2012 Cadillac Escalade Gets Security Enhancements

2012 cadillac escalade security features

One of the most stolen vehicles in the U.S. just got tougher to boost. For 2012, Cadillac is adding new security features that make the Escalade harder to steal, especially for thieves trying to push or tow the automaker’s large luxury SUV.

Car thieves are apparently drawn to big, blingy vehicles; Cadillac’s high-profile Escalade consistently tops the Highway Loss Data Institute’s list of most popular vehicles to steal. The Escalade EXT, with its pickup-truck bed, appeals most to burglars, according to the institute.

The new standard safety features include PASS Key 3+, which encrypts the key and the ignition system and reduces the risk of drive-away thefts. To deter push-away and tow-away thefts, Escalades will have a tougher steering-column-lock system and a sensor that detects an unexpected change in incline and sounds an alarm. Also available are new shock sensors that sound an alarm if a window is broken and a wheel lock system designed to prevent thieves from making off with Escalade’s wheels and tires.

These added security measures are in addition to the theft-monitoring functions already provided by GM’s OnStar security system. OnStar offers remote-engine lock and stolen-vehicle slowdown functionality after a vehicle has already been compromised.



They don't steal a vehicle to go joyriding. They steal them for PARTS!

And the sequence of events is 1) break the glass on the driver-side door, 2) pop the hood, 3) cut the battery cable, 4) haul the vehicle onto a flatbed truck or enclosed trailer, and 5) drive away.

Two guys can do it in under 60 seconds. Really!

When a vehicle gets repo'd, one guy does it all by himself, generally with a master key to open the door to pop the hood, disconnect the battery cable, hook up the car and haul it off. Happens all the time.

Security systems are nice but they only deter stupid thieves, not the pros.

And the pros do it for the money. And they do it well!

Amuro Ray

Owning a dear vehicle but living in a bad "hood?"

Wrong priorities in my book!


Who said it has to be stolen from your house? You've never always parked in a good part of any town when you go places. Anyway this is old technology that should have been on these trucks anyway.


Most people living in bad "hoods" grew up there, so their house is already paid for. Yes, they could save their new car money to move away, but it's likely that they won't be able to sustain the mortgage payments. Until they can move up and out, a nice car is a good symbol of their accomplishments.


I'd be surprised if anyone living in the hood has actually had to pay rent. That's what Section 8 is for - to allow people to live in homes paid for by the federal gov't so they can buy Escalades or pimp out their rides with wheels and such.

Anonymous Coward

The Escalade still doesn't have keyless ignition standard? Pathetic.

Car13 puts it well. Why the hell would you move when rent is paid and taxes are cheap? Crime rates would be the only reason to bail.


So it's 2012, Shouldn't this have already had push button start and a smart key? I was in a 2010 CTS the other day and it STILL uses the old fashioned key and remote set-up from the 90s. Anyways, I guess the homeboys will find other ways of stealing this blinged out disaster.

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