2012 Honda CR-V Will Launch in December

Honda says the redesigned 2012 CR-V will arrive at dealerships next month as originally planned, rescinding an earlier statement that flooding in Thailand could delay the small crossover's launch by several weeks.

Although no U.S.-bound Honda vehicles come from Thailand, parts sourcing — including certain electrical components, Honda says — prompted the automaker to trim production at its U.S. plants beginning last Wednesday. That could continue for several weeks, Honda says, but it won't affect CR-V timing.

Thailand is a major hub for Southeast Asian auto manufacturing, with assembly plants from Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda and Mitsubishi, not to mention numerous suppliers, according to Automotive News. The country's worst flooding in 50 years has Toyota trimming production at U.S. facilities, but other major automakers tell us their U.S. operations will remain unaffected.

We'll keep you posted on the situation as it affects specific models.

By Kelsey Mays | November 9, 2011 | Comments (8)


Seems just when they find another great slave labor country, Mother Nature goes and screws with them.


My son and his wife placed their order for a 2012 CR-V 4X4 this past Monday and will be selling their 2006 CR-V 4X4 themselves.

Their 2006 CR-V has truly been a reliable car. It has well over 150K miles on it now and besides regular maintenance has had no problems.

Hopefully the new 2012 CR-V will be just as good.


Good for them, High! lol (Rolls eyes)


Brandon, it goes to show brand-loyalty. My son was the kid who grew up on American cars. I was surprised to see him switch from Ford and Chevy to Honda and Toyota. If he was unhappy with them he would not be a repeat buyer of the same brands.


Highdesertcat--Your son's new CR-V should be just as reliable. There are so many good products out there now compared to as in the past. I have known a number of individuals with CR-Vs some with over 200k miles that were still going strong.


Jeff, that's what we're all hoping. His past experiences with Ford and GM were pretty expensive after the warranty expired. In the past I've had to pitch in on several occasions to fix his Ford or GM car because repair bills these days are truly astronomical, i.e. $3821 for the transmission exchange on an Explorer and $4376 for the complete engine rebuild on a Saturn when the headgasket blew and antifreeze flooded the engine. But with the 2006 CR-V no such problems. Important to a one-car family where the wife needs reliable transportation for all that needs doing each day.

Dave M.

I'm due for a new car next Fall... very interested in the new CR-V to replace my 200k+ SUV. I've always wanted a Honda...


Based on the above picture the cr-v will pass as American. Time to retire GM and Chrysler, Honda has arrived.

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