Nissan NV Van Can Now Carry Up to 12 Passengers

ButtonsIn Nissan's bid to develop a full-fledged competitor to the successful Ford E-Series (formerly called the Econoline/Club Wagon) and the less-successful Chevy Express and GMC Savana full-size vans, the carmaker has added a passenger version to the relatively new NV cargo van.

Simply called the 2012 NV3500 HD Passenger Van, the vehicle has four rows of seats to accommodate up to 12 passengers. Although this model is geared mainly to big livery operators such as airports or hotels, Nissan says it will also be sold for personal use.

Nissan NV
The NV3500HD has full airbag coverage for all four rows of occupants with its full side-curtain airbag array; other large vans usually limit side curtain protection to the first three rows or less.  Side curtain airbags are critical in the event of a rollover, something that tall truck-based vans are more prone to during emergency maneuvering. Driver and front-passenger airbags, electronic stability control and traction control are also standard. The seat belts for rear passengers are integrated into the seatbacks, making it easy to access the many seating positions without dodging around ceiling-mounted three-point belts on other vans. Every seat position also gets its own headrest to protect against whiplash.

This mammoth people mover comes with two engine choices: a 261-horsepower, 4.0-liter V-6 or a 317-hp 5.6-liter V-8, each mated to a heavy-duty five-speed automatic transmission.

Amenities include a rear ventilation system that hits all four rows. Bluetooth connectivity, a 5-inch touch-screen navigation system, satellite radio and a backup camera are available.  Seventeen-inch steel wheels, daytime running lights and rear privacy glass are standard.

The second and third row of seats can be removed, and the 50/50-split fourth row can be partially or completely removed, Nissan says.

The 2012 NV3500 HD Passenger Van goes on sale next spring.

By Colin Bird | November 8, 2011 | Comments (9)



Now that's more like it. For a church van anyway.


Yeah...seriously this category has been the same since the 1970s. Finally something modern!

dave sutton

If this showed up at my door, I would rather walk. Fugly. and its nissan. Two reasons to avoid it at any price.


Ugly... besides who would want to say they bought an NV3500 to haul the family around? Saying I bought an "Express" or a "Savanna" or something with an actual name sounds much better than the NVxxxx. Least IMO


At least they treated it as a four row van, not a 3 row with optional fourth row that doesn't have ventilation or airbags


I've seen a full-size Toyota van driving around my town lately. It's some guy visiting from Mexico. Toyota seems to have moved away from utilitarian functionality when they dropped the Previa and moved to the Sienna.

I wish Toyota would offer a more practical van again here in the States instead of only a luxury fat-ass hauler.

Amuro Ray

@ Peppy,

U r absolutely right. Someone got to be proud when he/she said, "I haul my family around in an Econoline." Wait. Econo...what?

I wonder when Nissan will have a diesel powertrain for this vehicle? Sprinter is great, but so expensive.


Well, after owning Sprinters (Mercedes and Dodge)...two were Lemons and taken back...:-(
I am extastic to see something else out there that is safe, shoulder harnesses, head rests, A/C for all, heater, airbags, nav....
When you have lots of kids like we do, six+ it is nice to have this new option! We are on the wait list to order. It may not be the prettiest thing out there, but I will be glad to NOT have that horribly designed RV-looking auxilliary A/C unit overhead like Sprinter! (-nevermind the torrent of rain water that would pour in from overhead, ontop of all the kids in middle of winter!) Us inside our van using umbrellas for was quite a sight! It had a shameful list of unfixable problems. Hurry up NV, we want to hit the road!

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