Acura ILX to Be Built in Indiana

Honda Civic In Indiana PlantAcura’s recently announced entry-level luxury sedan, the Acura ILX, will be built in America, the company said. The move marks the fifth vehicle from Acura — joining the MDX, RDX, ZDX and TL — that will be built in North America. The Acura RL and Acura’s current entry-level car, the TSX, are built in Japan.

The ILX will be offered in three powertrains, and one will include a hybrid system. The hybrid model will also be built in America, and it will be parent company Honda’s first hybrid model assembled in the U.S. The Honda Insight and Honda Civic Hybrid are built in Japan.

The ILX will be built at Honda’s relatively new Greensburg, Ind., plant, which currently builds the Honda Civic. The ILX will be based off the Civic platform but will look nothing like the current Civic or the Canadian-marketed Acura CSX (which is essentially a Civic clone), Vicki Poponi, American Honda assistant vice president for product planning, told Automotive News.

The ILX will go into production in the spring. The model will accompany a totally redesigned RDX based off the restyled 2013 Honda CR-V, which will also arrive at dealerships around the same times as the ILX.

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By Colin Bird | December 13, 2011 | Comments (6)



Hopefully Acura won't screw this one up....


They already did by calling it ILX. Call it the Integra and they will sell far more.

Amuro Ray

Actually, Mr. Expert WTF, surprised that you didn't do research on this one :)

Honda has been selling rebadged Civics as Acura EL in Canada. It was discontinued in 2005'ish. This is just bringing back the EL in a new name - ILX.


The name is still dumb. Integra has a lot of brand strength. Ilx is meaningless.


Shet, you always were and always will be dumb, so you should know what's dumb... but clearly you don't.

TSX, TL, RL, MDX all started out as unknown. They are all clearly recognizable now. Integra is done and has been for a while.

This is not GM or Chrysler, they don't need to dig from past glory to get a new name. The Dart though - not so much...


The Integra and RSX may be done and may have been for a while. But all those entry level buyers are going elsewhere to other brands.

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