2013 Dodge Dart Interior Revealed

2013 Dodge Dart interior
Dodge understands it will face an uphill battle in the compact-car category against more-established players like the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla and even the new-ish Chevy Cruze, and it will try to compete against those sales leaders by offering exclusive interior amenities on its upcoming 2013 Dodge Dart. Those features include options normally reserved for luxury vehicles, such as a heated steering wheel, a digital gauge cluster and myriad interior color combinations.

On some models, a 7-inch digital gauge cluster will be available that allows for some customization of the instrumentation, similar to what we’ve seen on some Jaguars and Land Rovers, but definitely close  to what’s available on Ford vehicles equipped with MyFord Touch. An 8.4-inch center console display is also available. It’s the same one offered in vehicles like the Chrysler 300, and we thought the system was fast-paced with minimal lag between menus.

The Dart will come with 10 airbags, the same number offered on the Cruze, and have “the interior spaciousness of a midsize sedan,” according to the automaker. There will also be an ambient light system that, on some models, will include “racetrack” lighting surrounds that outline the center console display and the gauge cluster.

The interior can be customized in 14 different color and trim combinations, and 12 exterior colors are available, which is a lot for a compact car.

Clearly, Dodge will try to distinguish the Dart by offering more luxurious features than other models in the class. We’ll have more information once we get closer to the 2012 Detroit auto show in early January.

To learn more about the powertrains that will be offered on the Dart and see some exterior body teasers, check out our First Look.

2013 Dodge Dart interior

2013 Dodge Dart interior



Wow this looks fantastic! I love all of the fine details, but my only minor complaint would be that the windshield wiper controls are on the turn signal stalk instead of on their own.


everything is looking good for the dart, but personally I'm going to reserve judgment until I can see some real photos (the spy shots of the interior back up the PR but aren't enough to give final yay or meh vote).



I don't see any stalks in these pictures. What are you looking at?



It's hardly visible, but you can see it in the top picture at the bottom (below the engine tach).


Had to change my monitor angle and then it showed up.


help wanted!
i read somewhere that this car will straddle the line between a midsize and compact sedan (midsize interior room; compact outside). we know this car is definitley replacing the caliber, but my question is: will this also replace the lackluster avenger as well?
please get back to me i'd really like to know.


This will not replace avenger. There will be an all new midsize dodge based on fiat platform later. This is a compact, a desperaately needed addition for chrysler. Their sales are way up this year without a legit offering in this segment. They should do really well next year.

Idaho Guy

Ford, where's my Falcon?


Let me guess, for the U.S. there will be no manual transmission.

Nice Information... Amazing photographs. Looking forward for your next upcoming feature of Dodge...

Reminds me of a Honda SI with the red LED lights. this is really cool though is it all digital?

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