2013 Cadillac ATS Challenges Status Quo in Super Bowl Spot

2013 Cadillac ATS

Cadillac decided to advertise its new challenger to the BMW 3 Series at the Super Bowl this year, even though the ATS won't go on sale until this summer.

The 30-second spot touts the compact luxury sedan's track performance and how it was tuned to master the most challenging of racetracks, the Nürburgring test ring in Germany. Unlike most of the other ads we've seen so far, there’s no humor in the ATS ad; it's just a straightforward pitch on the sport machine’s track credentials. Yawn.


Paul Lindo

I think this add is promoting the BMW 3 series!
Thanks Cadillac for telling us to buy the 3 series because it is the world's best.


Its a real commercial, not some gimmicky ad based on humor that is only interesting the first time it airs. I like it. You would prefer seeing the ats kill vampires with headlights?


Will there be any new commercials to watch during the game..sheesh! So much for tradition...

Fix it again

The three series is cramped and has a tired look inside and out. There's a new sheriff in town.. the Cadillac ATS.


I don't own either but I can't imagine anyone who can afford any BMW choosing to buy a Cadillac ATS instead. No way!

BMW has a long-standing reputation for excellence and really has established itself as the brand to beat in this segment. When you drive any BMW people will know that you have arrived.

When you show up in this ATS, who knows what people will think? Will they even take notice?

Just because Cadillac wants you to believe that this ATS is the best thing since corn cobs doesn't mean that public perception is going to agree with them.

There have been many BMW wannabees over the years, this ATS is no different.

If not for the tax payer funded bail outs, this ATS would not be because GM would not be.

That's still no reason to trade off your bimmer for this new ATS.

Fix it again

HD cat,
People shouldn't buy a car based on what other people will think. People who have truly arrived don't need a car to prove it. But if people want to put up with a cramped four cylinder bmw that breaks down a lot, that's their choice. ATS has a fresh look and will outperform BMW, just as the CTS-V currently does.


A 3 series doesn't tell people you have arrived- at least not in Houston. It just means someone probably had good enough credit to get a good lease deal. Same with all of the other entry lux cars. An S,7,A8,LS show you have arrived.



The BMW does lease well. And, women buy them because of their name. And, they are good cars until they have some wear on them. Just like the Audis, that's when they break down.

The ATS is a great looking car and as the CTS is a hot seller, I believe it will be too.


Cadillac should be branding only themselves and the product because when they compare themselves to BMW it's like saying "We're ALMOST just as good." BMW never would mention Cadillac in their ads, they just show their own cars and what they can do. The commercial seems to say "We're trying it again, and MAYBE it will be like a 3-series, come drive it and see if we got it right this time"

L.M.C. & Co.

How stupid to mention the main competitor in your add and to base the add in the add in the country of your competitor, Germany.


Mike, +1!

That was my point exactly. If Caddy wants to pimp this ATS they should do so without comparison.

No matter if people love or hate BMWs, BMW sells more of them than Cadillac does of any of their models.

Everyone compares themselves to BMW. Why would they do that unless BMW really is the best.

Fix it again

Mike thanks for pointing out the car is better than the advertising...not an uncommon phenomena.
HD cat, if selling lots of BMWs makes them best, you just undermined your argument because GM is once again the number 1 car seller in the world. That makes GM cars the best in your book, right?


How predictable, people jump over a cadillac ad because they dislike the brand and are scared that the ATS might actually be a threat. Someone said Cadillac wants you to believe they got it right "this time"- actually this is the first real 3 series competitor Cadillac has ever created. This is the FIRST time and it appears to be a great first effort.

It would be foolish to presume that the average 3 series driver cares about handling or performance. Most likely, they care about the image of BMW and little more. I'd wager real drivers will pay attention to the ATS. People who buy cars based on what their friends think will probably stick with the 3 series. Saw both cars at the auto show, ATS is far more striking. Hands down. The 2012 3 is barely distinguishable from the old car.


Fixit, I don't own either of them, but I have owned A LOT of GM stock. Got good advise from my broker (Merrill) and divested during 2007 at the top. Did quite well with GM. That was then. This is now.

The point I was trying to get across is that more people prefer to buy any BMW before they buy any Caddy.

So if Caddy wants to portray their products in a favorable light, WHY ARE THEY INVOKING BMW into their ads? That automatically tells the intended audience that BMW is the preferred brand.

Just like all the American truck makers compared themselves to the Tundra in 2007. The Tundra doesn't sell worth a hill of beans, but my 2011 DC SR5 5.7 sure is a better truck than any Chevy or Ford I ever owned in my 65 years of living on this planet.

Sheth, you don't see BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Acura, Lexus or Infinity comparing themselves to Caddy or any other competing brand. Why does Caddy reinforce that BMW is the one to beat?

Better to portray Caddy doing its thing without comparisons.



As usual you are wrong. Audi, Lexus and Acura all mention their competition in some ads directly or indirectly. The point is the brands that arent leading the sales charts or that want to establish themselves in a new segment often mention the class leaders. Lexus has and entire website dedicated to comparing the new GS with the 5 series and E class. I understand you dont like American cars and can't find anything positive about them- that's your choice. But dont twist the facts to support your bias. BTW, when BMW brags about the 3 series being on 10BEST year after year and winning comparisons in Car and Driver in commercials they are inferring than their car is better than competing cars. Car ads are all about establishing how your product is superior to competitors.

BTW, if you didnt know Audi has ROUTINELY compared its cars to BMW in recent years I guess you dont watch TV. Which makes me wonder how you are in a position to tell others what is contained in auto ads.



HDC, do you really think that people wouldnt know that the 3 series is considered the benchmark in the compact sports sedan class if Cadillac didnt mention it? THat is absurd. Cadillac knows that SAVVY potential customers consider the 3 series to be the target in that class- they are only stating the obvious- that they built a car that will go toe to toe with the benchmark. You can't seriously believe that Cadillac is selling BMWs by simply mentioning a car everyone knows about already.


"in some ads directly or indirectly"

Sheth, that encompasses the entire field. You can't go wrong making that kind of a statement. It's all inclusive.

Since this Caddy ad was being field-tested prior to SB-Sunday, it wouldn't surprise me if Caddy downplays the BMW comparison by game-day.

BTW, I bought my wife a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Summit 4X4 V6 a few months ago.

So much for your understanding of me not liking American cars. It was imported from Detroit and assembled by UAW members.

I suppose you would be right if you felt compelled to remind me that Chrysler is now a subdivision of the Italian company Fiat. And in that respect, Fiat is just like Toyota, Honda or any of the other foreign transplants, providing jobs to Americans making cars for Americans in America.



Glad to see you own a Jeep but the majority of the comments Ive seen from you are negative with regards to whatever American car is being discussed at the time. BTW, Audi specifically mentions beating BMW in its ads and it has shown competing BMW and MB models in commercials. If that's not direct, Im not sure would be. You were incorrect in trying to make the argument that Cadillac is acting out of desperation by mentioning a competitor in its ad. You said that other luxury brands wouldnt stoop to that level- but other luxury brands do it all the time. Infiniti just ran a series of commercials for the G37 that specifically show the 3 series while implying the G37 has advantages over that car.


At the end of the day,every car breaks down,if they did not noone would make money.I have had bmws from early 90s,I just got a 92 m5, and after so many years the proformance is till there.I have never had an American car never wanted one Ford sucks GM same Dodge the same,I just love the way Germans put things together that is what they do,and everyone just want to copy them.I must say that BMW is the only German car that I like,they will always sell.

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