Naughty or Nice: Headlights

Designers and engineers have a tough task when combining headlight styling and function. The lights must look good as the focal point of the car’s front design, but the driver still needs to see the road. Here are two examples of the opposite ends of the lighting spectrum. 
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Naughty: 2012 Honda CR-V

The CR-V’s new styling is well-executed with a unique headlight and grille design that flow together. What puts us off is the CR-V’s lack of advanced lighting options like projector housings to focus the headlight beam or high-intensity-discharge lights for more light output. With an all-new exterior design, we hoped Honda would have added more options to better match competitors like the new Ford Escape, Kia Sportage and Chevrolet Equinox.


Nice: 2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover’s Evoque changed very little in its transformation from concept to ready-for-the-road SUV. Now a full-blown production model, the Evoque’s headlights look just as radical as the concept’s headlamps, with LED halo lighting around the low and high beams as well as high-intensity-discharge lights. The adaptive headlamps swivel in the direction of the steering wheel, and an automatic high-beam feature dips the lighting beam when it detects oncoming traffic.



I'm all for advanced lighting design and all, but the CR-V's style >> Land Rover's.


do taillights too!


Best headlights are on Audis - have you ever seen an a6, a7, or a8 with LED headlights at night? They are beautiful, and also very bright, with white, daylight-like light. Sorry for the advertisement-like post.

Richard Joash Tan

Is the Evoque's headlights look like the Chevy Volt?


Good call. The headlights on the CRV are not in line with the vehicle update. The RR headlights are very nicely done. Very similar to the new Explorer.

I agree with jett, do taillights as well. It seems the rear end of cars is often an afterthought in the design studio.


that's typical Honda..very conservative. Audi wins the headlight game hands down!


Dual beam headlights are very out of date.
Weak performance, not very safe.


@ jyd,
Thanks, see "2008-2012 Chevy Malibu" for the taillight afterthought thing.


This isn't taking into account costs. I'm not a Honda guy, but you do know those fancier options cost money don't you? And you know that the Evoque costs more don't you?

Headlights sort of like our eyeglasses out on the road. But it's not all that. Efficient headlights increase gas mileage and so to speak, improve performance.


Why are you comparing two cars that are in different price brackets? the RR is twice as much! which is why they have more bells and whistle! ..just a thought.


The CR-V in Europe and other markets has Projector lenses (non HID I think), and also some markets have LED strip in the housing. They look spectacular. USA always gets the boring cheap stuff from Honda, because they have Acura branded cars for the nice stuff. NO ACURA in europe!

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