Reviews the 2012 Chevrolet Camaro

2012 Chevrolet Camaro
Less than three years in and GM already has committed its reincarnated Chevrolet Camaro to some rather significant upgrades, including a revised suspension, a more powerful V-6 and improved cabin materials. Even so, those fixes can’t overcome the Camaro’s weight and visibility problems, according to editor Kelsey Mays.

2012 Chevrolet Camaro Review



Your concerns are understandable but they sure don't stop this "badass" from selling. Muscle cars are also about image and this one wins by a large margin.


the dash looks a lot nicer with the addition of the material. they should have redesigned the gauge cluster and 'hood' to make it more conventional looking though. it looks weird with the new steering wheel...well, weirder than it looked with the old one.


why is this performance coupe being reviewed like a FWD family sedan? Minimal rear seat space? Not a shock. Small trunk? No surprise to anyone who realizes this is a RWD sports coupe. Poor visibility? I never would've guessed looking at the exterior. Cars in this class are about style and performance- this car has both which is why its been selling. For the last 2.5 years auto journalists have been criticizing the car and promoting its rivals (one test even rated it lower than Challenger) and yet it continues to sell. The visibility issues are workable if you are an owner- maybe not so much if you're a journalist who drives 5 new models a week. At some point we have to acknowledge that if the car was as bad as the press says it's popularity would've waned by now. For the record, the Genesis isnt even close to being in the same ballpark in terms of sales. Hyundai wont break out coupe vs luxury sedan sales (which is stupid) but camaro easily outsells BOTH Genesis models by at least 2-1 every month.


Where is GM's 8 speed automatic at?
With the V6, there is no added power for 99% of the normal drive cycle.
The new found power is from 4500 rpm and up.


where are the 8 speed automatics from Toyota, HOnda, Ford, etc? Chrysler is the only brand offering an 8 speed in a semi-affordable car. The only Toyota models that offer an 8 speed are Lexus cars that cost at least 60 grand.


So... who is buying the Camaros, Challengers, and Mustangs?
Seems quite a stretch for young adults [without families] to afford them? Are baby boomers reliving their youth, buying them as a third car? [how many could that be?] Muscle cars have never been practical or make economic sense, so who is buying?
Has the reduced visibility been blamed in any accidents?


Look at the drivers as they go by. All demographics are buying them.


I would say most people I see in Camaros are under 40. Auto media types are the ones who predicted that the Camaro would sell to guys in their 60s trying to relive their youth. Auto scribes are deluded into thinking most people in their 30s and 40s who want a sporty car yearn for a STI or GTI. Not the case. Check the sales of both cars, even the Challenger outsells them. What many cannot accept is that people too young to remember the glory Camaros of the late 60s still dig the current car. Its apparently over the heads of many who are paid to write about cars. You dont have to be a boomer to like a sporty RWD coupe with good looks and great value. To get a European coupe with the performance of a Camaro or Mustang you better be ready to spend an extra 10k or more. The value packed by the V6 versions of these cars is hard to deny.


I agree with Sheth that the people buying the Camaro are not the ones predicted by the so called marketing gurus... it happened the same with the Honda Element and the Scion XB, cars for young single males, that have been pretty popular with the senior crowd, specially the Honda.

I know in Europe a lot of petrolheads would like to be able to buy an affordable Mustang, Camaro or Charger, but the Dodge is not sold there and the price of the Camaro is going to be very elevated.


I own a new Camaro and yes it is probably because I am having a mid-life crisis. There are some issues and wonder why Chevrolet doesn't make Blind Spot monitoring standard when they included back-up sensors. So I added some cheesy convex mirrors to help out. But honestly when I pull up to a light and get a thumbs up from the car next to me, who cares. I love this car and this is number 48......


Great styling and good value still goes a long way. The Genesis coupe has been hyped by the media since it debuted (and it beat the American competition in at least one test) but its just not selling in big numbers. The value is there, but the styling is not. On top of that it offers no V8 option.


