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2012 Buick VeranoCompact, entry-level luxury vehicles haven't exactly set the world on fire, at least not here in the U.S. Nonetheless, Buick is taking another swing at the segment, its first attempt since the Buick Skylark was canceled in 1998. The Verano is based on the Chevrolet Cruze, but Buick has done a good job distinguishing it. With a more powerful engine, rich interior and hushed cabin, the Verano feels like a legitimate luxury car, according to Industry Analyst Kelsey Mays.

2012 Buick Verano Review



Too small for the money. At its core it is still a Cruze with an upgraded interior and and enormous amount of sound-dampening insulation.

In the US the Verano will appeal to some people, but there aren't going to be enough buyers for the Verano to break even.

What demographic is GM playing to with this offering? The Oldsters are out, the Youngsters don't have enough money to buy one and the Mid-Lifers are still heavily entrenched in the SUV segment.

The people with money choose BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, Infiniti and Acura and it is highly unlikely any of them will give up their snob appeal for a Buick.

Then again, maybe the Chinese will buy them. They seem to like Buick.


I think the new hybrids from Lexus are would-be competitors. And, the Buick is a much better value. They will probably sell a lot of these. Of course, that's just my prediction.


WHat a shock, isnt pleased with the styling or interior quality of yet another American car. How can you be serious about criticizing the styling of the Verano while suggesting the TSX is somehow a distinctive looking car? The TSX is one buck tooth grille away from being an anonymous Japanese sedan. Subtract the grille and the TSX could be a Honda, Toyota, Infiniti or Nissan. Also, what controls on the Verano are rickety? The controls and center stack are basically straight from the Astra which is designed to go head to head with VWs and other European products. The switchgear in the Regal is very similar and its all well damped and solid feeling. As for the controls and layout- its really not much different from the Regal and the overall number of buttons is the same. For the life of me I cannot figure out how savvy auto journalists claim to have been confused by the Regal's buttons. This isnt the first review that I've read that claims the Regal's interior is a confusing mess but the Verano is easy to use. They arent that different- basically the radio preset buttons have been shifted from the right side to the top of the stack while the other controls were shifted over to take up the space where the preset buttons sit on the Regal. Neither layout is particularly confusing. The Verano has almost the same number of buttons as Regal and the labels for the buttons are the same as Regal.



How would you know if the "youngsters" can afford this car? It starts at a reasonable $23k. That is hardly out of the price range of a working single person or couple. This isnt for people who thik its a good idea to spend $40k on a BMW or MB product. This is obviously aimed at people with more meager finances. As for the "oldsters", Buick really isnt trying to cater to them anyway at this point.


With the eventual dealer discounts and rebates the top of line with leather and nav will probably go for about $27k. At that price it's not going after the "people with money" but will attract people that are looking for value in a little plusher than mainstream car. Lots and lots of people I know are looking at either smaller cars or the MPG of the cars they are buying. Many people with money like to save as well(that's how they got it).

To get a quiet, near luxury car with good pep from the 180 horses on regular gas, decent MPG and a 4yr bumper to bumper at that price is not bad.



If you can't stand reading any one of Cars.coms reviews, why do you continually do it? Do you really just enjoying arguing that much?



Im not arguing with anyone. Just stating the obvious- the controls in the Verano are of high quality (as every other review seems to state) and the car is certainly no dull looking than the TSX. I never indicated "I cant stand" reading their reviews. I said this is yet another review of an American car in which faults are basically fabricated in order to bring the car down a few notches. But considering the source, this is a pretty good review of the Regal.



Don't know if you are an employee, dealer, shareholder or just in love with anything GM, but the chip on your shoulder is showing. This review was pretty complimentary to the Verano overall but I think you have have a hard time seeing that part of it. You seem to go crazy when anything, however minor, is said critical of a GM product.

If you got as angry about other manufacturers critical reviews I could understand but your obvious bias is showing big time. I hope you understand when people read comments from people that have a history of being biased they tend to view them as agenda motivated.

