2012 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Priced at $25,850

2012 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
For the 2012 model year, the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid edges up only $55 from 2011 pricing and now comes standard with Hyundai's Blue Link telematics system, for a starting price of $25,850. That price excludes a $760 destination fee, which is $10 more than last year's fee.

The only new addition to the Sonata Hybrid is Blue Link, which is Hyundai's OnStar competitor. Blue Link is now standard across the entire 2012 Sonata lineup. The Sonata Hybrid gets a complementary six months of service of the Assurance Package and three months of the Essentials & Guidance Package — the same as the regular Sonata.

A new Leather Package is available for $1,500. Previously, leather upholstery was available only in the all-encompassing Ultimate Package. The $5,000 package included a panoramic sunroof, navigation system and an upgraded stereo. The Ultimate Package is still available, but it now costs $5,500 for 2012.

Hyundai hasn't yet announced an on-sale date for the 2012 Sonata Hybrid.



Bluelink and Onstar are made by the same company anyway.


Due to the demand for any and all Sonata models, you would be lucky to be able to buy any Sonata for anywhere near its MSRP.

If dealers had more Sonata models to sell, they would sell them. The factory cannot keep up with the demand for both the Sonata and the Elantra. Both are excellent cars that represent outstanding value for the money. Like Toyota used to be.


As an owner of a 2011 Sonata I recommend driving a certified used model or any one that you can find with some miles on it before you commit. Ours has 29K on it right now, and yes, that is alot for less than a year, but our other car racked them up just as fast. There is nothing "wrong" with our Sonata, like things breaking, but it just has this weird unrefinement now. The steering pulls to the left sometimes (ours was not part of the recall, we had it checked), there is a strange tap coming from our steering wheel over bumps at low speeds, and the transmission is NEVER in the right gear and it hunts at low speeds. It does has lots of stuff for the money, a pretty design, and some of the best paint we've ever seen which is why we bought it. I have to say that

Our Sonata is like a beautiful girl who went to community college. Some of the other are a little more homely, but they went to Ivy league schools.

Just spend a little time with the car before you buy it.


This site needs some type of editing function. I was typing the above comment while taking calls, lol, and the grammar is horrible!


"Our Sonata is like a beautiful girl who went to community college. Some of the other are a little more homely, but they went to Ivy league schools."
One weeps for your kids, if you have any, as they'll have to deal with your despicable misogynist and sexist attitudes. One dearly hopes they can get away from home and grow up in an enlightened world...


catbus, the comments of questioning seem odd to me since questioning professes to own a 2011 Sonata.

My daughter-in-law owns a 2011 Sonata and commutes 130 miles roundtrip to El Paso, TX every day.

She has not experienced ANY of the maladies described by questioning with over 20K on the odo.

I also helped buy a 2011 Elantra for my grand daughter as a HS grad present last May and she now uses it to commute to NMSU, a 150-mile roundtrip if she decides to come home for the night during the week.

No problems with either Hyundai. Great gas mileage!

Makes me wonder about the decision logic behind questioning choosing an Sonata in the first place.

Maybe a nut loose behind the keyboard? Can't be a rational decision if you don't do your due diligence yourself beforehand.


We bought it as a replacement for an out of warranty 3 series that was costing too much to maintain. It was cheap and looks really good, plus Hyundai is constantly being praised. Like I said- nothing has actually failed on the car, in fact I would prefer for something to actually break and need replacement as that would solve the little problems that are hard to explain. I actually drive the car, so I think I know more about it than someone who knows someone with it.

Also, I didn't mean to offend women with my analogy. Lots of people give their cars female names. How's this: my sonata is like a hot dumb guy, while the competition is like average looking really smart guys, lol.


questioning, I travel a great deal and rent just as much. I have had several Sonata sedans this year alone, I 've lost count.

But the first Sonata I ever got as a rental stands out in memory.

I headed North on I-15 out of San Diego and before I knew it I was going 105mph passing traffic that was cruising at 95mph.

No pulling of the steering wheel to the left, no strange noises, just smooth and competent acceleration.

Of course, going that speed invites the attention of the CHiPs and it wasn't long before one sneaked up behind me.

After showing my CDL I got off with a stern verbal warning. The cop said he also owned a Sonata and told me to watch my speed.

The point here is, if you have concerns about your Sonata, take it in. When my brothers still sold new cars, among them Hyundai, they really wanted their customers to be happy campers.

But if you are comparing your Sonata against a BMW 3-series, they're not in the same class, friend. They ride and handle differently.


Ok, "highdesertcat" has spoken and since the rentals he had didn't have any issues and someone he knows has one that hasn't had any issues mine is fine too. The car he hasn't driven, but I drive everyday.

There are issues with the car. It's been to the dealer- they are very nice. On one occasion The advisor there rode around with me for about 20 mins until they too heard the tapping noise. They then took the entire steering wheel off trying to find it and turned up nothing. The transmission also had some kind of recall/tsb/reflash done to it during its last oil change- I don't feel any change.

There are other blogs where owners have complained, so I'm not alone, and I know I'm not crazy. It's a nice car, but it's not perfect. All I'm saying is don't get blinded by its price and sultry curves and take it for a good long test drive.


questioning, sounds to me like you regret having traded down from a BMW.

BTW, no car is perfect. Not even BMW. If you feel this strongly about the imperfections of your Sonata, write to the IIHS and the NHTSA. Post on the Sonata blogs. Someone will help you resolve this.

Somehow I get the impression that no car could replace your BMW because none can measure up to that standard at the price of a Sonata.

You've got 10 years or 100,000 miles for Hyundai to get it right. Or you could trade it now for another BMW. The two are not in the same class.

I don't sell Sonata and I don't even want to own one. We own a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee, a 2008 Highlander and a 2011 Tundra. I do get them often as rentals, true. And those are pretty beat up.

Look in you Owners Manual. There is a direct number for Hyundai America. I bet they'll find the problem if there is one.


So what does this sturm und drag have to do with the car in question, the hybrid model? Why, nothing.

Bob from Cleveland

I now own two Hyundai Sonata hybrids - 2011 and 2012. The 2011 hybrid was such a pleasure to drive that I got a second so that my wife and I do not have to tussle over who gets to drive the "neat" car. The 2011 has >12,000 miles and the 2012 >400 miles. They are both pleasures to drive. The differences are: 1) off the bat the 2012 was smooth even at low speed. The 2011 initially showed some slow speed hesitancy in switching between the electric and gas motors. The hesitancy was corrected at the first service with a free updating of the computer system. The 2012 has a lifetime original owner warranty for the battery. In 2012, one can get the leather package of leather seating and heated seats. We like the cars because they are fun to drive, smooth riding which facilitates our grandchildren falling asleep in their car seats. The front seat, particularly the driver's seat is extremely roomy. The standard equipment is excellent. The Bluetooth is superb for phone use. Gas mileage has been good. I averaged more than 42 mph over the course of a year and seem to be getting comparable mileage with the 2012 model.

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