Reviews the 2012 Honda CR-V

The all-new Honda CR-V just debuted at the 2011 L.A. Auto Show, but I’ve already test-driven the compact crossover. I put the CR-V through hundreds of miles of driving across Southern California and discovered it’s one of the most well-rounded SUVs in the segment … but the Ford Escape and Mazda CX-5 just joined what was already a crowded party. Check out my full review to learn about the improved cargo space and interior.

2012 Honda CR-V Review



i think you guys found the one, really bad angle to photograph these new CR-V's from. the way the lower and upper parts of the front come together at a point make it look like a boat or something...just awkward really.


Every photo looks awkward. It's not a compelling design with an overall shape that has hints of Aztek.

Nice text message displayed in the nav screen.


Those are some small radio controls. Would like to see a pic of the child seat. My wife and I walked away from a CR-V b/c our knees were in the dash with a rear facing infant child seat.


Am I the only one not seeint what is so cutting edge about the styling? Why no mention of the limited powertrain offerings? The new escape has 3 engines and all other competitors have 2. This is a nice update, but I don't see anything class leading. The new escape interior looks much richer.

Two weeks ago I tested the new CR-V. The new Escape wasn't available for comparisons ;)


This catches up to the Equinox, which came out in 2009. Doesn't break any new ground and the styling is the epitome of evolutionary. Looks better than the RAV4 and Tuscon, but thats not hard to do. When is Honda going to bring its powertrains into 2011?


We used to have a CRV a few years ago but made the mistake of trading for a new Equinox. I would not recommend the Equinox unless you want constant transmission and electrical problems like we've had. It's obvious why Honda is the sales leader in this segment without having to have to rely on rentals like the others. The new CRV and Escape will be on our short list to replace our two year old Equinox. I can't wait.


I hope this market segment tells Honda; No 6 speed automatic, no sale.



You're doing a great job of spreading the word on your dislike of the Equinox. I think you were on here before downing it in every post. So far, sales havent slowed so perhaps you're vehicle is an anomaly. Either way, it doesnt make the CR-V any more groundbreaking in its execution- in spite of all the barely contained excited expressed by editors. HOnda has been so disappointing in recent years that they get praised for a routine redesign with carry over engines and use of tech that competitors already have. The standard text message reading capability is the biggest news here.


sheth is the same azz that got a national dope-slap from Car & Driver. He's a fool lacking a college education stuck at a low-wage city union job. He's a bitter loser with no friends so his only outlet is posting all day every day on


What is a "dope slap"? If you read C&D you know they never admit errors or respond seriously to readers, they just make smart comments and avoid the issue the reader is talking about. Its been like that since Ive been reading the magazine. all day/every day? Hardly. This is most I've looked at the site since the last autoshow. They have the best format for showing auto show news.


So, if you want power locks, you have to step up to an EX with all of the other useless junk?

No power locks, but a back-up camera and tech for those who cannot live without their cell phone?

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