I think the Verano is a pretty nice car and a good value for what you get get....but it's not perfect, no car is.

i think what Buick means "youngsters"is the rich youngsters hahaha..with those base price i doubt it the normal youngster will buy offense but what kind of youngsters which can get that money?.. better wait another review from


What a shock here that Sheth is here to run the mouth again. It looks like it is his/her job to make sure this site is running like the way he/she wants. Even the editors have already asked politely that if he/she does not like how this place is run, he/she is welcomed to leave and never come back again.


it looks like gm did a great job with the verano. the cruze was a great place to start from. i absolutely love mine!


Sheth, the Verano is really a dressed out, well insulated Cruz. I have had several Cruz as rentals on my business trips. The Cruz is OK, but nothing to shout about. Certainly not worth $23K, and definitely not worth $27K.

The sales numbers for the Cruz are not as good as GM had hoped they would be, and they are worse if you strip out the fleet sales of the Cruz.

With that in mind, if you slap another $6K-$11K on a Cruz to make a Verano, why would anyone in their right mind want to spend that kind of money on a dolled-up Cruz.

This hearkens back to the days of the Cadillac Cimarron. What were they thinking!? Then, and now.



read more of my comments and then you can make a more informed critique of my position. I will point out any inconsistency or illogical criticism in a review. If you follow this site, you know they tend to be a lot harder on domestic products than import. I never said the Verano was perfect, you are putting words in my mouth instead of addressing what I said. HAve you been in a Regal? I have one so Im familiar with the switchgear quality and the Verano has very similar switchgear- its straight from the Astra. The Verano could use a few improvements- mainly an 8 way power driver's seat, memory seats and a power passenger seat. I don't believe for a second that the buttons are of questionable quality or that the styling is lacking compared to the forgettable looking TSX. Im not aware of an American car that pleases in terms of styling. They complain about nearly every one they drive. Either they are too dull, they are too aggressive or they have too much chrome. Basically, the way for a domestic car to get praised for its styling would be to look like a Nissan or Audi or something.


Even had to admit the Cruze is a hit. Are you saying they are wrong? Its going to end up being the 2nd best selling compact this year. You honestly think thayt qualifies as a sales disappointment for Chevy? It's not worth $23k? Well I see tons of LT and LTZ models so people seem to disagree. What compact is worth $23k in your eyes? A loaded Focus is even pricier than the Cruze. The only well equipped compact that really undercuts the Cruze signficantly on price is the Elantra. Also, the Verano isnt $6k to $11k more than the Cruze. Where are you getting your figures? A loaded cruze is about $3k less than a fully equipped Verano.



As an adult (and I presume you are one) you should be able to handle differing opinions. I dont understand folks who spend time on the internet and read comments only to say they wish everyone who doesn't agree with them 100% would go away. That's not mature. There are comments sections so people can make comments. If everyone were to agree fully with EVERY review ever written on this site or any other there would really be no need to allow comments. I also think its funny when people who have never seen or sat inside of the car in question will vouch for the accuracy of a review so passionately. How much experience do you have in the Verano?


The Verano should not be purchased until it gets the correct engine, the 'new' 2.5 I4, which hopefully can arrive for the 2012.5 MY.



0-60 is 8.2 secs which is faster than virtually every other NA compact sedan on the market. The class average is around 9 secs. Even the 160hp Focus is slower. Im not so sure the 2.5L will even go into this car- I have a feeling the Regal will get that engine to separate it from the Verano.


Have you ever commented on anyone's opinion in a "positive" way? Also, what's the point of always responding to someone else's comment? Just say your opinion and move on...(now for my comment) I don't think Buick/GM is looking at the Verano as a high volume vehicle. Also, GM is probably trying to use up the capacity of the assembly plant even though they are selling a lot of Cruzes. As a marketing tool, I think they're using it to get people in the showroom. The buzz from the LaCrosse/Regal/Enclave have faded. Have to keep the brand fresh. As for the product itself, Buick did a great job but should have had the turbocharged engine upfront.



Verano isnt built at Cruze plant. This car is sold in China under a different name. Its basically a sedan verson of the Astra. The interior is right out of the Astra. Enclave sales are still strong after 4 years and I believe this will be its best year ever. The buzz hasnt faded on Enclave, or Lacrosse for that matter. Regal has done OK, but not great. Buick isnt a high volume brand so I agree Verano isnt seen as a high volume car. Buick only sells 12k-15k vehicles a month.

