2013 Ford Mustang: Up Close

Does any model get revised as frequently as the Ford Mustang? The 2010 featured updated styling, and 2011 brought a slew of drivetrain and other upgrades that probably made 2010 buyers hate life. The 2013 comes early in 2012 with even more design changes — two of which were badly needed.

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Specifically, as I highlighted in my 2011 review, changes to the front end left a gap between the grille frame and the hood that from certain angles made it look like the hood wasn't fully closed. Around back, the trunk lid protruded strangely alongside the taillight assemblies. Frankly, the car looked like it had been rushed to market.

Both problems have been solved in the 2013 but the barebones interior remains the same as before.

The new LED taillight bezels are essentially flush with the trunklid's new gloss-black panel. The nose now rolls up to meet the hood cleanly. With each of the past two front-end restylings, the grille has moved farther forward, leaving the headlights behind.

The average observer might not notice the incremental changes, but fans of the classic design that led the Mustang's rebirth will recognize that the broad overhanging hood is essentially gone. Likewise, now that the xenon headlights are standard on all Mustangs, they're inboard of the turn signals, taking away the large, far-outboard headlamps inspired by the classics.

Make no mistake; the Mustang looks good, especially with its body-colored rocker panels and the GT's optional painted 19-inch wheels, which complement the gloss-black rear accents. Better to evolve than to stagnate.



cheyenne olson

nice car i want it


I'd drive it across the USA!


same boreing Mustang. No chrome, Black wall tires. Wheels anything but exciting. How about any color but silver? How many color options do we have? I personaly like red interrior. I couldn't find red interrior in last years Ford so I went out and bought a 59 Thunderbird with red and white interrior. Now that's somthing exciting to talk about!


I would drive it! They would have to give it to me thow.


I wish they would change those taillights!


Still not the same as the real thing. I remember the true 1970 Boss! Wanted one then and still want one today....


2013 It looks neat, but I am partial to this day about the older model fast back mustang, that was my dream car, its interior, the way it drives, just the look of it in general, not to mention the engine. Just a very sharp car!


Don't care for the tail lights on the 2013, other than that its a sharp car, I would drive it!

Texas Kidd

Loose the tail lights... starting to look like the Camaro smiley face crap.

Mike T

I want it!!


I agree with William.

What a beast! Now PLEASE change the rear lights. I have an 05 and would by a new one if they made them more like the 05-09 or the 69-70 Mustangs!


Tail lights??? This is the first time since the recent body re-due that the tail light lamps do not look as if they belong on a car that is not a cheap econo-box/rental unit. I prefer this treatment!

The front end though, looks like a horse that's on its last legs. "Down in the mouth" applies.


William...have you been to ford (dot) com and tried to customize a Mustang? For the 5.0 there are 7 exterior colors and 8 interior colors (one of them being red). As for the tires...does any major company sell cars with anything other than black, lol?


how much this car

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