Chrysler 700c: Photo Gallery

Could the 700c concept foreshadow Chrysler's next Town & Country?

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According to Chrysler and Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne, the concept hints at the future design-direction of its minivans.

Clicking on any image below will launch a larger photo gallery; you can browse through them by hitting the right and left arrow keys.

Chrysler 700c Concept

Chrysler 700c Concept

Chrysler 700c Concept

Chrysler 700c Concept

Chrysler 700c Concept

Chrysler 700c Concept

Chrysler 700c Concept

Chrysler 700c Concept

Chrysler 700c Concept

Chrysler 700c Concept

Chrysler 700c Concept

Chrysler 700c Concept



Um, where is the shifter? Or are thoses paddle shifters I'm seeing?

I find it troubling that I actually like this thing.


It's the knob below the P R N D L on the center stack. Kind of like Jaguar has.


Its not boxy, like minivans used to be, ummm, most of the curves look good, except for the "b pillar". Those shapes dont flow together.
What about family friendly aspects? Third row? Optional seating configurations? Isnt that what vans are for?


Tweak a few of the radical aspects of the outside, and this almost looks production ready. There's nothing crazy about the inside. I'm sure some materials will be swapped out, but otherwise it looks pretty polished.


Design influenced by the Lincoln MKT?


I would not buy this unless volkswagen rebadges it as the new routan.


I have almost always loved Chrysler products -- but this is about as ugly a car could get.
WHT does Chrysler continue to stay out of the luxury field? GM has Cadillac & FoMoCo has Lincoln, and Chrysler has____?____ Nada


Technically, Chrysler is the premium brand for Dodge.

The phantom

It wasn't just hit with an ugly stick. A whole ugly tree fell on it.


Build it and I'll sell my suv


Awesome, beautiful , fantastic, near perfect exterior. Interior has nothing special. Build it and I will buy it!

Bill Kline

Love the design and the felxiblity of sto and go would make it a standout. Recommend that you loose the label of "Van" and call it a "Cross Sport". Also drop the retro analog clocks for a digital version.


Yeah I dont Like this Where is the stow n go. is that chrylsers trade market of there minivans. they better keep the town and country


I've has every generation of Chrysler minivan -- and the T&C needs a radical facelift. What I love @ the 700C: sleek and aerodynamic exterior; all wheel drive platforml; redesigned driver's compartment. Issues: the shifter knob --uh, no; technology on the dash (NAV). Agree with the comment @ needing to maintain seating/stowing options: third row option and stow 'n go especially. I say: bring it on!

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