2012 Hyundai Azera Video

The Hyundai Azera is all new for the 2012 model year. Adorned in a body that’s done up in Hyundai’s “fluidic” styling motif, the Azera now looks at home with the rest of the Korean carmaker’s lineup. The car certainly seems competitive, but with fewer buyers looking at large cars, Cars.com editor Kelsey Mays wonders if the investment will pay off for Hyundai.



I tend to agree with the end of the video in that the Azera is kinda niche and fading away. Not to say it's a bad car but compared to the number of improvements that could be done to the Genesis such as using the turbo-4 as a new base model/fuel efficient version, it just seems like a wasted effort for something which hasn't been doing well sales wise.

Derrick G

Well it's about margins. As I've previously stated, this car was already in production anyway for the rest of the world and note there's no GLS with cloth seats anymore. These machines still have lots more pricing room to deal within than an Accent, so getting back the incremental development costs just isn't that hard. The minivan market is also shrinking, so there too you see more loaded-up high-margin examples for sale. But not everyone is abandoning it, either and long-time bit player Nissan is still trying. As long as the Azera is paying its way and stopping defections to Avalon, look for it to hang on.


I see little reason to get the Genesis V6 at this point. This will be cheaper and it looks better inside and out. Like every recent hyundai Im sure it will steal share from other players. That doesn't mean it will rack up huge sales though. Hyundai is determined to have a player in every segment except the large truck segment.


Who would want a turbocharged 4 cylinder engine as a fuel economy offering in the Genesis sedan?
Hyundai could boost mileage by using the 3.5 V6 instead of the 3.8 V6.

The Genesis is rear drive, a far better driver's car instead of a front wheel drive, with a strut front suspension.


this car has been on sale in korea for a while now...i'm not sure why kelsey's saying this 'show car' could change before it hits dealerships...it won't.

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