Buick Continues 2013 Encore Reveal on Facebook

Encore reveal part 3
More details are emerging about Buick’s newest vehicle, the 2013 Encore SUV. We first saw an initial teaser shot in mid-December. Recently, the automaker revealed a third quadrant of the masked Encore image that’s posted on its Facebook page. The five-passenger crossover SUV will be the brand’s first compact SUV. It shares styling cues with the other SUV in Buick’s lineup, the midsize Enclave. The Encore will be unveiled on Jan. 10 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

2013 Buick Encore Facebook Page



Anybody have any inkling of what kind of engine/s this thing will have. I assume the base will the 2.4L or maybe the newer 2.5L. But does anyone think they will offer the 2.0L turbo?


I'm hoping this doesn't look like the Captiva.


this is definitely very SMALL. Smaller than I thought it would be. This appears to be about the size of the Rogue. I'd think base engine will be 2.5L with a turbo being optional.


The Suturn Vue lives on!!! Kudos to GM; nice use of spare parts.!


Surprised by the name. Anybody else remember the old AMC/Renault Encore of the mid 80's?

Amuro Ray

I thought that this is the new GM.

Why am I keep seeing the same sort of strategy being used (in this case, rebadging of Saturn Vue / Chevy Captiva), which ruined the old GM?


Yep, I remember the Encore name from the 80's. Anyway, I see this vehicle as a fancy Chevy plus a few extra frills to beef up the price. Not interested!

Think it looks pretty okay if you have a family. Not my type of car


Yes...the Encore and Allliance; automotive engineering at it's best! I grew up in Kenosha where AMCs were made til about 1991 I think, and those were driving around rusted out all over town.


Better than I thought it was going to be...but will have to wait to see it person. Seems too small for a family since it is even smaller than an equinox.

J Fera

If you don't want to wait to see what this Buick with look like, then 'google' Opel Corsa. It is just this car rebadged.


amuro and others:

this isn't the Vue. Period. WHy do you folks know so little about where these cars come from? If you don't know, ask instead of making things up. This vehicle will be smaller and lighter than the Vue, it shares a platform with the sonic- although it won't be as small as sonic and will likely offer AWD.



i think the confusion comes from the fact that buick is now the american brand that shares vehicle styling/design with european opel, whereas it used to be saturn.

regardless, you are correct. this is an all-new vehicle based on the smaller gamma II platform....the vue (and the chevy equinox) used the larger theta platform.

hopefully this will give buick (and later chevy) a nice smallish entry crossover so they can grow their midsized crossovers enough for a third row. we'll see...



Ken L.

I think the price of gas or Encore buyers will have to be extremely high in order to move these at a decent rate. I just can't fathom why GM would downsize these new Buick's soo much. First the Verano, and now this; wasn't Buick supposed to compete with Lexus and Acura? Small luxury cars from anyone are hard to sell, let alone something from Buick. There doesn't appear to me much room behind the 2nd row seats. I just hope the rest of the interior wasn't engineered by the same person that worked on the Equinox, where the inside is much smaller than the exterior would suggest.


"If you don't want to wait to see what this Buick with look like, then 'google' Opel Corsa. It is just this car rebadged."

Opel Corsa is a small car; think Toyota Yaris hatch. This is a small SUV. This is a Chevy Equinox essentially.



Saturn and Opel only shared a handful of vehicles. The Astra was sold over hear virtually unchanged, the Vue and Antara were mostly the same and Pontiac/Opel/Saturn shared the RWD roadster. This may have originally been the next generation Vue if Saturn was still around, but this is NOT a rebadge of the now defunct Saturn Vue. Different platform, different powertrains and likely much better fuel economy.


This isnt a chevy equinox- look at the wheelbase. The Equinox has a long 112" wheelbase and is one of the largest four cylinder CUVs on the market. This is obviously far smaller and hopefully much lighter than the 3800lb Chevy.



you're forgetting the saturn aura, which was essentially an opel vectra. had saturn stuck around, the buick regal would have been an aura....but when saturn went away buick became the european-ish brand for gm...with a little higher luxury aspirations.

it actually makes since because it allows them to sell the european sourced vehicles at a higher price point.

as i said in my previous post, you're right and i agree with you. this is not an update of the vue. it's new and smaller...hopefully with some thoughtful engineering to make it 'big' on the inside. i expect to see chevy get one of these (and gmc as well), and i don't expect them to be called equinox or terrain.



I had an Aura, it wasnt a Vectra at all. The had nearly the same front end- and thats about it. Interiors were TOTALLY different and Aura shared 112" wheelbase with Malibu. The Aura was a restyled Malibu moreso than a clone of the vectra- which had a shorter wheelbase. It is true that the regal was likely going to be the new Aura- but it was always going to be a Buick in China anyway. The car was designed to wear a Buick badge and grille from the start.

I hope Chevy doesnt get one of these. GMC had the Granite concept a few years back so I presume this vehicle will share a platform with the Granite- whenver that shows up. I can almost guarantee this thing wont have a V6 like the Terrain/Equinox.


i stand corrected. that's what i get for posting without verifying my info first. if i keep doing that, these guys will have to put me on the payroll!


So if this is based on the Sonic, does it come with brakes?


Isn't a Lexus just a "fancy Toyota with a few extra frills?"

This will sell. I bet, anyway. The Rendezvous appeared to have a similar wheelbase and it sold very well.



The aura/vectra thing has been pushed by the media or at least by auto writers who really dont know their stuff. I dont blame you for thinking the Aura was a Vectra with a different badge.


Great line there! Chevy is the only brand that ever had a recall before. You should've been over on insideline where the Sonic beat the Mazda2 and 5 people made the same lame joke about the brake pads.


This thing call CAFE is forcing a lot of brands to make smaller cars. Acura is about to introduce a new compact based on the Civic. Infiniti is working on a compact as well. CAFE standards mean we will see more compacts, hybrids and diesels from lux brands.


Being a GM fan, I was anxious to see what Buick's new crossover looked like. Having seen the Encore, I am very, very underwhelmed. This could've been SO much better. I hope GM's future offerings are more exciting.


I'd like to have a dollar for every pic I've seen of a future vehicle and thought it didn't look good but it turned out to be just fine. I think it's silly to see one pic from one angle with no real visual cues as to how big the thing is and say it's either ugly or beautiful. People sure are quick to make snap decisions.

I remember the first pictures of the new Sonata and probably 90% of the posters were saying "I'm puking". Turned out to be a smash hit. Some still don't like it but they are in the minority.

Bottom line: I'll reserve judgement until I see a bunch of pics and some early test drives before I say it's a loser or a winner.

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