Hyundai Owners Are Most Loyal, J.D. Power Study Says

Hyundai is on a roll. After reporting strong sales in 2011 and winning the North American Car of the Year Award for its Elantra sedan, the Korean automaker got more good news from J.D. Power and Associates. In the results of J.D. Power's Customer Retention Study, Hyundai came out on top in terms of brand loyalty.

The study, which J.D. Power skipped in 2011, charts customer-loyalty rates by vehicle brand, looking at who remains loyal and to which automaker. For 2012, the industry brand loyalty average is 49%, with Hyundai riding the top of the list at 64%, according to the study.

Hyundai's success is likely driven by the brand's recent overhaul of several of its vehicles, its value pricing strategy and its Assurance buyback program.

Tied for second on the list are Ford and Honda, each with a 60% customer retention rate. Winning the most-improved title is the Jeep brand; its retention rate jumped from 34% in 2010 to 51% in 2012. 

The study, which also looks at age- and gender-related buying trends, found that women and younger consumers are the hardest to retain within a brand. Those that rank high in retaining women include Honda, Hyundai, Kia and Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz also ranks high in attracting and keeping younger buyers, as does Ford, Kia and Lexus.

Rounding out the bottom of the list were Suzuki at 20% and Saab at 7%.



I can believe it! With a grand daughter who loves her 2011 Elantra, and a daughter-in-law who became a repeat customer when she traded her old Sonata in on a 2012, I see it first hand.

You get a lot more for your money with a Hyundai than any other brand on the market today, even Toyota and Honda, and none of the issues of the domestic auto makers. That's hard to beat.

World class quality and styling with the best warranty in the industry, what's not to like?

If they could build more Hyundai would sell more.


I am suprised. Others must be having better luck with Hyundai's then ours. Head gasket, drivers side power windows, antifreeze leak unrelated to the head hasket, strut issues, two radio's and we will be getting a third since the aux ort quit again! It has less then 20,000 miles!


I'm fine with buying a used Hyundai but won't buy a new one due to the blue book value being so low during a trade-in.


You know what kj, that was my logic first.

Then when I thought about the super-duper financing you can get from Hyundai (vs. the 6+% you'll likely pay on a used vehicle) PLUS a full 100,000 mile warranty, the new Hyundai becomes not-a-bad-value even with the depreciation. Oh, and there's the new car smell... ;o)

Fix it again

Hyundai is a great car for the classic cheap skate who wants to beat the system. It has a low price, but it looks it too. Reliability has improved but is still a big question mark. They're a long way from being a Toyota or Honda or Nissan. The Genesis is miles away from anything built by Mercedes Benz, though it compares okay with Audi.


no big surprise about SAAB...


Fix It Again - You must live on a different planet.. YOu think Audi is still below BMW?? Thats not at all true!

Hyundai's quality isn't exactly a question mark anymore.. They are becoming tops in BOTH long and short term surveys.

I should also mention that on ALG - the market standard in resale value - Hyundai is not rated as the third lowest in depreciation. They jumped up 4 spots in 1 year due to the perception changes and overall vehicle quality improvements.


We love our 2003 Elantra. With over 160k miles and very problem free, we would buy another Hyundai. But I guess it would to beat out our 2002 Toyota with over 220k problem free miles.


I bet not many Excel,or Scoupe owners (are there any left?) are itching to buy another Hyundai.

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