2013 Buick Encore Teased

2013 Buick Encore
Buick officially released the name and an initial teaser image of its upcoming compact crossover, which will be called the 2013 Buick Encore. The five-passenger model represents the Tri-Shield's first foray into the compact crossover category. The brand was meant to get a compact CUV based off the now-defunct Saturn Vue, but that model was canceled in 2009.

Judging from the initial photo, the Encore will have traditional Buick styling cues, including a chrome waterfall grille, porthole vents and almond-shaped headlights with xenon high-intensity-discharge headlights that feature a bluish hue.

We’ll have more information on the Encore when the model is unveiled at the 2012 Detroit auto show on Jan. 10.

Clicking on the image below will launch a larger photo.

2013 Buick Encore



Looks a lot like the old vue...I think Buick could do so much better than an old saturn


GM spare parts bin car....ya!!!!!!!


Let's hope that it will have fewer problems than the Enclave and the Vue.


this will likely be what the next generation vue would have been if saturn had survived, as buick has replaced saturn as the inheritor of opel/vauxhaul vehicles for the u.s. market. the old vue was a version of the opel/vauxhaul antara.


it will not be based on the theta platform, as the vue/equinox/antara were. it should move to the delta platform, since that's what gm is moving their global compact crossovers onto. it looks like buick might get it before opel....at least that's based on the five minutes of internet digging i just enjoyed.


Kmart headlights ("Blue light special") suck.

Mike from Chicago

Would automakers stop with the port vents, please?!


Buick is a brand that actually had vents in the past. They have a reason to use them on current products unlike some brands. I don't mind them at all since they actually correspond to the number of cylinders. This isn't based on the vue, just because it has mirrors on the doors doesn't mean its a vue.

Ste (The Original S.G.)

It totally screams VUE to me. Shape and sculpture of the hood, grille, bumper cladding, headlights and mirrors are all akin to the Theta platform SUVs. They are due for a redesign/facelift soon though, so this could be it.

Compare if you like;


No one can deny the likeness to the Holden that was linked here. But I always thought the previous generation of the view was underrated. :P

Steve in Tenn

I had the misfortune of selling Renault Encores in the early 80s (public apology to any of my former victims, er...customers). Not sure GM is doing itself any favors reprising the Encore name.


Im in my 30s- never heard of the Encore. Im sure its a non issue amongst the people Buick is targeting with this model. To not buy a vehicle you like based on the fact it has the same name as a model from 30 years ago would be silly.

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