Mopar to Show off Dodge Charger Redline, Chrysler 200 Super S in Detroit

Dodge Charger Redline

At the 2012 Detroit auto show, Mopar will unveil new performance accessory packages for the Dodge Charger and Chrysler 200.

The 2012 Dodge Charger Redline gets a high-performance Hemi crate engine that produces 590 horsepower — 220 more hp than the Charger R/T. The engine is also composed of aluminum instead of cast iron, taking some 100 pounds off the vehicle’s weight compared with the regular crate V-8 that Mopar offers. A high-performance suspension, strut tower brace, throatier exhaust system and beefier brakes accompany the high-powered engine.

Exterior upgrades on the Charger Redline include a ground effects kit with a carbon-fiber chin spoiler, carbon-fiber door scoops and a carbon-fiber rear spoiler. Unique 20-inch black-painted wheels also come with the package.

The Chrysler 200 Super S accessory package will be an available option on the Chrysler 200 S trim later in 2012. The package adds a new ground effects kit and blackened, gray or "hyper black" chromed 18-inch wheels. There’s also a cold-air intake and cat-back exhaust system, as well as a sportier suspension.

The suspension is lowered, and the Chrysler badge is placed in the middle of the grille instead of on the hood like on normal 200s. Check out the photos below and then tell us in our comments below if you think these packages are more or less attractive than the standard Charger or 200.

Dodge Charger Redline

Dodge Charger Redline

Dodge Charger Redline

Chrysler 200 Super S

Chrysler 200 Super S



The 200 looks much better like this!!!!!


The Charger looks totally ridiculous with the J.C. Whitney tack on's but the 200 is definitely an improvement.


I don't like the addition on the front door of the Charger, but I do like both the front and rear spoilers--makes it look like a NASCAR Sprint Cup car.

Ken L.

So the Redline Charger will have more horsepower than the SRT8, what about torque? I think Dodge should stick with making the SRT8 their most coveted Charger since everybody knows that as the top of the line model.


I thought Mopar was a private company? That would make the SRT8 the most coveted stock Charger...or am I just stupid?

Derrick G

Mopar is Chrysler's parts and accessories division. Everything you see here you'd have to order from your dealer and have them add it or have someone else add it or add it yourself after you've taken delivery.

SRT8 is the performance line. All that stuff is added at the factory and is included in the window sticker. Does that clear it up?


Great, thanks Derrick.

So SRT8 is best factory Charger, Redline is best dealer Charger.


Redline: Like the spoilers, hate the fake air extractor.
The tweaks to the 200 make it look alot better, but no mention of performance upgrade with "super s"? Let them wedge the hemi in the 200, for a more adult-looking performance vehicle. OK, I know! Well then, make the "s" mean something, supercharge that pentastar six!


@jim. Hemi in the 200? You can't be serious. Please tell me you're kidding.


Geez, skipster, was the "OK, I know!" comment that followed my statement not clear enough?

Jim M

their product still looks like a WWII Powerwagon


when can I get a super s?

Dean F

I'm lookin'for front and rear spoilers for my awesome 200S and a rear window air deflector...any help where I can purchase these? Thanks, Dean.

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