2013 Chevrolet Corvette 427 Convertible Collector Edition: First Look


  • Competes with: Audi R8, Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, Porsche 911 Turbo
  • Looks like: A gussied-up Z06 convertible 
  • Drivetrain: 505-horsepower, 7.0-liter V-8 and six-speed manual transmission 
  • Hits dealerships: Early summer 2012

Chevrolet enjoys marking Corvette milestones with new packages commemorating its iconic sports car. Model-year 2013 is no different. The bow-tie brand is celebrating 60 years of Corvette heritage with the 427 Convertible Collector Edition. The model-year 2013 Corvette will also be the last one to use the C6 platform. An all-new C7 Corvette is due for 2014.

Chevrolet took elements from its high-performance Z06 and ZR1 models to build what it calls "the fastest, most capable convertible in Corvette's history." Putting power to the pavement is Z06’s 427-cubic-inch LS7 engine: A 7.0-liter V-8 that makes 505 horsepower and 470 pounds-feet of torque. A six-speed manual is the only transmission available. Chevy claims a blistering zero to 60 mph time of 3.8 seconds and a top speed north of 190 mph.

Specific exterior styling cues include a lot of carbon fiber, including the raised hood, Z06-style fenders and floor panels. Optional are a "CFZ" carbon fiber front splitter and rocker panels. The 427 convertible borrows the Z06’s driveline and rear axle system, as well as its rear- mounted battery and Magnetic Selective Ride Control. Unique ZR1-styled wheels are also standard. The 427 convertible will be offered in 2LT, 3LT and 4LT trim levels.

Those not willing to pony up for the separate collector edition model can opt for the newly available 60th Anniversary Package. Optional on both coupe and convertible body styles, the package includes an Arctic White exterior with a Blue Diamond leather and suede interior. Convertible models will get a blue top. Other features unique to the package include a spoiler borrowed from ZR1, optional Pearl Silver Blue racing stripes and a slew of 60th anniversary badges on wheels, front end, steering wheel, instrument panel, sill plates and head restraints.

The new 427 convertible and anniversary package will be unveiled at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Ariz., on Jan 21. The first one will be sold to the highest bidder with the proceeds going to charity. Both the convertible and anniversary package will go on sale this summer. No word on pricing, but we do know a limited number of each will be made; Chevrolet has yet to release the numbers. The 427 convertible will carry a unique vehicle identification number sequence that's similar to the Corvette ZR1.

Clicking on any image below will launch a larger photo gallery; you can browse through them by hitting the right and left arrow keys.

2013 Chevrolet Corvette 427

2013 Chevrolet Corvette 427

2013 Chevrolet Corvette 427

2013 Chevrolet Corvette 427

2013 Chevrolet Corvette 427

2013 Chevrolet Corvette 427



Nice Cobalt steering wheel.


Collector's Edition? Thats the problem with too many Corvette owners. They buy them, and keep them in their climate controlled garages. On the rare perfect weather day, a leisurely cruise may be in order, being certain not to surpass posted speed limits. They may even take it to a car show to share with other 'Vette owners how great these cars are, but they never even get to experience what these amazing performance cars are capable of.


Maybe it's me but the 'Vette is looking very, very dated.

Ken L.

This profile has been around since the C5. Yeah, it's time for something new from the ground up.


great job jj great reading


The vette has been on sale since 2005 with current body style- it is dated which is why a new car is coming next year. Vette's always have long life spans. The C5 lasted from 1997 until 2004 and the one before that lasted WAY longer. If GM hadnt went bankrupt Im sure the C7 would be out this year for the 60th anniversary. Still, the car has seen tremendous improvements since it debuted in 2004.


those wheels are hot!

The C6 still gets my attention anytime I see one. I think as time goes by, it will be looked back on as one of the better looking generations. Just a clean, yet aggressive design in my opinion.


In the words of the late Peter Boyle, "Holy Crap!"

This is indeed going to be the game changer. All those Mustangs and Vipers can make way for the new 2013 Corvette.

a 427 engine in any corvette is impressive to ride in


well, well. i bit the bait!!! i bought a corvette 427. boy it is gorgeous,really fast. i wish to keep on talking up but that is as far as i can go. the car came with a defect on the steering column. the dealer replaced the 3 components responsable for the steering of the corvette. did not fix the problem. i got inform that GM was in a hurry redesingning a new steering column for the vehicle. finally the steering column was fixed,took more than 21 days). the car was opened and put on the surgery table at least 5 times. whats the result of it:
1) car leaks, my driveway ruined
2)a friction noise when you take off. got told that is a normal noise for gm 6 speed transmition.the only problem is the noise was not there before surgery at the dealer.
3)the carpet going up to the center console does not cover the spot anymore, so i can see the transmition of my vett.(service manager told me to keep an eye on it, seems the carpet got cut short at GM factory and it is not covering the way it suppose. to my confort, he will order a new carpet in the event that the transmition shows to me again.
by now you may think this is enough, right?
well i am sorry to disappoint you but there is more:
going back a month for the time we were purchasing the corvette, the sale person offered us a $500.00 rebate, what he forgot to tell us was that by accepting the $500.00 we automatically wave our rights for " love it or return it , no questions ask ". hahaha,hahahaha. it is a joke, not mad at the sales person, just feel so stupid trusting him. this part we definitely deserve.
so now GM is off of the hook and the consumer beatten up
my name is carlos and i aprove this message

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