Volkswagen to Debut Two Vehicles at L.A. Auto Show


Last night, Volkswagen announced it would unveil two new production vehicles — not concepts — at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show. Both unveilings will be global debuts, meaning they haven’t appeared overseas before this event.

We can offer a good guess that one of the cars will be the convertible version of the redesigned Beetle, which recently went on sale.

As for the other, we’re unsure. For the most part VW’s lineup is current, and we doubt they’d debut new versions of the Golf or Routan. Perhaps the rumored three-row crossover will be unveiled? It’s more likely a variant of an existing product, but you never know.

We’ll be covering all the vehicles at the L.A. Auto Show during the media preview on Nov. 16 and 17.


willem boomsluiter

1. beetle cabrio
2. facelifted passat cc


Redesigned Tiguan or Eos. My call. Perhaps a smaller sized crossover as well.

Jamie Capsani

The refreshed Tiguan just debuted. I heard that the CC's refresh was coming at LA, so I'm assuming it's that and probably the Beetle convertible since we're not getting the Golf Cabrio.

VW Germany

1. beetle cabrio
2. facelifted passat cc

is the right answer


Production version of the Bulli...PLEASE!

Ste (The Original S.G.)

Oh how I pray for it to be a production Bulli!!!


Any info on the new CC?


1. New Beetle
2. Golf R

1. Beetle
2. Golg VII

Beetle Cabrio
Passat CC-facelift


7 passenger Touareg
Bettle convertible
My hope is a Larger Tiguan with a diesel
and the Amarok crew for North America.


My hope is that the bring back the Scirocco. Saw one while I was in Germany in 09. Loved it but they said it would probably not come to the US as they are afraid it would take sales away from the GTI. Here's to Hopping though!

VW Ohio

new beetle and the return of the corrado


VW Bluesport!?


Oh! Oh! Oh! If they came out with the Scrirocco in US specs...that would be friggin awesome! The Bulli looks like a Scion Toaster.


Amarok please


beetle convertable
Golf R


scirocco and the golf VII

Keith C

Would be nice if one was the Amarok, but that's not it since it's a "Global Debut."


Amarok please!


Bulli, Bulli, Bulli!!!

The two new cars are great anyway doesn't matter if it's the new Passat, Jetta or Beetle.

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