115 Vehicles Earn Top Safety Pick Award from IIHS


For the 2012 model year, a record number of cars have earned the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Top Safety Pick award. The safety award highlights vehicles that best protect passengers in front, side, rollover and rear crash tests.  

"For the second year running, a record number of models qualify," said IIHS President Adrian Lund. "It's tough to win, and we commend auto manufacturers for making safety a top priority."

All the major automakers have at least one Top Safety Pick in their 2012 lineups. All five models in Subaru’s lineup earned Top Safety Pick status.


To earn Top Safety Pick, a car must receive the top score of Good in front, side, rear and rollover crash tests. The federal government now requires an electronic stability system in 2012 model-year cars and newer, so the system is no longer a Top Safety Pick requirement.

2012 Top Safety Pick winners

Fiat 500 built after July 2011
Ford Fiesta sedan and hatchback
Honda Fit
Toyota Yaris four-door hatchback

Small cars
Chevrolet Cruze
Chevrolet Sonic
Chevrolet Volt
Ford Focus
Honda Civic four-door
Honda CR-Z
Honda Insight
Hyundai Elantra
Kia Forte sedan
Kia Soul
Lexus CT 200h
Mazda3 sedan and hatchback
Mini Cooper Countryman
Mitsubishi Lancer except Ralliart and Evolution
Nissan Cube
Nissan Juke
Nissan Leaf
Scion tC
Scion xB
Scion xD
Subaru Impreza except WRX
Toyota Corolla
Toyota Prius
Volkswagen Golf four-door
Volkswagen GTI four-door

Midsize moderately priced cars
Audi A3
Buick Verano
Chevrolet Malibu
Chrysler 200 four-door
Dodge Avenger
Ford Fusion
Honda Accord
Hyundai Sonata
Kia Optima
Subaru Legacy
Subaru Outback
Toyota Camry
Toyota Prius v
Volkswagen Jetta sedan
Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen
Volkswagen Passat
Volvo C30

Midsize luxury/near luxury cars
Acura TL built after September 2011
Acura TSX sedan and hatchback
Audi A4
Lincoln MKZ
Mercedes C-Class
Volkswagen CC except 4WD
Volvo S60

Large family cars
Buick LaCrosse
Buick Regal
Chrysler 300
Dodge Charger
Ford Taurus
Toyota Avalon

Large luxury cars
Audi A6
BMW 5 Series except 4WD and V-8
Cadillac CTS sedan
Hyundai Equus
Hyundai Genesis
Infiniti M37/M56 except M56x 4WD
Lincoln MKS
Mercedes E-Class sedan
Mercedes E-Class coupe
Saab 9-5
Volvo S80

Small SUVs
Honda CR-V
Hyundai Tucson
Jeep Patriot with optional side torso airbags
Kia Sportage
Subaru Forester
Volkswagen Tiguan

Midsize SUVs
Chevrolet Equinox
Dodge Durango
Dodge Journey
Ford Edge
Ford Explorer
Ford Flex
GMC Terrain
Honda Pilot
Hyundai Santa Fe
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Kia Sorento
Subaru Tribeca
Toyota Highlander
Toyota Venza

Midsize luxury SUVs
Acura MDX
Audi Q5
Cadillac SRX
Infiniti EX35
Lexus RX
Lincoln MKT
Lincoln MKX
Mercedes GLK
Mercedes M-Class
Saab 9-4X
Volvo XC60
Volvo XC90

Large SUVs
Buick Enclave
Chevrolet Traverse
GMC Acadia
Volkswagen Touareg

Chrysler Town & Country
Dodge Grand Caravan
Honda Odyssey
Toyota Sienna
Volkswagen Routan

Large pickups
Ford F-150 crew cab models
Honda Ridgeline
Toyota Tundra crew cab models

By Jennifer Newman | December 15, 2011 | Comments (8)


Anonymous Coward

Too many vehicles are getting the highest distinction. Time to raise the bar by increasing the speeds used in the crash tests, and the weight requirement in the rollover test.

Amuro Ray

@ AC,

"Time to raise the bar by increasing the speeds"

That probably won't work. In fact, most auto manufacturers are against the idea (including Subaru). Their arguments - well, at least 1 of them - are valid from my pov: how "fast" do you want the speed to be?

Web search the subject and you'll see both sides of the arguments.


Amuro Ray: fast enough to the point where all cars in existence would score 0 star/unacceptable :P


Dana Thompson

Why not have the scale go from 0-100
70 -good
80- better
And we can really see who out scores who... Not just who complies with the requirements...

Anonymous Coward

If we've reached some sort of zenith of crash protection, perhaps the safety organizations can focus on improving driver skills and continuing to advance other accident avoidance technologies.

Unfortunately, it's politically unpopular in the US to focus on the nut behind the wheel.

Hal F

Why don't EV manufacturers specify the battery size in Kw? Or Kw/mi run rate? with this info, its easy to calculate MPG equiv. I think the public is being "bambuselled". Unless your an electric genius like me, they can publish BS by the truckload and the media passes it the public. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! Your being taken for a "ride"

why can't we see the whole picture? what are they hiding? Maybe the REAL mpg number.

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