When is this car getting a redesign? Sadly not in 2012. This is simply not a good looking car. Unlike the Mustang and Challenger, the Camaro completely missed the boat on capturing the look of the original. As a new design it just doesn't work. It's more akin to the Charger in that it is a real missed opportunity and remains uninspired. I'll be glad when this design is gone.

Ray Night

Unhappy with the 2LS manual seating and huge A columns. Own a sky, which had great cornering ability, and the Camaro is about the same. Tried the wheel tap gear... worked OK.
All in all a great ride.

Terry Arnett

I have owned a 2011 2LT and now a 2012 RS. I am one of those 60's reliving some past having owned a '69 Nova SS 396/375. The 5th gen Camaro has badass style and power. Honestly, I get thumbs up of big looks from kids waiting for the school bus to those in Mercedes and BMW's. Great car to drive, winter and summer. Just insure you have Scorpion's.
Check the sales stats, no ones close in category. And, 100% Canadian muscle.

Big Jim

why are some of you guys upset with Chevy, I mean what do you expect? with leaving the Vet out of this/ Chevy hasn't done anything right since the early 70s ! I know I was there and I owned the cars (71 Nova SS and 68 Camaro SS, both were set up)

so these new Camaros are really beautiful and I would really like to have one, but come'on Chevy that hood sucks big time, where is the Cowl hood of the 60s, and those strips suck too ,,,,,,,,,,,, and where are the Side Pipes ?

sheezzz Chevy, if your going to do something DON't do it half-azzz, do it right

so I want this 012 Camaro and I have the money, but Chevy hasn't finished this Car the way it really should look and that is what's stopping me,
OK, OK, I could buy an aftermarket Cowl hood and paint the REAL Camaro strips on it, but what's that going to cost me > $$3,000, or for about the same price, I can call Year-1 and order a new 69 clone with a 500 HP Edelbrock engine and have my Side pipes and REAL Cowl hood

do I want this car because at one time I owned a 68 Camaro SS with 4:11s and Side pipes and I was stupid enough to sell it,,,,,,,, yes,
do I care about the blind spots, no, I want this car for going straight, but, I hear these 012s are throwing Axles at the strip, that's another $3,000 I got to add,,,,,,,,, Year-1 is starting to sound very good


terri Larios

I am a 38 year old female and I drive the 2012 Camaro SS because it looks good, its fast and I look good driving this bad ass machine! My first car when I was 16 was a 1979 canary yellow camaro and I have hade several others since. I dont care what someone says about this car, I love it!

robert hoff

kelsy mays should spend more time with a vechile before he rates it .or stick with road tests on mini vans.his review on the 5 gen camero is sad.


This Camaro design is both captivating and disappointing.

It's exterior design is simple & modern interpretation of the old classic. It looks like a muscle car should.

Unfortunately, the sight lines once inside the car do not give the driver confidence unless on a track. You feel some of this in the Mustang & Challenger, but it's really noticable here.

Terry Arnett

JDE: I cannot disagree with your siteline review, you must be extremely cautious with the turning radias where curbs are concerned and the rear roof blind spot is another precaution. Thankfully, in the '12 RS you do get the back-up mirror option. Now, it would be great if GM would introduce this camara for the front end as well

Terry Arnett

I was at the Ontario Camaro Nationals June 8th and witnessed the unveiling of the 2014 SS. This newest 5th gen model has upgrades, I agree with the message centre, however, I personally disagree with the changes to the headlights and tailights that have made the model stand out.
GM have very smart designers, but even they should look at websites like Camaro5 or go to thes local shows and see what their customers do to enhance the look of this now classic model design. My wife and I am sure all of those female owners must find the simplest annoyance as not having vaninty lights on the visors, or for those of us who drive our vehicles in the winter to have the option of a heated steering wheel. Yes, it is a muscle car with all the look and power, and no room but for a small child or dog in the backseat, however, being driven by sophisticated and descriminating drivers, who like their comforts especially in to-days market.

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