For the record, I like Cody's comment. Hopefully that pleases you.

The 2.5 doesn't make much more power than the 2.4, but that isn't the reason for the upgrade. The 2.5 is substantially more refined, quieter and torque-ier at low speed.

The Ford Focus DCT is bad because it is a 6 speed dry double clutch. It should be 7 speeds. Also Ford's 2.0 direct injection isn't that powerful, as 2.0 engines go.

I can't even afford a used Hyundai Accent -.-


Sheth, only time will tell if the Verano will sell in any numbers to break even. My prediction is that it will go the way of the Cimarron and the dodobird.

If you choose to believe that the Cruz is such a hot seller, go head on. Annual sales stats tell a different story.

Sales numbers always look good when you sell to rental fleets but the down side comes two years later when those cars get dumped on the used car market.

And why would anyone pay all that money for a Verano when for the same money you can step up to a larger sedan?

I do it all the time when I rent, given a choice between a Cruz or something larger for the same cost. I always choose the larger car for the money.

I suppose GM can always continue to sell each car at a loss and make it up in volume, right? GM's been doing that for decades, and that's why they died.

Because of the taxpayer-funded bailouts we now have this albatross hanging around the taxpayers' neck. So another loss-leader like the Verano won't help anyone, least of all the tax payers.



Just because the Verano and Cimarron are two GM small cars that you dont like means that they have anything in common. You might as well compare the Verano to the Catera, or Eldorodo or XLR. Any of those comparisons is pointless. I will point out the obvious- the Cimarron was based on a mediocre car- at least from what Ive heard. I was way too young to care about the car when it was on sale. Im baffled as to why so many people like yourself are obsessed with a 30 year old compact Cadillac that's long gone. IT wasnt a great car. So what? Same can be said for most cars from the early 80s. By today's standards they were all crap. The Verano is based on a very competitive compact car that is selling well. HUGE difference from the Cimarron which I believe was based on some crappy Cavalier.


Oh so I get it now, you're a bailout winer. Should've known. For the record GM has made over $7b this year so Im not sure who told you they are losing money on each car. I'd ask you to verify your source on that but there's no point. Asking why you would buy a Verano when a larger car is available is pretty silly. Why does anyone buy a Lexus IS, 3 series, C250, etc. when you could get a much larger car for the same money? Not everyone wants MORE size and weight and power when they buy a car. Look at the success of Mini. For the price of a well equipped Mini you could easily get a loaded compact sedan or even a midsize family car.


Sheth, GM will need another bail out by 2015/2016. It's going to happen!

That's just one reason that the financial analysts are steering clear of GM stock. No ROI.

I read somewhere that GM stock is at $19, down significantly from an IPO of $34.

In order for the Treasury to break even and recoup its initial bail out bundle, I believe GM stock has to sell at $53 minimum. Ain't gonna happen!

I do not believe that the Verano will add anything to GM's bottom line except more losses.

It just doesn't make sense to doll up a Cruze and compare it to an IS, 3-series, C250 or even a Mini. Not the same ballpark!

However, feel free to believe what you want. Time will prove you wrong.

I bet you were also one of the GM-fanboys who loudly proclaimed that GM would never go bankrupt. Well, the forecasters were right. GM died and was resurrected with taxpayer money. GM is now on indefinite life support.

The Verano does nothing to help GM. The number of people who will buy the Verano is so small it is miniscule in the overall scheme of things.

BTW, I think ALL bailouts are bad. It artificially keeps dead companies going that should rightfully have died from financial collapse.

If you feel so strongly about the Verano, why don't you go and buy one? Put money where your mouth is and then post here to tell us all about how great a car it is.


Highdesertcat, don't go for the low hanging fruit. Skip the billions, go for the trillions of dollars the Federal Reserve is putting the US citizenry on the hook for.

Just the other month, BoA just put $75 trillion of derivatives on the FR balance sheet.


How much do YOU know about the Verano then?

Come one now...Just move on already. You just never accepts defeat and you are saying others are doing the very same thing that you do.
Just for the record.
Have test driven the car already, and nothing to scream home about.
The head unit is made by Delphi and shares with the 2012 Cruze. Need anything further?



