that awful you decided to willingly help put American out of work? Or is the Highlander what all the other soccer mom's are driving now? Delta Township, Michigan thanks you.

There is no incentive for GM to offer anything better because we, the people, own them.


The acadia and enclave are supposed to be updated for 2013. I'd expect all new interiors with larger nav screens and slightly revised exteriors. Maybe more hp as well.


Anthony Pitts, did you miss where I posted that we just bought a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee? That Jeep is still made in America by UAW members. Clearly the better choice over Acadia.

We still have the Highlander. It has been a problem-free vehicle with over 75K on the clock. That cannot be said of any of my American cars and trucks I owned.

I owned lots of GM products in my 65 years on this planet. Lots of Ford and Lincoln products, too.

But none of them have been as trouble-free as my wife's Highlander has been or as trouble-free as my 2011 Tundra 5.7 is.

If GM made such great products there would not have been a mass exodus to the foreign brands, imports and transplants, and GM would not have died in 2009.

I owned their products and I know firsthand all the problems they had. I tooled on them and wrenched on them. I kept them running with the help of Autozone.

No amount of tinkering on the Acadia is going to make up for the problems that have been discussed on various blogs.

Read the Acadia blogs sometime about real-world problems experienced with Acadia, Enclave and Traverse. If yours is a good one, you are lucky.

Others, like my next door neighbor were not that lucky. Before the warranty expired she traded her Acadia for a 2011 Honda Pilot 4X4.


Good lord people are stupid.

That is all. It not a bad vehicle. I've run into more people who have had no issues what so ever than ones who have had issues.

Most of the time it is owner's neglect that create problems.


vehicles in general are more relible than ever and what constitutes a problem today wouldnt have even garnered a trip to the dealer 10 or 15 years ago. And its annoying when people bring up folks who traded in a vehicle before the warranty as proof that said brand is of poor quality. People can chose to trade in a vehicle for whatever reason they want. Ive found that people who really were unsure about a particular brand are quick to want to trade in and go back to a familiar brand after even minor issues. Ive driven my last two cars (american brands, but only one built here) and over the course of 44k miles I haven't had real problem. Ive had a few annoyances handles under warranty- but nothing that would even remotely come close to qualifying as a mechanical problem or system failure.

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