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Reader Review

“Happy with Hyundai,” from Cincinnati describes himself as a hard-working, middle-class cop who doesn’t like to waste money. After extensive car shopping, this reader decided to go with a brand-new 2012 Hyundai Sonata to replace his 12-year-old Infiniti I30. So far, Happy with Hyundai has, as his nickname suggests, had a favorable experience with his Sonata. Continue reading the full review to find out more. Once you’re done, write a review about your own car here.

2012 Hyundai Sonata
“After months of research and test drives, the 2012 Hyundai Sonata came out on top. I purchased the GLS model with the $750 option package that added a power driver’s seat, alloy wheels, auto-dim lights and a few interior upgrades. I am right at 2,900 miles, mostly city, and am still excited to drive it. I'm converting from a 1999 Infiniti I30, which had plenty of room and many nice options. Believe it or not, the Sonata has more interior room (front and back) than the I30. My family and friends have made the same comment without any prompting from me.

“While it may be a four-cylinder, it accelerates without hesitation or excess noise. Once at 65-75 mph, it cruises smoothly and quietly. Since I tend toward the deaf side, I had my all-hearing wife drive it for a few days, and she agreed that it drove quietly. I think it handles very well, but temper that with the 12-year-old I30 I was driving. The seats are very comfortable, both front and back, and I have had a rear passenger that is 6-foot-4, with a front passenger that is 6 feet, with no knee-touching-seat problem. The trunk is HUGE. ... Take a look, and you will be amazed.

“A compliment I hear frequently is the dash and control setup. It looks sleek and is ergonomically friendly. I had one issue, and that was the XM radio would not pick up the signal to turn on. Hyundai was giving three months free upon purchase. After the first service visit, the decided to replace the radio. It worked fine once that was done. I made the suggestion that maybe the dealer should have the XM option activated prior to delivery of the vehicle.

“For what I paid, I consider this an excellent value for what you get. I would at least get the power driver’s seat option, since the manual seat does not bring the seat up high enough to comfortably rest your left arm on the windowsill (if you drive like that). Now when I read these, I wonder about the person who wrote the review. Are they knowledgeable, crazy, hypercritical? I am a hard-working, middle-class cop who doesn't like to waste money. I researched and drove several cars, trying to learn something from each salesmen I spoke with. I'm no businessman, but it’s obvious that some car salesmen were not quite so honest. I lucked out in the end and found someone who knew what fair deal meant. Hope this helps.”

By Colin Bird | November 10, 2011 | Comments (12)



"Believe it or not, the Sonata has more interior room (front and back) than the I30"

Believe it or not, Sonata has more room then G20 or J30. What's unusual here? Why do I have to believe it?

"I think it handles very well, but temper that with the 12-year-old I30 I was driving."

Of course, a new midsize car should drive better than 12 year old Maxima.. ah, I30.

"...but it’s obvious that some car salesmen were not quite so honest."

You get the Nobel prize for this discovery!

"I lucked out in the end and found someone who knew what fair deal meant."

If dealer agree with the deal it only means they make enough money on you. Simply naive.

Allistar Evans

I will not accept anything less than an eight cylinder car or truck. Even with the rising prices of crude oil, our generation will die before shortages of gasoline occur. I understand gasoline is a nonrenewable fuel, but why wait a car with a four cylinder? for crying out loud your going to be stomping on the gas just to pass on the highway wheres in my 2001 f150 with the 5.4l v8 i barely tap down on the gas to accelerate.

Amuro Ray

With that, I hope you die much sooner than the rest of us, Allistar Evans, and leave no offspring behind, because the rest of us, do want to see our genes passed on for a LONG, LONG time, and you aren't helping.

Allistar Evans

unless we develop some sort of transportation free of emissions, we will continue to emit emissions.The way i see it, we are close to a hundred or so eyars before that comes out( in the case of hydrogen, all complications aside). who are you kidding? we all die. i do care but in the end, i do see the end. meaning why prevent something that will occur anyways? its like a dog chasing a tail, in which case efficient cars are the object chasing its tail. you find me disgusting but i dont have much faith in the future generations. so i will rest my case and let our future generations suffer because you, i and all of our fellow citiznes wont change. at least im honest and dont try to imagine what could happen. Thats exactly what you reference. NO questions are more annoying that "what if".... what if this.... or what if that.....