Auto stocks arent doing well. While doing your research check out Ford's stock performance in 2011- its not good. You and I both know the prospects of another bailout are non existent, dont be silly. If the auto market recovers to 2007 levels by mid decade GM (and others) will be making PLENTY of money. They are profitable in a 13M unit year- before they wouldve been losing billions in such a weak market. I can tell you are totally unfamiliar with the details of how the industry works. Complaining about the Verano because you hate GM is just ridiculous, that proves you arent even concerned about the merits of the acutal car.


Wrong, the Verano doesnt have any center stack controls from the cruze. Look at the pictures. The Verano center stack and gauge cluster is STRAIGHT out of the ASTRA- a car not sold in the US market. I have not driven the Verano but the regal and VErano both have opel interiors and they are high quality. Obviously in Europe interior quality is of more importance than in the US market, especially on small cars which are basically the heart of the European market. The Astra is designed to compete with cars like the Golf so interior quality is a must. Even the old Saturn Astra had a very nice interior for the money- far better than anything sold in a Toyota or Honda or Hyundai or even the Cobalt.




My car is a 2011- if you actually read anything I've written you'd note I have the regal. Im not buying a Verano. Doesn't mean its not a nice car. Your logic is twisted- you are arguing that because you hate GM and bailouts the VErano is a bad car. The two thoughts arent even connected, A has nothing to do with B.


Where is the defeat you are speaking of? People who have never seen or driven a Verano are arguing that its a bad car. I disagree and you are telling me I need to "accept defeat"- really? I listed by recommended improvements- if the Verano added those things it would be an 9 out of 10 in my book.


Luxury cars in the US do not have crappy rear suspensions.
That would prevent one from calling the Verano a luxury, or even entry-luxury car.
and why the oversized wheels?
215/60 16 would fit fine over the brakes.
Maybe if a turbocharged engine shows up, and then front brakes are upsized to 13", then 235/50 17 tires.

and GM should stop with making a spare wheel an option.



More and more cars come with inflator kits and tire sealant. Why? Because that will fix most flats, its faster and safer than changing a flat and it saves weight and opens up trunk space. A sealed tire performs as well as a donut spare anyway.

The wheels are larger to fill the wheel wells and keep the car from looking cheap. Pricier cars tend to have larger wheels, nothing new there. This car would look like a rental model with 16" wheels. No Buick comes with 16" wheels. Cruze and Focus already offer 18" wheels in this segment.


"More and more cars come with inflator kits and tire sealant. Why? Because that will fix most flats, its faster and safer..."

C'mon, you know just as everyone else A> That isn't even remotely true and B> they're doing it for weight savings. Statistically car manufacturers have found the infrequent use of a spare is justifiable in just eliminating it. Which is ridiculous.

Sealant serves a temporary purpose of sealing small holes. What if the hole is too big? You'd wish you had a spare, I'm sure. If it's purpose is to seal small holes, then you know what does it do to the TPMS sensors when they register tire pressure through... a small hole. You can figure it out.


No, it is not faster.
Even with a mini-spare, you can change a front flat by first putting the mini-spare on the rear axle, and then putting the full size from the rear on the front axle in under 10 minutes.
Sealants need to be helped in finding the hole, by removing the wheel from the vehicle. So a jack, and lug tools should not be omitted even if a tire sealant is offering in lieu of a spare wheel.
Ask tire repair shops if cleaning tire sealant off the inside of a tire & wheel is quicker/easier/ or cheaper.
Mini-spare wheels are usually M speed rated. So fully inflated, and not on the drive axle, you can go 80mph with a front drive car.

The external diameter is the same. So it does not 'fill the wheel wells' to any greater extent than correct sized wheels.
The benefits of correct size wheels; better sprung:unsprung, better tracking, greater hydroplaning resistance, snow traction, etc.



