Ferris Takes Another Day Off in Honda Ad

Honda ferris
He may be looking a little gray around the temples, but Ferris Bueller is back and resurrecting a little of his old high school mischievousness in Honda’s Super Bowl ad. But this time around, there's no candy-apple-red Ferrari. Instead, Matthew Broderick cops a phony cold to his boss and goes joyriding in a redesigned-for-2012 burgundy Honda CR-V.

As a child of the '80s, I dig the nostalgia factor of the spot, right down to the "chicka-chickas," but can the valet guy really have that much fun in a CR-V?

Check out an extended version of the Super Bowl spot on Honda's YouTube channel.


Big fail at the end when the CRV bottoms out.


Lame...sorry Honda.

Anonymous Coward

You can see a portrait of SJP at about the eight second point of the ad.

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