Sorry for my earlier comment, I was drunk.


Hey Allister Evans, I tried to read your posts but I am not sure what language you are writing in. So much of what you wrote makes no sense. Maybe you were drunk when you made your posts too. Also, I don't know what a 'eyars' is.


Well, your truck doesn't necessarily drive quicker than the new Sonata.

First if all, your truck is significantly heavier than a Sonata (by about 2000 pounds or so). Second, the 5.4L V-8 you were talking about is old technology, with no direct injection, variable valve timing, only two valves per cylinder and more. The end result is about a nine second range 0-60 time for your truck. Just stating the facts.

Allistar Evans

@ Parrots, Tony

You both are right. i struggle in English( even in college) and i cant wait to never write another essay paper again.

Having said that, yes the truck is heavy and slow. however it has natural power. 260 hp and 350 torque. Graceful power, nothing turbo injected or super-blowed. It has the max tow, at 7700 pounds. Trucks traditionally fair well in crashes, my truck colliding with his sonata will be a a total for his car because of all the plastic and the fact that new cars are designed to ultimately sacrifce themselves so to speak, to safe the driver.

My main concern with a new purchase of a car will not be the gas mileage or necessarily the best technology. I want the most comfortable car or truck with the most power, leather seats and an automatic.

I also dont want a tiny, cramped compact car just to save a few bucks. If it meant spending more money at the pump to ride in comfort and power, then so be it. I was cringe at the idea of driving this gentlemans car.

Amuro Ray

If only Darwin's alive to see that, here in 1 of Earth's continent, de-evolution is occurring!

Of may be has a "Family Radio Worldwide" follower...
(so the continent mentioned about will be in N. America; Oakland, CA to be exact.)

No, Tony, that guy's not drunk, he's just uneducated.

Allistar Evans

I love your comments AR! i have read yours and Sheths for awhile( big fans), the only thing i truly dispise is english. I love learning, but there is no replacement for displacement. Sure stick a turbocharger in there, but there is a considerable lag, and superblower can be costly if overblown. I think that the chevy 350s are playerd out and used to often. I have my eyes on replacing the 330 cubic inch 5.4l v8 with a 383 stroker producing over 400 hp and torque. You can never have too much power, but you can have too little.

My way is just one way looking at it. This gentleman who doesnt like to waste money, and he made a fine choice. New cars shouldnt be comprised of mostly plastic, and thats what theyre made of. I understand physics and all that but the heavier mass moving at the same speed as the lighter object produces a larger force.
The truck could be a deathtrap because of the dismiss ratings for the front, and etc. but at least there airbags lol.

It seems like your opinion goes unchallenged and so forth now you have intiative to respond.


"Tony" from post NO 2 and 3 is not I.
This is impersonator.
May be it is time for Admins here to start requiring registration and logon before we have third Tony who will claim that he was not only drunk but stupid as well.

Third "TONY"

@ 1st TONY who was not the Tony who posted 2nd and 3rd posts... Don't worry, you don't need a third Tony to say that "you were not only drunk but also stupid" already did it yourself by claiming that you are not the one who apologized for misbehavior..... At first I thought...well..this guy is not that uneducated after all...but got it...don't try to be a jerk...Cincinnati was being honest about his first impressions with his new why the agressiveness? If you don't like it..don't read it...and "GROW UP".

Cincinnati..thanks for the review...for those of us who do not care about all the digits and specs...your review explains exactly what we need to know ... if we want specs..we can go to Hyundai website after all...

To the truck dude... good for you...if it makes you happy to drive in a heavy-duty truck...that's fine..go ahead... just don't look down those who care about the gas price...maybe they need to pay a mortgage or for their children's school fees...unlike you (if you're single and live in your mom's garage for free)

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