They are playing the law of averages here. How often is a tire damaged so severely that it cant be sealed and inflated? Thats a pretty rare occurance. And I mentioned weight savings as a reason they are doing away with spares.


everyone is using larger wheels. Dont insult our intelligence by acting like this is a "buick problem". You and I both know 18" wheels are more common than ever. And you do not know if an 18" wheel weighs more than a smaller wheel. First of all a 16" steel wheel with covers probably weighs more than a 17" or 18" allow wheel. Secondly, a forged wheel is lighter than a cast wheel- Im not sure if these wheels are forged or not. In a modern car handling, ride nor traction are compromised by larger wheels. Tire design has come a long way. And there is no such thing as "correct sized wheels". A car like the verano with a properly tuned suspension can ride better than another compact car on 15" wheels.

I was under the impression that spares were rated at about 60mph- its certainly news to me that you can do 80 on a spare. Can anyone else confirm that?



I have no idea what you are talking about with regards to the TPMS. TP is determined using sensors related to the ABS system. The system can detect how often the wheel rotates and changes in that speed are indicative of changes in tire pressure. Why would using sealant make the TPMS malfunction?



Tire pressure based on rotation through the ABS system is an old style system that didn't catch on. It was very popular on Toyota vehicles early on.

Most, if not all, vehicles now have a pressure sensor built in to the valve stem or use a banded system wrapped inside around the wheel to measure tire pressure. These are far more accurate.

This website has service kits for most makes and models, the picture as shown on the front page is the typical setup you will find (on the valve stems)

As for your first comment to me: Yes, it's a rarer situation. We will have to agree to disagree, because some tires cannot be fixed and I'm sure you'd be overly frustrated to pop your trunk and not find a spare. Instead you'll have to call a Roadside Assistance service and have it towed and then deal with the headaches to follow. It's totally inconvenient. That's my point.


I don't think this is a very good value. It's a Buick for crying out loud, not an Audi; and it shouldn't be priced like one.



The reality is that many people (especially women driving solo) are going to call roadside assistance anyway. Not everyone feels comfortable changing a spare and on a dark night or cold or rainy day the faster you can get back on the road the better. Many folks consider changing a flat a major inconvenience.


for the record, the verano has a spare STANDARD. Im not sure what all the fuss is about.


A 6.5x16" wheel with 215/60 16 tire will be lighter than an 8x18" wheel with 235/45 18 tire. Apples to apples.

The Verano may be a 'compact' car, but compact cars do not weigh 3300+ pounds.

Actually it is an industry wide problem.
A spare wheel & jack hardware provides user serviceability; the ability to rotate tires/wheels.



You are being selective in your analysis. Compacts dont weigh 3300lbs? Check the curb weight on the 328, C250, S60, etc. All are compact cars. In fact the 328i is about the same length as the Verano. Cheap compacts dont weigh 3300lbs, luxury compacts often weigh MORE than 3300lbs. When you consider the overall weight of the Verano or any car, the weight gain going from a 16" to 18" wheel is trivial. Even the Elantra comes with 17" wheels by the way. The Mazda3, focus, Jetta, Cruze and Elantra all offer wheels larger than 16" in top trims.


This just in:

Apparently Buick competes with BMW/Mercedes! Who woulda thunk it?



I said head unit. Not gauge clusters.
Reading problem?


sheth, you can't even follow your own arguments.
You posited that the Verano, because it is such an 'awesome' car with its 18" wheels & proper 'tuned' suspension can ride better than a compact car with 15" wheels.
Those small luxury cars do not come with 15" wheels.

A change from 215/60 16 with 6.5x16 aluminum wheels to 235/45 18 with 8x18 wheels is likely 10 pounds.
The new 3-series is E39 5-series side.

and yes, it is stupid [systematic industry stupidity] that Hyundai's Elantra limited has 7x17 wheels with 215/45 tires. 205/60 15 would be a good all around tire size, 195/65 15 as winter size. 205/55 16 is more than sufficient as a summer size.
Same with Mazda 205/50 17 offers no benefit over 225/50 16.
The Ford Focus can use 15" was its winter size, and 215/55 16 as the summer.
The Jetta GLi can still use 16" wheels for winter duty, and 17" will be sufficient for summer.
The Cruz only has 11" front brakes, and limited power, so 15" is fine for winter, 16" for summer.


....and the Sonic has no brakes



I said head unit. Not gauge clusters.
Reading problem?"

