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“Safedriver” from Saratoga Springs, N.Y., is the former owner of a 2007 Toyota Camry and an older Honda Accord. After test-driving the 2012 Accord and a Lexus GS, this reader decided to go with a brand-new 2012 Camry instead. Saferdriver — appropriately named after the Camry’s five-star safety rating — finds the car to have more comfortable seats, especially for longer trips, and ride comfort that rivals the outgoing Lexus GS. Continue reading the full review below. Once you’re done, write a review about your own car here.

Toyota Camry
“After a very careful decision, I bought a 2012 Toyota Camry SE that I traded a 2001 Accord in for about a week ago. I also have a 2007 Camry SE that I gave to my daughter. The new Camry is much better and comes with more options. It comes with standard heated seats and power seats.

“I also test-drove a 2012 Accord and a Lexus GS (although I knew I wasn't going to buy because it’s a lot of money and I just wanted to test-drive). I never thought I'd say it, but the Camry rode way better than the Lexus but did [not] have a lot of power. The new Accord was so uncomfortable and underpowered, the ride felt tight and stiff, and it also cost more than the Camry.

“The New Camry has plenty of power, plenty of room. I drove it to Rochester for Thanksgiving and drove back home to Saratoga Springs, N.Y. The ride was so nice and comfortable the whole time. On the other Camry, I would have back pains on long drives. My daughter will be OK with it, though, because she’s young.

“The interior is a big improvement from the 2007. It’s not bland this time; it looks more like a Cadillac CTS. The dashboard is a much nicer layout, and the controls are easier to use with a very good radio. Gas mileage combined is 30 mpg, which is slightly better than the 2007. So I say I made the right choice.”

By Colin Bird | December 8, 2011 | Comments (6)



Toyota has some of the best reliability with their products, but their downfall is that their styling is so bland. Theres nothing wrong with dependability, but it is as if a seventy year old was hired for the design. Theres more to a car thatn just dependability and reliability and toyota fails to see this, but tis ok because they have a huge following that cares about nothing else except that.


So why mention the Lexus GS if you knew you werent going to buy it...


It kinda looks like an Acura TSX, which is a good thing. I like the solid look of it.


Corrections on the Review above:

The combined MPG on a v4 2012 camry is 28mpg not 30.

Heated seats are not standard. They come optional.

Power Seats are not standard but are optional on the LE and SE.

In my opinion the Camry SE is not even 60% as good as the Lexus IS. Even one from 2006. I drove both.


Since you love to correct others here`s one for you: Toyota doesn`t sell a V4- camry uses an inline four. Get your facts straight before posting.


The styling is bland for aerodynamic reasons which= better mpg FYI and looks ala TSX which ain't bad at all! I'm sold too on these-best buy in US and made in US not like fusion/silverado/etc-made in Mexico!GM, Ford, Chrysler engine/drivetrains still not as refined and you've had plenty notice-shame on you! I rent em all the time!
Almost 200 horses with corolla mpg, 10 air bags, comfort/quiet/reliable is best in the long run! Yes, a little plain Jane, but can't find a better value/ pkg in the market and I've looked with a magnifying glass! Can't trust the Euro reliability and the Koreans are close, but don't trust direct injection! Toyota production systems strikes again-well done! Picky Boomer Engineer

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