2013 Cadillac XTS Video

The 2013 Cadillac XTS is certainly a departure for the luxury brand, which has been focusing on rear-wheel-drive sports sedans, according to Cars.com Executive Editor Joe Wiesenfelder. The front- or all-wheel-drive XTS will be the largest Cadillac car available, with one of the plushiest interiors we’ve seen from the brand. Another neat item is the all-aluminum grille — something even pricier Jaguars don’t have, Wiesenfelder says.



Barney Stinson called:

"The legen...wait for it...dary way to suit is to button the middle button" he said.


I dont get the griping about the grille. Do the cliches about "too much bling" ever get old with auto writers? How many American cars have to be derided for having some brightwork or aggressiveness in their styling? Dont like bling? Get a 5 series, one of the most bland luxury designs on the market. You're guaranteed to blend into upscale mall parking lots nationwide with that car. Honestly, spending half the video commenting on styling is pointless because its so subjective.

as for FWD- someone failed to tell Acura, audi and Lexus that luxury cars should be RWD. Still looking for that elusive RWD Audi.


Audi uses a longitudinal engine orientation for THEIR product lineup. Most of Audi's sales are Quattro [which has a center differential]
The A3 is a VW Golf.

Same with Lexus. The actual Lexus products have longitudinal engines. IS/GS/LS
The Toyota rehash, ES is front drive



1. You failed to mention Acura
2. Top selling Lexus models are RX and ES- both FWD based. Lexus' RWD cars aside from the IS are low volume.
3. Audi still doesnt offer RWD cars with 50/50 weight distribution like MB and BMW.
4. Like it or not Lincoln is a luxury brand and they use FWD.
5. Infiniti is going BACK to FWD after abandoning it about 6 years ago. Lets not forget that when Infiniti was younger it had TWO FWD sedans.

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