2012 Toyota Corolla: What's New

2012 Toyota Corolla
After its mild refresh for 2011, the 2012 Toyota Corolla gets more standard features, along with new audio, multimedia and navigation options.

The Corolla still comes in L, S and LE trims, like last year. The base L trim now has exterior-color power side mirrors, power windows with driver-side auto-down, power door locks and remote keyless entry, all standard. Those features were previously optional. The LE trim adds 16-inch steel wheels and steering-wheel audio controls to the standard roster. The S trim gets new double-stitched upholstered seats and the same radio upgrade found in the LE.

2012 Toyota Corolla
That new radio unit includes a USB port for MP3 players and smartphones, Bluetooth connectivity and automatic sound-leveling adjustments, standard. The radio is a factory option on the base L trim.

Most of the now-standard equipment was part of the Premium Package on the LE trim (formerly a $2,150 bundle) that also included a power sunroof.  The new Premium Package packs a 6.1-inch touch-screen navigation system and Toyota’s new voice-activated Entune multimedia system. Entune is also available on the S trim. This is the first time that either a navigation or a touch-screen has been offered on the Corolla since its midcycle redesign last year.

The 2012 Corolla will go on sale by mid-December. No word about pricing yet.


Anonymous Coward

Still using an ancient four-speed automatic, I presume?


Where is the 2.0 Valvematic engine at?
Where is the 6 speed automatic transmission at? (or 7 speed double clutch, or CVT, or 6 speed stick)

and how about some Bilsteins for the 'S' model?


Good as is. Ship it.


More gears for small non-performance cars aren't necessarily a good thing. Yes they can improve mileage but they add weight, cost, and complexity. Buyers considering a Corolla don’t care how many gears the transmission has.


FUGLY. Dull. And cheap looking too. A typical Toyota trifecta.


georgie boy.... this is a toyota corolla and not a lexus IS so don't expect more gears. also, i don't think toyota uses cvts. the corolla is the epitome of a people's car. it gets passengers from A to B, gives good mileage (i said good and not great since there are others with better mileage), and is insanely reliable. traits that have endeared this compact car to its loyal followers.


Toyota does use CVTs, just not in the US (though the Scion IQ is an exception)

All of the Corolla's competitors have more gears & better performance/mileage.

This car is an anachronism. A remnant of Toyota's arrogance.


Arrogant? Maybe but it's still the world best seller in spite of its shortcomings. JR is right.


Can't wait for the 2012 to come out so I could finally let go of my '99 and embark on another 12 years of fairly trouble-free and reliable tedium. Yay! ;)

Mike S.

As an owner of an '09 Corolla S, I'm happy to see that by Toyota's own press release, the 2012 'Rolla will return featuring center console side pockets. Center console side pockets, you say? Yes, those little gems in which small bottles of hand sanitizer can be kept for when cleaning up after a fill-up at the gas station, and which store those clip-on seat belt adjusters for those passengers who need them. Why in heaven's name Toyota took them away for the 2011 model is beyond me, but those little niceties are what make my Corolla experience better than others I've had in all the vehicles I've owned. Yes, really. Now, if Toyota could just come up with some better-looking wheels for 2012, they'll be cooking with gas...



Toyota is about to find out what happens to car sales numbers when even one of the world's largest and most successful automakers sits on its duff while everyone else passes it by. This car can't even begin to compare with the new Focus.


My future SIL has a 2011 Corolla, and it's a nice ride, but my 2011 Elantra Limited takes the cake as far as features per money. I can see the type of customer who wants a Corolla, though. They want a car they know is reliable and don't need all the bells and whistles. Or, it's the person who goes straight to the Toyota dealer without doing any comparison shopping, and the Corolla looks pretty dang nice because they haven't seen the competition. Sorry, but Ford Focus, Chevy Cruize, Elantra, and the upcoming Dodge Dart all have the edge on the Corolla in terms of features per dollar.


I think E has a valid point. I've said this before about Toyota. Most of the people I know who drive Toyotas no longer shop for anything else. When it's time for a new car, they head right to the Toyota dealership. Some were burned by 1980's-1990's domestic crap and will never return, no matter how good the domestics get. Others are perfectly happy with a reliable, relatively inexpensive appliance. Exciting designs and gadgetry are thinks car afficianados like to talk about, but the majority of the population doesn't really care.


Is it just me or does the Corolla resemble previous gen Mazdas???????

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