Chevrolet Code 130R Concept at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show

Chevrolet Code 130 R Concept

  • Looks like: A Cruze and Camaro lovechild
  • Defining characteristics: Form and function on the cheap
  • Ridiculous features: Gaudy gold matte wheels 
  • Chance of being mass-produced: Unlikely

If you’re under 30, Chevy wants to hear from you. According to U.S. census data, consumers younger than 30 represent 40% of today’s car-buying population. According to Chevrolet, the automaker talked to you before it created two concept cars unveiled at the Detroit auto show, using your feedback about styling, functionality and fuel efficiency.

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What do you want? Sedan-like room from a four-passenger coupe, interior connectivity with Bluetooth and WiFi and a low-$20,000 price tag. 

The Code 130R Concept is an aggressive-looking, rear-wheel-drive four-passenger coupe with throwback Chevy styling. The metallic red compact rides on matte gold wheels and features iconic Chevy styling cues like fender flares and a crossflag emblem.

It’s all modern under the hood, however. Chevy paired a turbocharged engine with GM’s eAssist start-stop mild-hybrid functionality, blending turbo performance and start-stop fuel efficiency. The concept uses a version of the Cruze Eco’s engine, the 1.4-liter turbo Ecotec. Chevy estimates it would make about 150 horsepower.

Inside, the car is connected with WiFi, smartphone integration with Chevrolet MyLink and a head-up display. No word on production plans or pricing.

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Chevrolet Code 130 R Concept

Chevrolet Code 130 R Concept

Chevrolet Code 130 R Concept

Chevrolet Code 130 R Concept



Please let something like this reach production! Not everybody wants 4 doors or a truck.


I agree, bring it on! bring back the Monte Carlo name. it looks along the lines of a 1 series BMW, but probably much less expensive or finicky! certainly nothing else looks like it....probably would trade my Camaro in, after all it does look like an offspring....nice design.


i agree. i'd definitely considering buying one of these!


This has to be one of the ugliest concepts I have seen in some time. I wonder if it is just the photos, but goodness, I cannot understand why anyone would want to be seen in this.

It really doesn't look a designer even put effort into this. Enough with the scowling headlights already and it would be nice if GM would lets its designers try something that didn't include the exact same grille on every car.

The 140S concept is much better, but still, why couldn't they have incorporated some of the style of that car into the Cruze? It amazing how boring and dated the Cruze looks and how good the 140S looks with a derivative of its styling.


This one's odd looking. The basic idea -- 2 doors, long hood, light, small, that's great, but the proportions are odd.


Very nice this could be the car that actually would catch attention from young and old school chevy riders I say wht the hell make it


i saw the front of it and was like OH COOL!!!

then i saw the back and was like lolwut

Bob Cater

I'm 60,and I'd consider buying this car. Under 20G's, maybe a 1.8 turbo you may have a winner for the retirees out there as well.


If they would listen to people under 30, they would stop making "retro" looking cars. These appeal to very few people under my dad's age. Let's leave the past in the past and move forward! I want a new car that looks new, I'm not into nostalgia. The "throwback" styling is not appealing at all. Give me something modern like an Infinti G37 coupe or a Scion FR-S, that's what Chevy needs to look to, not the 1970s.


it looks like a BMW1-which is not the worst platform to start-what will it feel like?

Dr. Dave

Yea! More rear wheel drives. Looks great. Rear wheels rule, lower maintenence cost.

Dr. Dave

If you ask people, which looks better the 130 or 140 and ask which motorcycle looks better a Harley or some crotch rocket. The ones that pick the 140 would like crotch rockets and the ones that like Harleys would say the 130. The bowtie needs to be alot smaller. It looks like it belongs on the front of a full size truck.

Fix it again

One of the nicest looking cars to come along in a long time. Maybe it's time for a return of the notchback. Not everyone wants to drive a bar of soap on four wheels.

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