2013 Dodge Dart: Photo Gallery

2013 Dodge Dart

Dodge has come out with guns slinging as it tries to claw back to relevancy in the compact-car category with its 2013 Dart.

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The Dart is one of the largest offerings in the segment and features standout exterior styling and unique interior features like a large touch-screen display.

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2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart



pink mini skirt.

that is all.


wow, this car is certainly a winner. the premium touches dodge is putting in such a cheap car is amazing! e.g.: led taillights, projector headlamps, touch screen system etc. one thing, though, the cloth seats look a little cheap; which is in stark contrast to the leather seats which look like they came out of a 50,000+ luxury car. in fact, the uplevel interiors look like they can go toe to toe with german luxury sedans.


Hope the connecting rods are different than in my '98 Cirrus.
Every 1.5 years has to be replaced!!


I'll take one RT please!!!!!


yep, i thought u were insulting the dodge but then i looked again and saw what u did there


If Chrysler/Dodge did not have the reputation of making the nicest looking pieces of junk cars on the market (as a whole), I might buy one. Since Lee Iacoca, the company has focused on style and technology while their cars are the lowest quality on the market as a car company.


"...toe to toe with german luxury sedans." Uhhh, really? Did I miss a photo somewhere? Still looks like a Cirrus no matter what kind of taillights you put on it. If they spent as much time on engineering a quality engine as they did blinging up the exteriors of their cars, maybe they could go somewhere.


LOL, typically pathetic comment from a Honda guy who is pained to see competitive cars from domestic brands. Looks better than Civic inside and out and offers more engine choices and more features. Anyone who cant be scared off by CR would be foolish to buy a Civic without at least checking this out.


car looks cool...but why call it a dart? It doesn't resemble an old dart really in any way. Kinda like the 4 door new charger...WTF?


Front: OK
Back: Good
Profile: WTF??? Looks like a pregnant whale!

Mini Skirt: Priceless!

Mike K

There will be a Dart Swinger next.


I hope this thing drives like the Alfa it's derived from. Kinda reminds me of the Neon but I hope it's more on the Italian side of it's lineage.


I had a 1975 Dart with the slant six that was bulletproof. Wish I still had it.

That said, I wouldn't touch a new Dart with a 10-foot pole.


This definately looks like where the Neon would have evolved into if Diamler hadn't screwed up Chrysler. Hopefully the quality is much better!


Why-a-why can't we just have a proper Alfa, not some rebadged thing?


This doesn't look like the bomb proof 1974 Dart SE I drove. This car is a joke. Let the DART name RIP!


Combine FIAT with DART and you could get a FART.


Alright, so it's not the Dart of the 70s. That makes me a little sad too, BUT the slant six motor from the 70s was definitely built to last, as was this set up pulled from the Guilletta.

Personally, I've always been a Dodge girl, and I love the new direction. This DEFINITELY is going to compete in the compact segment - which Dodge has been absent from since the horrific Neon.

I can't wait to take one for a test drive.


@JB21: Because Alfa Romero isn't licensed to sell in the US: Fiat just got the license to start selling here about 6 months ago.


And keep in mind: nothing under the hood has been used by Chrysler in the past, but it has been in Alfas and Fiats across Europe with no worries. The comparing the powertrain to Chrysler/Dodge of the past isn't even a fair comparison with the Daimler - this blows everything before the Pentastar and the Hemi out of the water.

jose amram

Tom's old Dart is 90% steel; this one is 90% plastic. If it is anything like my Chrysler company SUV, it will be a piece of junk! My dad's 67 Dodge Coronet was a tank, why do present Chrysler products suck?


The dashboard and interments were an instant turn off. Bleahhhh. Awful styling for the part of the car I look at the most. I'll pass on this one!


A lot of you folks seem to want to live in the past. I started driving Chrysler products in 1955 with a Plymouth 4 door v-8 with a stick on the column. Today NO BODY makes cars like that today. Every manufacture in the world makes products with cheaper materials, thinner metal, plastics. The Americans, Germans, Japan, Italy, French. Everybody uses cheaper products but charge higher prices. And that is not going to change any time soon.


I grew up in the days when you had many options.You could build a car that was "yours".Nowadays I hate seeing"my car" 40 times a day.The choice of gray or gray leather is getting really old.Sometimes you can get tan WHEEEE!! Then you only get 5-6 exterior color choices.Soon all will come black with gray interiors and it will be impossible to locate your car at the mall lol

Earl Simmins

Looks like the Neon lives...-

5-6 exterior colors? Actually 12 exterior color and 14 interior colors.It's going to be one of the most customizable cars on the market. With 168 combinations just between the interior and exterior, there are plenty of choices. Some will just be more popular than other. It happens with all cars. White being the most popular of all cars.

This car is has many great features and will stand toe to toe with any compact car.

Yet, I can see why people like to call it a Neon. The Dart and the Neon are both "compact cars".....

But other than that, the interior, exterior, and mechanics of the cars are significantly different on many levels.

As far as technology goes, the 7-inch TFT gauge cluster and 8.4-inch touchscreen display are features that are class leading to the "compact car" segment.

Initially the display looks overwhelming, but the ease of use is the trump card. It makes the Dart more that just a plain car with the usual features. It gives it technologically advanced character.

Oh yea, it's drives very nice. Which is the most important of anything anyway.

Some will love it, some will hate it. Just the way it is.

Briana Hegedus

Does this car have a tilt wheel?


Design definitely picks up where the Neon left off. I just think they should have re-used the Neon name as Dart sounds outdated and should be for a sports car.


My first car was a 1964 Dart GT. I picked my 2012 Limited up from the dealer tonight. 50th Anniversary of my first car. Love the way it drives, smooth shifting 6 speed manual, all the bells and whistles a tech person could ask for, and for a 4 banger, that little MultiAir Turbo gets up and goes. The inside is great!!! Can't wait to take the first road trip in it.


I fat-fingered the keyboard. My first car was a 63 Dart GT.

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