Ford Drops E-Series Van, Replaces with Transit

Ford Transit
Come 2013, Ford will replace the long-running E-Series of vans with Europe's Transit van, The Detroit News reports. How long-running is it? The E-Series dates back to 1960.

Its replacement has similar chops. Ford says it's sold more than 6 million Transits across 75 countries in more than 40 years. We'll get the next-generation Transit, which will be built at Ford's Kansas City, Mo., plant — part of a $1.1 billion investment to build the full-size van plus the next-gen F-150. The current E-Series is built in Ohio.

Don't confuse the Transit with the smaller Transit Connect, which is already on sale here. Sold overseas, its current sibling has a plethora of wheelbases and roof heights typical of a full-size van. Expect Ford to show the next-gen Transit at one of next year's auto shows.

Although utility vans like the E-Class and Transit Connect represent just 2% of the auto market, sales are up 20% through November. There's hope the uptick could continue. The U.S. Census Bureau reported seasonally adjusted sales for new single-family homes had improved to their highest annualized rate since May, so contractors and other small-business owners could see better times ahead.

We'll keep you posted as we learn more about the next-gen Transit, but Ford officials told the Detroit News the next-gen Transit will be unibody, not body-on-frame like the E-Series, and 25% more fuel efficient because it will shed 300 pounds.

Ford Steers Fleet to Transit (Detroit News)

By Kelsey Mays | December 8, 2011 | Comments (9)



It's about time. ANY E-series over 5 years old and NOT used for business looks sketchy. I'm glad Ford put the molester van out to pasture.


One van for all world markets makes more sense. The E-series is really long in the tooth.

Ken L.

By dropping the Econoline, Ford is giving up on those that need a body on frame, heavy duty, full-size van for commercial duties. Thankfully, Nissan is now in that business with the NV. The upcoming Transit seems to be a little too big for some applications.

"Those figures don't include the cargo version of the Dodge Grand Caravan, which Chrysler lumps into Grand Caravan sales."

I'm pretty sure they're broken out as "Ram Cargo Van." Chrysler sold 226 of them last month.

Amuro Ray

Has anyone thought of the repair cost and customization cost with the switch to unibody?

I'm a big fan of UB, but not with the heavy duty trucks/vans, which are subjected to "abuse." Repairs on UB are super expensive. Wonder why PDs have been hanging onto their CV for such a long time?


We recalculated the YTD sales figures for the seven vehicles (Savana, Express, Sprinter -- both M-B and Dodge -- Transit Connect, E-Series and Ram CV) and got 20 percent.

Good catch. Apologies for the error.



So now what are the rv companies going to use to build the class c motor homes on? That was the workhorse for them.

Bob S.

Ford E-Series,Gas/ Diesel vans have been the corner stone of the American Ambulance industry for a generation. It provides an affordable, reliable platform the looks tough and preforms tougher.
The newest update to the front grill and cabin give it a uniquely American flair that is both rugged and modern even if the press release states “that the E-Series is out of date and that the EuroVan is the new thing”. The E-Series have been around for 60yrs because it is the right tool for the job.

Phillius Thomas

Do any of these include some sort of Subaru?

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