Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: November 2011

Ford EscapeImproved consumer confidence had shoppers spending record cash on Black Friday — and perhaps that same enthusiasm boosted November's auto sales. In what turns out the best month since 2009's Cash for Clunkers-fueled summer, automakers and dealers piled on the incentives, and shoppers are, well, shopping.

Chrysler, Hyundai and Nissan posted huge sales gains, with modest upticks from Ford, GM and Toyota. Hobbled by diving sales for the Accord — which didn't make the top 10 — Honda was the only Big Six automaker to lose sales.

Two cars fell off the list for November, but the other faces are familiar.

The top two spots, unsurprisingly, remain with the Ford F-Series and Chevrolet Silverado. Sales of Ford's venerable pickup improved 23.9% in November, while the Silverado skyrocketed 33.7% despite similar incentives and dealer supplies for both trucks compared with a year ago.

The Toyota Camry retook best-selling-sedan status, a spot it's held five of the past 10 months, thanks to a redesigned model hitting dealers. As of Dec. 1, shows 23,846 new 2012 Camry sedans in our national new-car inventory compared with just 2,044 of the outgoing 2011s. Incentives on the Camry, not surprisingly, have also decreased.

Ford keeps pushing cash deals on the aging Escape, though the modest uptick in incentives alone doesn't explain the SUV's 32.7% year-to-date sales spike. Ford sales head Ken Czubay said this was the best November in Escape history, and the Ford jumped four spots to fourth place. It appears news of the stylish next-gen Escape hasn't kept many shoppers on the sidelines.

The Nissan Altima came in fifth, improving 12.2% despite its age. The current generation dates back to late 2006, but the car still ranks as the second-best-selling sedan in America for November. The Ford Fusion — also aging versus the competition — is a tick behind, jumping four spots to sixth. Its sales increased 12.8% in November. Chrysler's Ram trucks improved 8.4% - not enough to outpace others, and dropping the Ram one spot to seventh. Still, the results beat what we had expected, given there are fewer Rams on dealer lots today than a year ago, and Chrysler is offering fewer cash discounts.

Honda's Civic and CR-V slotted eighth and ninth. Sales improved slightly for the Civic but fell 10.1% for the CR-V, whose inventories are far less compared with a year ago as the automaker readies the redesigned 2012 CR-V for sale later this month.

The Toyota Corolla, which hasn't been on this list since April, sneaked back to 10th. Sales were down 0.5% versus last November — when it fell one spot off the list — but that outpaced the two drop-offs, the Hyundai Sonata and Honda Accord. Toyota's Prius hybrid saw sales climb 48.7% to 15,208 units. While it didn't make the top 10, it shows the strength of Toyota's lineup when there is supply to meet demand.

The Accord ranks as the biggest loser, with sales down 14.5% for the month. Incentives remain about even with last year, but inventory is still low compared with the industry and the Accord's year-ago levels.

On the strength of Chevrolet and GMC, GM sales increased 6.9% in November. Year-to-date sales are up 14%, all but ensuring GM's post as America's most popular carmaker this year. Ford came in at No. 2 for November, with sales up 13.3%. Toyota roughly met expectations, improving 6.7% to remain at No. 3. Chrysler solidified its fourth-place spot, with sales up 44.5% with the Chrysler brand itself — albeit just three cars — jumping 92.2%, and Jeep up 49.8%.

Hyundai-Kia's November sales increased 28.7%, earning fifth place. In sixth was Nissan, whose sales improved 19.4%.

Inventory shortages still bedraggle seventh-place Honda. Despite the automaker saying Monday that full North American production — stung by flooding in Thailand — would resume today, inventories remain well below industry average, let alone Honda's year-ago levels. Honda/Acura sales fell 6.4% for the month.

By Kelsey Mays | December 1, 2011 | Comments (11)
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Ford Escape at #4. It escapes me as to WHY? This outdated piece of junk would be the last vehicle on my SUV list to buy. Ford customers are a weird bunch.

Rhay Kumar

Anything you say man, but this is legit. You can say Ford consumers is a bunch of weirdos but the facts is that we got 2 Fords here. That's mean a thing dude. Yeah, we know some of the Ford's previous models is catch for being "not so good" on some 2012 car reviews. But time might changes everything bro. Let see what happened within the December, if Ford still make it on the list, its mean something isn't it? :). Piss out.
Note: here's one of some 2012 car reviews that I read


Hmm, although I wouldn't buy the current generation of Escape I know lots of people who would. It's not a good sign when people blindly buy vehicles like that, but I am sure that they are all satisfied!


Inventory isn't the sole factor in sales. Please stop saying honda isn't doing well soley because of lack of cars. Hyundai and kia have similar inventory levels but are posting huge increases. Eveb toyota still has less than ideal inventory but its sales were up. The asian brands have always operated with leaner inventories than the domestics. Honda didn't have a 70 day supply of cars before the natural disasters.

@ JJ.. It's not a good sign when people blindly buy vehicles" I say that about Toyota all the time. Many people buy cars based on past experience (which most of the time is ok) and not current data research.
The rear cargo space between the CRV & Escape is minor w/Honda having just a tad more, same with fuel mileage, Honda only has many 1-2 mpg's better in either city or highway. But perhaps people like the features the Escape has better, that becomes tie breaker. I noticed my sisters 2010 CRV comes with cheap looking steel rims. The Escape's come with nice aluminum rims. Escape has always had there spare tire under vehicle where as until recently both Toyota and CRV had them on back door as well as those 2 had their back doors open to the curbs so you had to stand next to traffic, while Escape's had theirs open towards traffic side so not to worry about being hit if on busy street. Tires on back door being use in a sense as a rear bumper, if you ever get even a moderate hit from the rear, it'll push in the whole rear door. Lots of $$ to fix. Things like that, details are important to me.


Maybe people are seeing the upcoming Hyundai looking Escape,and are running out and buying the "proper" SUV looking current model.That happens a lot when a newer replacement is percieved ugly compared to the current product.


Escape sells in fleets in huge numbers and it has great incentives. Its a popular name brand and its affordable- thats why it sells. Its the corolla of the compact crossover market. Why are people shocked when huge numbers of folks buy a mediocre Ford but no one asks why the Corolla was the #2 selling compact last month?


Nissan Altima is the second best selling car this year. Go Nissan!


I understand why the Escape is popular. My Escape was one of the first producted and I picked it up in early November 2000. It only has 114,000 miles on it but it has been very dependable with 2 mechanical problems (coil pack and ABS ring). It is loud and rough by todays standards but it will go anywhere and has never let me down. My wife wants another one before they "modernize" and ruin them.


Where is the December list?


Corolla is a great vehicle. That's why it sells.

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