2013 Honda Accord Sedan Shrinks, Gets Plug-in Hybrid Model

Hot on the heels of Honda’s debut of the Accord Coupe Concept at the 2012 Detroit auto show was Accord sedan news. Honda plans to add a gas/electric plug-in hybrid version of its best-selling car to the lineup for model-year 2013. The automaker last offered the Accord in V-6 hybrid trim for the 2007 model year; it was dropped because of slow sales and subpar fuel economy.

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Honda also announced that the new Accord sedan will be lighter and shorter. Honda hasn’t released specs but says the sedan’s new dimensions will improve the car’s driving dynamics and increase fuel economy.

Two non-hybrid engines will be offered: a 181-horsepower, 2.4-liter four-cylinder with direct injection and a 3.5-liter V-6 with “more power than its predecessor,” Honda says. Four-cylinder models use a continuously variable automatic transmission, and V-6 versions get a six-speed automatic; a six-speed manual is available on both versions.

The hybrid model will be available only on the sedan body style, and although Honda hasn’t released details about the powertrain, the automaker did say it will have an electric range of 10 to 15 miles. It will use a lithium-ion battery pack that can be fully charged in four hours from a 120-volt outlet and in 90 minutes from a 240-volt charger. Drivers will be able to choose between all-electric and hybrid driving modes to balance fuel economy and performance. In the all-electric setting, it will have a top speed of 62 mph.

New-for-2013 Accord features include a lane departure warning system, blind spot monitoring and forward-crash warning technology. Cameras mounted in the windshield and passenger-side mirror work with these systems to detect potential collisions. Newly standard across the board are a backup camera, Pandora internet radio functionality, SMS text messaging and Bluetooth connectivity.

The new sedan goes on sale this fall; the hybrid model will join it later in the winter.



I have been driving Hondas since 1991. No other cars, just Hondas. However, I always felt something was missing?? Great machines. In general, Honda has fairly poor design and very poor marketing people. Camry has more options with equipment ... Nissan has more headroom for tall people. I am 6'2" and I can only drive Accord LX without hitting the roof with my head, they all have more gadgets... Honda is always behind, waiting for what?? That we get tired and more to another car manufacturer?


Thanks for your comment, I think I'll check out the Camry's


"Newly standard across the board are a backup camera, Pandora internet radio functionality, SMS text messaging and Bluetooth connectivity."



I've been driving Accords since 1996 models and have driven every redesign model since then. I love the fact that they have been improving how it drives but I hate the fact that every new redesign has more and more uncomfortable seats. I'm now at the point that if the seats are the same uncomfortable as 2008; I'll definitely change my loyalty. I don't have a back problem but have back pain after driving just 2 hours. I have driven other similar cars for 10 hours without any back problem, that's how bad it's. I also checked out the new Odyssey and the seats are even worse. BTW, who wouldn't like comfortable seats. And whoever approved it, did he/she drive for more than an hour?


I am in the process of replacing one of my cars. I love hondas and hate toyotas but, Hondas are quite tame when compared to the Camry, seriously. I am currently having trouble actually buying the 2012accord because its b o r i n g and not at all pretty to look at. Im at a total loss. I never thought that I would leave this brand but they (makers of accords) are making it so difficult. The dash is overcrowded and undesirable. I could go on.


Boy, Cathi, your comments almost exactly mirror mine regarding about the new Honda Odyssey.


We just traded one of our Hondas, a Pilot, for a Toyota Sienna. I never thought we would go back to Toyota, but they are now improving their quality after their big downfall, while Honda have cheapened their new models and the Odyssey is so UGLY.

Honda service is terrible and their cars are ugly with cheap interiors.

We now own cars from Toyota, Honda and Nissan, and the one with the best quality materials and service is Nissan.

We reserve judgement on the Sienna because it is still new, but the quality of the interior materials is just OK, nothing great.

What happened to you Honda?

billy B

After owning almost every honda accord generation since 1987. I think the Accord is top of its class that's why its recieved great ratings over the last couple decades. But Honda/Acura is falling short and behind with other vehicles like Civic, Pilot,
TL, RL. They are sticking to the same old formula that worked before but not so much now. They need to use better more durable materials espcially for interior. Exterior if the eagles beek front design on Acura does not appeal, change it. Also, Honda does not have a full size truck or a sports car. Over all I personally think an Accord is much more sportier than a Camry and the Odyssey is the number one selling minivan for multiple reasons. I hope Honda/Acura can pull it together because Hyundai/Kia are making a run for #1.

Ken From OC

I have lease 2 Honda Accords (02' & 05') and 2 Acura TSXs ('07 & 10). For those of your who want to move up a bit in sportiness, style, and interior - go with an Acura. In fact, the Acura TSX is actually the Honda Accord in Europe (see the Honda UK web site). Here though the Accord is larger than my TSX but it looks like they will become closer in size and style for 2013. The one knock I have on Honda/Acura is that they have been behind in audio technology (such as Ford's Sync) where you can bring in Pandora and Stitcher from your smartphone. Thankfully the new CRV (and Acura RDX) now has this so I would assume so will all new Honda products.


Man oh man. Can't believe all the negative comments! My mechanic, who services ALL––but ONLY––Japanese cars, told me Hondas are still the best cars; and because of my prior track record with them and the fact that a new Accord is coming out this fall, I'm going to stick with them one more time. My first, a 1984 Accord (stick) went 214,512 miles and lasted almost 9 years. My second, a '93 (stick), lasted almost 14 years and went 326,000+ miles before I hit a patch of black ice and totaled it. So I naturally bought a 2008 automatic. I have hated this car from day one, and I think Honda's gotten a real earful from A LOT of people over the past 5 years. The car is HUMONGOUS, the clearance is awful as is the gas mileage (I'm lucky if I get 20 mpg/city; my '84 got 30 city/40 hwy.––progress??), and the controls not duplicated on the steering wheel, in an attempt to be symmetrically spread across the center console, are incredibly user-unfriendly and difficult to reach. However, Toyota continues to have MAJOR recall issues while Honda has never had a major recall. So I'm giving them one more chance. I hope this 2013 Accord is one heckuva lot better than my 2008, and I truly think it will be because, unlike most other auto makers, Honda really listens to its customers. (I would've gone with the new Civic, but the speedometer is so distracting that I feel it makes the car unsafe to drive.) As far as Honda service: Anyone who brings ANY car to ANY dealership is pretty much just asking to get screwed. Go find a good independent garage that does ONLY Japanese cars (word-of-mouth is best) and your problem's solved. Accords served me sublimely for 24 years; so I'm going to give them one more "go" at it. If 2013 doesn't pass my muster, then I'll either go for the new 52mpg Prius or a Hyundai. As for American cars? I grew up in Detroit and worked my way through college with women whose husbands worked on the line at Ford and GM. Not in a million zillion years would I EVER buy an American car.

Michael Manicone

I am waiting for the 2013 Accord as the 2012 is too much like my 2009 Accord. The 09 is a bit noisy at times, the front seat is not very comfortable, and seems to be lacking features found on othe cars in its class

Michael Manicone

The 2012 Honda Accord isn't all that bad; as I have leased one. I couldn't wait for the 13's!


Only a continuiosly variable transmission on the 4 cylinder automatic models? If true, our 2005 Accord will definitely be replaced with a 2013 six-speed automatic Ford Fusion.


I am a Honda salesman and I think that we are 10000 miles away from our competitors. The technology is finally starting to move up but it seems we have given up on excitment of the driving. I drive a eg6, but its very outdated. I want to get something new but everything we make in the states sucks balls!! Do something honda!!!

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