Bentley Contemplates SUV Model

Ultra-luxury carmaker Bentley is in the final stages of deciding whether or not it will build an SUV model, company CEO Wolfgang Durheimer told Bloomberg BusinessWeek. The final decision will come within the first three months of the year.

If built, the SUV would reportedly cost more than $140,000, Durheimer said. Right now, Bentley's model lineup consists exclusively of the Continental group (which starts at about $180,000) and its Mulsanne flagship, which starts at $290,000. Durheimer said the company is also considering an extended-wheelbase variant of the Mulsanne and thinking about adding even more Continental trims.

Bentley's global sales soared in 2011, which was the carmaker's best year since 2007, according to BusinessWeek. The sales surge comes from Bentley’s expansion in emerging markets such as China, where sales doubled last year. The automaker also saw a 32% sales increase in the U.S., which is currently Bentley’s biggest market.

VW's Bentley Targets 'Robust' Growth as Wealthy Reopen Wallets (Bloomberg BusinessWeek)


I didn't mean to post that comment above! I'm really sorry. What I wanted to say that a bentley SUV would be amazing but with that price only people making good money will be able to get them.

Ken L.

I sure hope Bentley comes out with a proper SUV for their brand. It's already taking off like hotcakes in the rarefied field of ultra luxury cars. A Bentley SUV that is both stately and graceful will appeal to many with the means. It need not be super off-road capable as nobody in their right mind would take of off road anyway. As long as it's full of luxury, comfort, and performance to match, it'll probably be enough to make it their best seller. And definitely price it higher than the Continental lineup. An SUV from this brand will have no trouble selling, as there are currently no plans for a Rolls Royce SUV.

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