BMW To Reveal New 3 Series on Facebook


BMW will reveal its new 3 Series sedan via Facebook at 4 p.m. EDT Friday. The event will take place at the company’s world headquarters in Germany and will be broadcast live on the social network.

We’ll have our own coverage here on KickingTires and expect to learn if the new model will make its North American debut at the L.A. Auto Show next month or at a later date.

We’re predicting the sedan to carry-over powertrains in current 3 and 5 Series models, including a new turbocharged four-cylinder base model and turbocharged six-cylinder to top the range at launch. We doubt that a high-performance trim like the 335is (pictured above) or the M3 will be announced Friday. The new 3 Series convertible and wagon variants will also likely be revealed at another time as 2012 versions of those bodystyles are already reaching dealers. That makes us believe the new 3 sedan will carry a 2012 model year designation.

List any questions you may have about the upcoming 3 Series below, and we’ll try to answer them this Friday.

By David Thomas | October 11, 2011 | Comments (8)



The current 3 series has a turbo 4 standard? Thought it had the i6 standard.

Bah! You got us Sheth! That's what happens with late posts sometimes. We'll fix it asap. We still believe 100% that will be the base engine in the new 3 Series though. It's currently in the new 528i and Z4.


Cannot wait!!! :]


Don't expect big changes - it will still be a Honda Civic sized car that looks a lot like the present three series. Despite the demotion from six to four cylinders, I'm guessing BMW will still want to charge more. That's what they're doing with the de-contented Five series. It will be interesting to see how many people buy the less than ultimate four banger.

Double K

i would like to see the new wagon with a turbo 4, i dont think i have ever saw a 3 series wagon on the road from this current generation.

why Facebook though, I hope the pics are posted here for those of us without facebook


The pics and info will most certainly be leaked out to all internet users folks. They are basically having a virtual press conference on facebook. I'm sure photos and info will be released at the same time.

We'll have full information on Friday yes. Will our stuff be live at the exact same time...I can't say. But it won't be long after.

It was so exciting! I also expect to see the E90's value drop even further...good news for the middle classes!!!!

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