60 Percent of Young Drivers Want a Hybrid Car


A majority of young people ranging in age from 21 to 30 years old would want to buy a hybrid vehicle over a conventionally powered gasoline car, according to Deloitte, a large global accountancy firm.

The age group, which is also known as “Echo Boomers,” “Generation Y” or “Millennials,” is comprised of 80 million consumers; that's larger than the Baby Boomer generation. As a whole, Generation Y is more eco-conscious than preceding generations. Their size and growing financial independence means more carmakers will likely cater to the needs of this new group of car buyers.

Despite the interest in eco-friendly transportation, only 2% of respondents said they'd be interested in a purely electric vehicle. Six out of 10 said they'd want a hybrid. Furthermore, there's a stronger interest in touch-screen interfaces and in-vehicle smartphone application tethering than there is for hybrids, says Deloitte.

Despite the enthusiasm — older shoppers also show a strong interest in alternative propulsions — hybrids have slipped in the automotive marketplace, according to the Detroit Bureau. Last year, hybrid sales were down 2.2%, at 268,807 units, while overall car sales went up 10.2%.

Millennials Want Hybrids — But May Not Buy Them (The Detroit Bureau)



When I was 19, back in 2002, a family member died & left me some money. I needed a new car & instead of investing in Google like I should have, I bought a 2002 Honda Insight. Best car I've ever owned. I always got a bunch of crap for buying it. People saying it was underpowered & that "I couldn't take it on the interstate". And I always got questions when I was rarely at a gas station. I unfortunately had to sell the car. Once my Volkswagen Golf dies, my next car will definitely be another hybrid.


Regarding touch screens, are they locked out when in gear? Any driver, young or old, would have to take their eyes off the road for far too long to locate and press a series of buttons.
From the article, "There’s a big gap between what people say they want and what they’ll actually spend their money on". So... kids want effiecieny? I get that. Make it affordable. Or, teach them about public transportation.
Nobody asked me, but I want a big v-8 that gets 40 mpg while producing 500 hp.

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