The center stack doesnt come from the Cruze. Neither car really has a head unit, the controls are all part of the center stack, They are NOT shared. I can read, I suggest you peruse the pictures of both cars. The Verano interior comes from the OPEL ASTRA, Ive said that a few times. Cruze has a different interior and different radio controls. Period.


I never said this car competes, I said that luxury compacts weigh more than cheap compacts. The Verano is far cheaper than a German compact but its ride and quietness are on a higher level than cheap compacts. It weighs more due to features, sound deadening, engine size, body strength, etc.


Here's a newsflash for you, automakers provide what customers like. You may be mad at Buick for not offering 14" wheels on the Verano but the reality is people like larger wheels. This is why compacts, midsizers and luxury cars all sport larger wheels than similar cars did 10 years ago- or even 5 years ago. My point regarding the Verano's ride was that larger wheels do not necessarily cause a ride quality penalty. The other stuff you are complaining about is trivial. On a 3400lb car no one cares if 18" wheels weigh 10lbs more than 16" wheels. How is that going to be noticeable to the average driver? Guess what, if they removed the sound deadening, airbags, electronics and power accessories the car would also be lighter- doesnt mean that makes a better car. You need to direct your ire at consumers, not me. I am not the one who is buying all these cars with 17" and 18" rims.


I said 2012 Cruze...
Have you even seen the pictures of that yet...

Reading ability issue, I assume...


14" wheels would be stupid, that would also be wrong sized. It would not clear the correctly sized brakes, plus it more than likely would conflict with the steering system. [tie rod]

Automakers spend hundreds of millions of dollars to tell people what they like. They then make/sell exactly what they programmed the public to 'want'. I suggest you hit up Amazon and get Edward Bernay' books

and if you don't think that 10 pounds of unsprung weight, plus a one inch reduction of sidewall reduces ride quality... you don't know or understand fundamental vehicle dynamics. Wheel & tire weight is the worst kind. It is linear mass to be moved forward, rotational mass to be accelerated/decelerated, and unsprung weight. So dropping unsprung weight about 7% at the front and 9% at the rear is profound.


People can gripe and complain all they like. I'm in my early 30's and I think this is a beautiful car. I just bought one fully loaded, and traded my Lexus IS 250 for it. I'm perfectly satisfied. Clearly, people complaining 1) have a GM grudge, 2) have never or will never consider the idea of Buick as a relevant and reemerging brand that is recapturing its prestige from decades prior, and 3) look only at this as a dressed up Chevy with no place in the market. I feel this way about Chrysler and Ford. I'd never want to be seen in any of their products. I'd be embarrassed. And I wouldn't consider a Honda, Toyota or Nissan. Where's the prestige. At least Buick HAD prestige and is doing one heck of a great job in earning it back.

I bought the car because it had so much visual appeal, even more in person than in pictures, was a very reasonable price, came fully loaded with everything and more than what I expected, and was so quiet and comfortable it just seemed more refined than the Volvo, Lexus, or the other competitors I cross shopped. Also, I wanted the luxury without the size. I live in Los Angeles. The only large vehicles on our roads here are limos and SUV's. I wanted compact luxury and was not willing to upgrade to a midsize ANYTHING at the same price with less equipment, style, and polish than my Verano has.

As far as I'm concerned, if you don't own, or haven't driven this car extensively, you can't make blanket complaints about it. You also can't accurately forecast the market, or the car's success either.


Mid-40s, educated female here, and I just saw one of these locally the other day, although not currently actively shopping for a new car. Jake is right; the visual appeal is stunning, and pix do it no justice. I'll be looking for a replacement for my 300m at some point, and Buick just sold me. I don't know what the demographic is for this car, but I realize that I was apparently it for the 300m.

Having said that, I grew up with big sedans, and nothing compares to the ride & comfort. Heck, my kid is currently driving a Delta 88, and he even appreciates it.
I've gotten used to the get-up-and-go of the 300m, and want to stick with a sporty sedan that CAN get out of its own way; I'll be watching for the turbo model in 2013, and probably for fun will be test driving the Verano VERY soon. Kudos, Buick, I think you're 'back!'


Once again... Buick is NOT a luxury brand. That's what Cadillac is for. It falls in the same category as VW; upscale, but not luxury.

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